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Fear has this annoying bug where at any time the game’s framerate will get worse and worse until you restart it. However there is a fix for it.

For legal reasons the fix can’t included with the game’s installer. Hopeful this will change in the since it’s virtually unplayable without it.
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For those of you who do not trust random people on the internet, even those with stickies...

This is GoG's official stance on the matter
This worked really well. I kept playing with my settings trying to figure out what the problem was. But putting this DLL into the folder solved it quick. Thank you.
Jan-2019. Still usedful, worked well
MrSpinelli: Jan-2019. Still usedful, worked well
me too except now my fps is at 500 something at 4k with maed out settings is there a way to cap the fps at 60?

nvidia control panel cleared it up. manage 3d settings>add program>select fear.exe from the drop down>change prefered refresh rate to highest available asuming you set your tv's refresh rate in global settings
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thanks i gett 1000 fps now at max settings