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Changelog for Patch (added 27 September 2016):

New Features

- Added energy regeneration bonus when standing still
- Added option to adjust FOV (PC / Mac)
- Added option to unlock crosshair from screen center when using gamepad
- Added new device: Teleporter (icon still placeholder)
- Added new device: Missile Defense System (icon still placeholder)
- Added new weapon: Coil Gun (basically what Shock Rifle II was before, icons are still placeholders)
- Added new perk: Bonus resources
- Added option to not use system mouse position in-game (PC / Mac) (thus disabling mouse acceleration and having different speeds in-game and in menus)
- Added mouse sensitivity option on Mac
- Added functionality to make screenshots with F9 (PC / Mac)


- Improved gamepad controls
- Improved readability of dialog subtitles
- Ramp-up time progress of weapons are now displayed on the crosshair
- Secure containers now have special HUD markers
- Added list of completed challenges to stats
- Interceptor countdown no longer decreases with sector progression
- Changed "Bonus gear" perk unlock requirements
- Floodlight challenge: Reduced required amount to 30
- Increased asteroid field variance
- Increased Thermo Gun homing agility and energy consumption
- Increased Flak Cannon II damage
- Reworked Shock Rifle II to behave more like the base version
- Reduced Time Extender cooldown and energy consumption
- Reduced Cloak duration and cooldown
- Added ramp-up time of 0.5s to ARC 9000 so you don't accidentally fire it
- Shield Booster, Damage Limiter and Damage Booster effects are no longer stackable
- Pickups that are dropped inside the event horizon of black holes are now removed
- Fuel and resources bought from trader are now directly given to the player while in trading screen
- Nano Kits can no longer be used if no ship component is damaged
- Increased damage tolerance of Colonial Fighter, Light Fighter and Collector Drone for becoming hostile
- Reduced beam laser camera shake
- Increased Okkar Corvette loot quality
- Increased hacking radius for jump suppressor and comm hub


- Fixed some wrong buttons being shown during tutorial instructions
- Fixed removal of two access keys when opening a secure container
- Fixed neutrals not getting hostile when using plasma mines
- Fixed a bug where it was possible to get infinite rerolls of bonus equipment offers
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Changelog for Patch / GOG-4 (Windows) (added 25 October 20116):

New Features

- Added new player ship: Colonial Scout
- Added difficulty selection before each run (Easy/Normal/Hard)
- Added chance of finding enhanced weapons (weapons with random stat bonuses)
- Added new enemy: Okkar Scan Drone
- Added new consumable: Nano Injector
- Added centered crosshair option for mouse controls (drag mouse to aim, could be useful for custom joystick controls)
- Added equipment info tooltips to equipment stats screen (PC / Mac)
- Added new "large" asteroid
- Added new nebula textures
- Added new structures
- Added option to switch between Xbox and Playstation style button icons


- Replaced Energized Boost with Weapon Overdrive as starting device for Colonial Interceptor
- Introduced player ship class restrictions: Cloak is now only available for Colonial Scout, Weapon Overdrive is only available for Colonial Interceptor
- Consumables floating in space can now be used directly
- Added swappable equipment slots to compare screen for better overview
- Game now pauses when using the selection wheel instead of just slowing it down
- Jump gates are now activated automatically after some seconds when close
- Automatically use surplus nano bots when nano bot limit is reached, health is not full and new nano bots are collected
- Slightly increased ship component damage chance
- Slightly increased sensor range for containers
- Decreased max speed perk effect and added one more level
- Increased Plasma Torpedo and Shield Breaker missile damage radius
- Slightly reduced Heavy Missile damage radius
- Slightly reduced Shock Rifle I & II charge damage multiplier
- Added spread to Coil Guns
- Increased energy allocation of Mk2 and Mk3 passive devices
- Downgraded fire rate mods to put them on par with damage mods
- Reduced Energized Boost energy consumption
- Increased pickup pull range + pull range for all tractor beams
- Increased amount of dark energy needed to craft ARC-9000
- Increased Teleporter energy consumption and slightly reduced teleport distance
- Slightly increased outlaw sniper aim and doubled uncloaked duration
- Okkar Corvettes now travel through the location and are faster
- Okkar Corvette Mk1 will now call reinforcements when low on health.
- Okkar Corvette Mk2 now fires plasma cannons and uses an Energy Discharger when enemies are close. It also uses combat drones instead of shield charge drones
- Freighters now come in different flavors: credits, fuel, equipment, resource and supply.
- Grey Goo will now do hull damage to ships that are very close
- Changed some consumable icons
- Challenges now have different credit rewards that are displayed next to them
- Tweaked lightning field VFX
- Tweaked sector colors
- Blueprints and "enhanced" pickups will now have a special particle effect
- Show signal strenghts of all jump suppressors being present, not only closest


