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i played this game some months ago with my pretty old logitech cordless rumblepad 2 and it worked like a charm, sadly my 360 controller didnt work, as mentioned earlier in this thread.
Terrible keyboard controls indeed. I'd read about this and it kept me from buying it for a long time, but I finally caved in during a promo sale. I started playing it at the time but ended up putting it on halt after a couple of days because I got really frustrated with the controls. The quick-time events are probably the worst of it, but even walking around feels... awkward. I found the mouse controls somewhat better (once you get the hang of them), but since you need the keyboard for the quick-time events you end up fumbling between them quite often, which only adds to the annoyance. A shame, really, because I spent more time fighting with the controls than enjoying the game.

I'll get back to it eventually, because I liked the story and would like to see it through, but I'm pretty sure it will take several goes because of this.
Bought this game today when it was less than 2$. Lucky for me, Manipulating objects with the mouse is plain miserable to impossible, especially when there isn't even a mouse pointer (at least on my computer). Tried this on several resolutions and in windowed mode.

The moment Carla walks in they give you only two seconds to chose between 3 or 4 different actions? I haven't even got a fucking idea what option is highlighted in the first place or which one I am clicking on!?

Rubbish. I'm going to watch me the YouTube run-through instead.
I have to agree, the controls on this are pure rubbish. bought this on sale after watching a "lets play' a while ago and thought it would be nice to have. Already spent a hr hour on the game trying all kinds of key mapping in order to get it to work more fluidly and to get the graphics to look decent. What is with all the camera views at one time? it adds nothing to gameplay and only induces nausea having your view swing all over the place from the centered normal veiw.

have yet to even start the game. retarded decisions from the devs
Has anyone had trouble even getting the keyboard/mouse controls to work? I'm still trying to finish the Tutorial because when it asks me to hit the "left" button (either left arrow or NumPad4) to dodge a car it won't recognize my input. I hear a beep sound (it seems to make a different sound depending on if I hit the correct direction or not) but the character doesn't move and gets hit every time. I lowered the difficulty just to be sure that wasn't the issue.

So then I tried a gamepad but I only have Xbox360 pads and, as mentioned above, the right analog stick doesn't work. I do own Xpadder, hasn't anyone gotten this game to work with that?

EDIT: Holy cow I figured it out. So apparently when it shows onscreen to press Left and NumPad4 they mean you have to press both at the same time, not one or the other. Terrible instructions, but now I get it. Only took me about 30 fails on the tutorial before I figured it out.
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