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I just came here looking when I saw an order show up in my email that I did not place, showing I purchsed this game.

No charge on my card, just a completed order for this game.

I was looking to see if that happened becausde I owned the original, or if something fishy was going on.
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That is a terrible way to add a free game to peoples accounts. I thought someone hacked my account. Wtf were they thinking?
This is not acceptable to do it this way, people have been trained for years to be aware of fraud and scams in the form of these kinds of emails. I also believe this is not in line with EU data protection regulations. Could've just sent a 'here's your free upgrade' email instead.

I reported this at support and recommend you do the same if you're affected. You might think 'what is the big deal?', but these kinds of mails are really confusing and maybe even harmful in this era of almost daily data leaks and fraud.
I just got it too, but without the scare. :)
I got the scare and already posted on the other thread. Even made a support request in case my account was doing something funny.

I appreciate the gift and all, but don't hand it to me with a credit card reader. Monday spooks are not fun!
I got the "Thanks for your order" email as well. I panicked and rushed to change my password. The shock gave me a sharp migraine.

The fake order was extra confusing, because the price was in dollars instead of euros. And I had 2FA enabled, which should prevent most hijacks.
I guess this is what is happening, because I've just had the same panic. I had previously owned the original Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy, and now I have both. Following the store page for the original now leads to the remaster.

So, yes? I think we got upgraded.
Same here!
I got very alarmed by the strange email stating that I made an order, especially because it said that it costed 10.35$.
I changed my account password and checked MFA is active.

They should really change how they handle these gifts...they are causing useless security concerns
For a moment, I was tossing between two potential events when I read that email. Either someone had gotten into my account and purchased a gift for their own account, or GOG glitched out and thought I made the purchase recently and sent out an outdated receipt for it.

When I saw "remastered" I had to recall if it was remastered originally or if that was some new thing I hadn't heard about.

Seeing this discussion has alleviated my concerns, but wow... they need to sort out how they do upgrade receipts. Don't say I've spent $10 for an upgrade when I haven't spent $10. Not cool, GOG. Sort it out.
I panicked as well and fired of a message to support asking for a refund. It was only later i realised it might be a free upgrade.

I also changed my password which was no bad thing.
Another one for the panic squad. I was just thinking about Fahrenheit yesterday out of the blue, imagine my shock.

Thank you for the upgrade.
More info here, locking this thread to avoid duplicating the subject.