- Fixed slowmo not being correctly ended when switching weapons
- Fixed bug with selecting an empty equipment slot with the gamepad
- Fixed damage not showing in Plasma Mine stats
- Fixed player wreck spawning outside of level bounds and if run was successfully finished
- Fixed missing Coil Gun weapon meshes
- Fixed some keymapping issues
- Fixed high frequency tone in a certain ambience track
- Fixed "Kill a drone by ramming it" challenge
- Fixed bug where failed challenges were achieved when continuing the game
- Fixed a bug where outlaw stations would not spawn enemies
- Possible fix for GPU particle related crashes
- Fixed occasionally wrong explosion impulse direction
- Fixed freeze when pressing tab while using jump gate
- Fixed hacking sound sometimes not stopping
- Fixed some generic missions related bugs
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Changelog for patch / GOG-5 (Windows) / GOG-3 (Mac) (added 02 December 2016):

New Features

- Added new player ship: Colonial Gunship
- Added new enemy: Outlaw Drone Carrier
- Perks overhaul: Divided into pilot perks and individual ship perks
- Added new perks: Trading and Diplomacy
- Attacking G&B can result in them reporting your attack and them being hostile in the current and next location
- Added two new natural hazards
- Added new point of interest: Freighter Wreck
- Added more structures
- Added option to set a flag for equipment to ignore it when switching to next/previous equipment
- Added hall of fame that keeps track of your completed runs
- Added backer-written logbook entries
- Added new planet type


- Interceptor and Gunship now have armor which reduces hull damage by 10% and 20% (what the Hull Enhancer used to do, but doesn't require a device slot)
- Renamed "Hull Enhancer" to "Adaptive Armor"
- Service stations now only offer one option unless perked with Trading perk
- FOV is now being slightly increased while boosting
- Slightly tweaked threat levels
- Slightly decreased Stasis Missile effect duration
- Added Weapon Overdrive blueprint to startup blueprints
- Introduced a drone limit of 1. Can be perked to 3 for gunship.
- Reduced ore pickup amount
- Reduced explosion impulse strength
- Increased grey goo NPC speed
- Slightly reduced Coil Gun spread
- Removed all shield related perks
- Removed "store credits" perk
- Made sensor range perk scout exclusive
- Made jump charge duration perk scout exclusive
- Tweaked perks for stronger differentiation between ships
- Added more ship class restrictions for equipment
- Proximity mines will no longer react to ships of their own faction
- Tweaked Mine Cluster behavior
- Tweaked jump drive animation
- Damage indicator vignette and camera shake strength now depend on the amount of health left
- Okkar Corvettes MK 1 can now come with jump suppressors, Okkar Corvettes MK 2 now won't always carry jump suppressors
- Prevent more than 2 jump suppressors being active at the same time
- Nano Injectors will now consider the nano bot efficiency
- Increased Flak Cannon II damage
- Increased Weapon Overdrive efficiency
- HUD equipment slot tweaks: Display currently active devices with green glow, give currently non-usable equipment red shading
- Energized Boost Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 now have the same duration but increased boost multiplier
- Slightly improved Shock Rifle II stats
- Added warning and alert sound when close to black hole
- Aim assist now works with proximity mines and missiles
- The "Devastator" sub-routine now reduces the energy recharge rate rather than allocating energy


- Fixed a bug where wrong consumable icon was displayed in pickup compare screen
- Fixed wrong consumable and secondary weapon amounts being shown in player equipment slots of compare screen
- Fixed devices with 4 pre-installed mods being spawned
- Fixed sun flares not affecting cloaked ships
- Fixed sun flares pushing bigger ships out of level bounds
- Fixed spread mods not being available for Coil Guns
- Fixed premature uncloaking while charging weapons
- Fixed pilot seat clipping/blocking view when playing in 1st person view in ultra-wide
- Fixed inverted mouse x and y not working when playing with centered crosshair
- Fixed perked critical hit chance not being regarded for right-hand item in compare screen
- Fixed trader not offering credits anymore (but needs a perk now)
- Fixed ships sometimes having damage in hangar
- Fixed current ship name not correctly displayed in ingame menu
- Fixed Outlaw Sniper not uncloaking when attacked with explosive weapons
- Fixed nano bots not being removed in generic freighter repair mission
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Changelog for Patch / GOG-6 (Windows) (added 10 March 2017):

- We've just released a new update. Highlights include enhancements that can be equipped in the hangar, derelict colonial stations, ship color customization and alternative loadouts.
- See the complete list of changes below. Please note that Drone Overrides won't work in this version.
- Unfortunately we are unable to offer this update on Mac due to several severe issues that popped up after migrating to Unreal Engine version 4.14. We're still working on solutions, but chances are high that we will have to wait for a new Unreal Engine version before we can release the update on Mac.

