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baci: Yes it's called "64bit", but it should also be executable on 32bit systems. It was unfortunately GoGs decision to only offer this installer since our official minimal requirements list 4GB of RAM, but the game also works with 3.5GB and on 32bit systems.
Ah, an incorrect label! I shall explore this soon. Thanks for the prompt reply. :)
There was an update today?
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Changelog for Patch 1.3.4 (added 07 May 2019):

- Added an option to adjust the HUD marker size

- Fixed time speedup bug that occured when having Time Extender activated and either destroying Okkar frigate turrets or Outlaw Snipers or scrapping a Shock Rifle Pro that is floating in space
- Make sure Okkar Gunships don't flee outside of level area
- Fixed a handful of hardcore mode handicaps carrying over from sector 6 to sector 7
- Fixed that disabling TrackIR without changing anything else in the game options would break freelook until restarting the game
- Fixed nano injectors not working while emergency shield is active
- Fixed black holes not being framerate independent
- Fixed enemy sentinel sometimes still firing discharger while dying/already dead
- Fixed that a new run couldn't be started in the hangar, if the player was on the codex tab
- Fixed that rotating the ship in the color selection screen with gamepad would also change the color selection
- Fixed that the health of the player's drones could go above 100%, and that they sometimes weren't spawning again when loading a savegame
- Fixed being able to use drones while "no consumables" hardcore mode handicap was active
- Fixed deadlock when a progress bar success type message was removed from viewport while equipment selection wheel was opened
- Fixed localization issues of some ship wreck logbooks
- Don't offer additional primary weapon slot at tuning stations when having ancient weapon glyph equipped
- TrackIR: fixed that the crosshair was positioned and clamped incorrectly on ultra-wide resolutions
- VR: fixed rendering artifacts on the cockpit in some orbits
A shame that the constant crashing on overclocked gpus hasn't been fixed, nor an FPS cap have been implemented (I really don't need my gpu to be on full load when the FPS already exceeds my monitor refresh rate).

Other than that it's great that this game keeps getting updated. It's good to see developers who don't just leave their products unsupported.
I just got an update of the game, but the last date shown in the log is in may ! I've been playing the game for a few days now, and I left Galaxy open... so what is it ? =P
Eawyne: I just got an update of the game, but the last date shown in the log is in may !
Yeah, such things are becoming more and more frequent with GOG, and it's starting to get REALLY annoying. By now I don't bother updating if there's no changelog because when I'm supposed to update something, I want to know WHY.
Well this update seems to be relatively minor. An annoying 'button' the post indicates will be removed Jan 8, 2020. Afew bug squashes and a few tweaks
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Patch 1.3.5 (7 October 2019)

- Show energy allocation of passive devices in ship stats screen
- VR: tweaked the display of some HUD markers
- Linux: Added missing option to change the size of the HUD markers
- Added button in main menu advertising the Kickstarter campaign for Everspace 2. Will automatically remove itself on January 8th, 2020 (Windows, Mac)

- Fixed using Drone Disassembler on own drones not decreasing current drone count
- Fixed splitter glyph additional projectiles having incorrect range/lifetime
- Fixed life support damage sound still playing during game credits when winning a run with damaged life support system
- VR: Fixed that the scatter gun didn't have additional projectiles on max. charge
- VR: fixed that combat drones were lost to the player after a jump
- Fixed a bug where ore from mining drills would fly away out of reach right after being spawned when having tractor beam installed and being within pull range