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Paczyk: Hi guys,

FTL version 1.5.13 is now live!

Version 1.5.13 Changelog

-Fixed: Game could lockup when continuing after saving mid-jump
-Fixed crash when returning cloned crew to stations after reloading a game
-Fixed: Swapping out an upgraded Clonebay for a Medbay results in dead
crew stuck as ‘cloning’
-Possible fix for Lanius Achievement ‘Low Cabin Pressure’ - It would
fail if you continued an old game.
-Additional safety code to help prevent profile data loss
-Restored sound and popup for unlocking a Type B Layout for a ship
-Drone lists should properly work for blue options in events
-Defense Drones will be able to target all flak weaponry
-Fixed: Charge Weapons could find themselves in a state where they were
unable to fire
-Fixed: Combat Drones would not be able to fire if the drone system was
hacked (even with the pulse inactive).
-Fixed: Charge Weapons would sometimes have problems when continuing
from a saved game
-Fixed: Mind Controlled crew via hacking would be infinite when player
Saved and Quit
-Fixed: Enemy AI would sometimes not be able to mind control player boarders
-Crew Statistics will no longer count skill masteries that are re-earned
due to cloning
-Possible fix for the boss destroying the base even though it didn’t get
to to the base
-Crew will no longer count as ‘manning’ a system if they are mid-death
-Fixed bug where it would count a Hard Victory with Type B as a Hard
Victory with Type A too.
-Clonebay will properly heal when Waiting as well as Jumping
-Fixed the Crystal Ship Achievement ‘Clash of the Titans’ - Will
properly count Rock pirate ships
-Enemy Zoltan Shields are no longer boosted by the System Repair Bomb
-Repair Bombs should no longer over-repair and prevent manning
-Fixed bug where Flagship Game Over time would go past 0 without a Game Over
-Chain Ion weapon incorrectly displayed its final boost state
-Weapon charge bars will render outside of the target box, preventing
-Increased opacity of the Detect Lift visual (Slug / Augment ability ) -
Doubly increased for Colorblind
-Crystal Lockdown effect will properly save when quitting
-Reward boxes should now always fit in the text box
-Reverse Ion Field augment will now sometimes block Pulsar Star ion bursts
-Rebel Fleet ships will no longer have Clone Bays when Advanced Edition
content is disabled
-Crew left behind when jumping will no longer clone
-Teleport System will properly disarm if enemy Super Shield drone
activates shield mid-aim
-Enemy ships should no longer teleport back boarders if player Energy
Shield is present
-Hacked defense drones will no longer shoot
-Boss units that are mind controlled will still be present in the
following stage
-Fixed: Crystal crew boxes on the left could malfunction when being cloned
-Mannable subsystem tooltips fixed to be more accurate
-More specific tips added for some weapons
-Mind Controlled crew can no longer be selected with hotkeys
-Fixed: If crew were selected when mind controlled, they would remain
selected and could be commanded
-Fixed Clonebay alarm getting stuck when restarting the game
-Enemy Zoltan Shields will drop after battle to allow friendly boarders
to come home.
-Fixed: Mind Control sometimes permanently lowered max health of crew
-Loading pre-AE saves will use the correct difficulty
-Rock Achievement “Is it warm in here?” was incorrectly triggering
-Super Shield will correctly stop hacking / boarding drones that are
-Beams could load incorrectly after a Save and Quit
-Slug Achievement “Disintegration Ray” will no longer trigger for player
-Fixed: Enemy Reactor wouldn't be affected by Ion Storm if game is
re-loaded mid-fight.
-Many minor text / event alterations and corrections
-More minor bugs fixed that I probably forgot to record
woot :)
Post edited December 23, 2017 by tokisto