New Features
- Added enhancements that can be equipped in the hangar
- Added new points of interest: Derelict Colonial stations
- Added player ship colors: Some are unlocked from the start, more can be collected during runs
- Added alternative ship loadouts
- Replaced voice actor for protagonist
- Added new consumable: Distress Beacon
- Added new consumable: Nano Extractor
- Added new consumable: Sensor Drone
- Added new challenge "Survive a Warship attack"
- Added 1st person view without cockpit
- The three most crafted blueprints in the current run will now be listed at the top of each crafting list

- Reworked Colonial Interceptor model and cockpit
- Consumables will now be activated after holding down the button for a short time to prevent accidental activation
- All device Sub-Routines have been turned into enhancements. Players who had any of these blueprints unlocked will automatically unlock the respective enhancements.
- The Devastator Sub-Routine Enhancement is now Gunship-exclusive
- Shield Disruptor is now Interceptor-exclusive
- Energy Discharger can now also be used on the Interceptor
- Front Shield Generator can now be used on the Gunship and is even Gunship exclusive
- Increased Gunship armor by 10%
- Added and additional device slot for Gunship
- Increased Gunship energy core recharge rate and added a few perk levels
- Drones will now always travel with you, the ability is not Gunship exclusive anymore.
- Added a level to the Gunship's drones perk theat regenerates hull of drones after jumping.
- Increased distance of deployed drones to player ships
- All sorts of Okkars, not only Interceptors can jump in before the Warships arrive
- Okkar Interceptors are now a common, though rare, enemy in later sectors
- The effects of previous perk levels are now displayed for perks that have unique descriptions per level
- Hull repairs at service stations are now limited but can be increased with the trading perk
- Enhanced turrets can now be found
- Increased energy allocations of Mk2/Mk3 Shields and Adaptive Armor
- Removed cooldown for Missile Defense Systems
- Energy Discharger now won't damage friendly units
- Don't deal or receive damage when colliding with friendly units
- Outlaw Drone carrier will now only re-override its own link drones if they got overridden, not all player drones
- Time Extenders will now leave the player ship unaffected while active
- Freighter in generic repair mission will now ask for all kinds of resources, not only nano-bots
- Sensors now need crystals instead of processors to repair which makes finding the needed resources easier without radar
- Reduced sensor damage radar impairment
- Show amount of deployed drones in HUD
- Only show "New ship available" message once
- Added new message when unlocking Enhancements, Colors, Loadouts and Blueprints
- Yellow marker colors are now only used for neutral units. Pickups, asteroids and other objects are now drawn in light blue.
- Added jump suppressor markers
- Added service station marker
- Traders will sometimes offer Access Keys
- Added Access Keys to Bonus Gear Offers
- Increased alert log font size
- Removed challenge "Kill 5 Okkar Interceptors in a single run"
- Added possbility to remap "P" key for opening the system menu
- Thermo Gun II will now fire bursts rather than bundles of projectiles
- Tweaked skybox generation to allow for more variation

- Fixed generic minefield mission automatically succeeding
- Fixed player deploy drones not having shields when respective perk level was reached
- Fixed some loot being spawned way outside of level bounds
- Fixed a bug where the game would hang when the last secondary weapon of a slot was fired while the others were set to "skip when switching"
- Fixed turrets of Okkar Corvette and G&B Fighter not turning friendly if ship's mainframe gets overridden
- Fixed camera stuttering when flying in third person
- Fixed codex screen in hangar being unresponsive when using controller
- Fixed a bug where game could freeze when firing last secondary weapon of a kind
- Fixed a bug where drone carriers could be mainframe overridden
- Fixed black hole alert sounds and lightning sound not being affected by volume settings
- Fixed a bug when trying to collect previously excess nano bots after crafting nano injectors
- Fixed Okkar Swarm Fighters speaking with Outlaw voices
- Fixed ships not colliding with crystals
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Changelog for patch (added 14th April 2017):

We've just released a new update. Highlights include functional cockpit displays and the addition of a mysterious alien race, referred to as "The Ancients".

You can see the complete list of changes below.

We're able to offer this update on Mac as well, however with a slight delay of about 8 hours as something went wrong during build process. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Version 0.5 and 0.6 fell off the back of a gigantic space truck, if you're wondering. Kidding aside, a lot of comments indicated that version numbers were often being associated with completion percentage (though they're really just numbers to us), so we've decided to play along and go with version 0.7 - as the inclusion of the functional cockpits, the Glyphs and the Ancients are all big additions and we're fast-approaching full release.

