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Having completed the original Fallout three times in the last year since buying it from GOG, I'm in an apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic mood lately. In the last couple weeks I've watched all of these movies for the first time...
Mad Max
Mad Max 3 (library didn't have #2)
Terminator 3 (already saw #1 & #2)
...and I'm waiting for Terminator Salvation from the library. Oh, and I'm also waiting for The Road, but that one has a long waiting list.
Anyone have any recommendations with brief synopses? Thanks in advance.
The Book of Eli. The movie is quite fun and it has Fallout feel all over the place. That would be my recomendation
Maybe it doesn't have too much of a Fallout feel, but Children of Men is one of the best post-apocalyptic movies I've ever seen.
Thanks for the suggestions. My local library has Children of Men, so I'll put that on reserve. Book of Eli doesn't come out until Tuesday, but I'll keep an eye our for it.
Funny how much a game can influence a person...but we're talking about Fallout here! A truly amazing & revolutionary game!
I would try to get mad max 2(also known as The Road Warrior) if you can and if you enjoyed the others, its arguably the best in the series.
The Postman has a bit of a Fallout feel to it.
essi2: The Postman has a bit of a Fallout feel to it.

Yes, that's right! I saw that one a few years ago, and it definitely had a Fallout feel. Nice cameo from Tom Petty, too.
Just to add to the list, I also saw The Last Man on Earth (shot in black & white with Vincent Price, 1964), which I thought was very good.
essi2: The Postman has a bit of a Fallout feel to it.

That movie is epic. I completely forgot about it until you just mentioned it. Might go and buy it.
Not exactly post apocalyptic Fallout style but try also "The Road"...there is also cannibalism. It is based on a book so I would suggest you read that instead.
Another movie you can try is "I am legend".
Anyway, go here for a comprehensive list of post apocalyptic fiction:
Have fun ;)
A little known film made some years back seems very much like fallout the movie. It's called "20 Years After." it has an intro that looks like it was taken from the fallout games. It even has Fallout style raiders and most people live underground.
Movie info for 20 Years After:
Trailer for the film:
zoozilla: Maybe it doesn't have too much of a Fallout feel, but Children of Men is one of the best post-apocalyptic movies I've ever seen.

Just watched this last night. The movie definitely set an undeniable mood , and the premise was very unique. I really enjoyed the dvd-extras, I found them very thought provoking and (as the documentaries suggested) they certainly stirred some strong feelings in me.
My only complaint about the movie itself was that it felt LOTR-ish...I felt like Kee was Frodo, Theo was Sam, and the unborn baby was The One Ring. But as far as painting a future picture of gloom & doom for Planet Earth, the atmosphere was amazing.
Danipenn: Another movie you can try is "I am legend"

That was a remake of The Omega Man, which was a remake of The Last Man on Earth, which was based on the book I Am Legend. Quite a historied story, going through 3 film adaptations!
Anyhoo, I just watched I Am Legend last night & I really loved it. I was afraid that with a 21st century remake, it would be a slaughter-fest. Instead, I found it to be an amazingly well-told story of loneliness, remorse, and determination with a great science-based theme holding it all together.
Thanks for the recommendation. I might not have seen this movie otherwise.
Watch "A Boy and His Dog" and "Tank Girl" and you can see a large number of similarities to Fallout. Right down to Malcom McDowall (President Eden) playing the villain out to control the water supply in Tank Girl.
The movie "City of Ember" is basically about life in a dying Vault and focuses on some kids trying to escape to the surface. It has a really heavy Fallout vibe to it, but it doesn't get any farther than the vault really. The movie itself is "okay", probably best to try and catch it on television or maybe netflix. The library might have it I guess.
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Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior is pretty much Fallout's main source of inspiration. 1 and 3, notsomuch. You can't even really tell that the first mad max is meant to be post apocalypse