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sowega: I got as far as the Application Support folder, but can't find "Boxer" - is there an updated name/folder?
01kipper: Yes, GOG doesn't use Boxer for their mac installers anymore because Boxer Standalone isn't 64-bit compatible, they have changed all the installers to DOSBox.

Assuming you are NOT using GOG Galaxy:
You can now find the save files inside each game app itself (right-click and select Open on the game app). For example:
Pool of Radiance/Contents/Resources/game/POOLRAD/
Curse of the Azure Bonds/Contents/Resources/game/SAVE/

(If you're using GOG Galaxy, I don't know exactly where the saves are, I think it's a cloudsave directory inside the Galaxy folder or something like that).
I use Galaxy on Mac and managed to transfer characters from Pool of Radiance to Curse of Azure Bond the way you described.
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