New Features

- Added mysterious alien race, referred to as "The Ancients"
- Added ancient structures, which work as shortcuts
- Added Glyphs, the second kind of Enhancements
- Added functional, animated cockpit displays for all player ships
- Added option to hide HUD in cockpit view
- Added new device: Missile Turret


- Tweaked derelict colonial stations to get better performance and avoid crashes
- Containers carried by freighters now have individual looks (Credits, equipment, fuel...)
- New animated Jump Suppressor Mesh
- Reworked Missile Defense System to have an active duration rather than requiring manual activation
- Prolong time until Okkar forces arrive after alert is shown and don't let them have jump suppressors
- Removed Collision Damage subroutine and added it as positive effect for Infinite Drift subroutine
- Changed sensory overload subroutine so that hull and shield bars are not shown anymore instead of okkar forces arriving earlier
- Further decreased inertia dampening for Infinite Drift subroutine
- Changed weapon names and descriptions of all primary weapons that had a 'II' suffix
- Renamed a few subroutines
- Okkar forces and Colonial warships now won't be able to track you down in cloud field locations
- Shields now start with 0 hp and immediately regenerate when picked up
- Increased Plasma Mine life time and prevent triggering by user
- Increased Front Shield Generator cooldown duration
- Increased Time Extender cooldown duration and decreased Mk2 & Mk3 effect duration
- Increased Beam Laser II charge duration
- Let pursuing Okkar forces drop inferior loot with a tendency towards fuel
- List backer names in credits
- Use backer-penned names for players and most wanted criminals
- Included backer corporation names in codex and equipment descriptions
- Reduced Scout hitpoints - starts with 250 (instead of 300) and can only go up to 355 with hull hitpoints perk now
- Reduced colonial station laser trap hull damage
- Forcefield generators are no longer affected by area damage
- Optimized overall performance
- Some minor UI changes
- Tweaked color grading to work better in some environments
- Outlaw Chief is now called Outlaw Bomber


- Fixed Drone Override that was not working
- Fixed bug where the Shield Booster would actually increase the Shut Down Duration and Recharge Delay instead of decreasing it
- Fixed some dialogs not being spoken and not being affected by voice volume change
- Fixed a bug where it was possible to navigate out of the item action box with in equipment screen
- Fixed a bug where the game crashed when looting devices with installed mods from your old shipwreck
- Fixed Grey Goo not spawning
- Fixed subroutine spawner not disappearing if all subroutines have been collected
- Fixed subroutine Beeline not removing homing ability from player's missiles
- Fixed subroutine Jump Repairs not restoring the correct amount of health
- Fixed not being able to scroll perk description box with right stick
- Fixed some perk values falsely rounded to integer values
- Fixed deadlock when pressing tab before selecting jump destination
- Fixed freighter wrecks not being affected by scanning
- Fixed crafting list focus jumping between entries while crafting multiple items
- Fixed weapon charge sound still playing when switching weapons while charging

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Changelog for realease 1.0 (added 26th May 2017):
Windows 64-bit/ Mac OS only - (See post below)

The big day has come! We've just released version 1.0! We hope you've had as much fun during Early Access as we've had!

Next to a whole bunch of tweaks and bug fixes the biggest highlights are the addition of the story, VR support, more points of interest as well as steam achievements and trading cards.

A change that might need some explaining is the removal of scanning probes. Please read our thoughts on this right below the list of changes.

New Features

-Added the story
-Added more points of interest
Added achievements (version dependent)
-Added new device: Sensor Relay
-Added new ship colors
-Added VR support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive
-Added option to switch Yaw and Roll mapping for controller


-Removed scanning probes from the game.
-Added "radar memory": scanned objects will now remain on the HUD indefinitely
-Increased spawn chance of comm hubs
- Changed "Low Profile" glyph negative effect: Instead of increased jump cooldown there is now a jump suppressor in every location
-Changed "Predetermination" glyph positive effect: Instead of no jump suppressors G&B and Okkar are now hostile to each other
-Decreased "Bullseye" glyph shield regeneration percentage from 20% to 10%
-Increased "Leech" glyph hull hitpoints regeneration from 10 HP to 20 HP per kill
-Changed "Devastator" subroutine values from 50% / 30% to 40% / 40%
-Gunship turret kills and player drone kills will now reset the kill timer while using the Berzerker glyph
-Spawn superior loot with high enhanced weapons chance behind locked doors of derelict colonial stations
-Give a credits bonus for each sector reached
-Show total cost of perks with sub levels and credits already spent on level
-Added more codex entries
-Added illustrations to codex entries
-Okkar Interceptors will now occasionally use teleporters
-Replace Gatling Turret with Front Shield Generator in Gunship Loadout C
-Reduced energy consumption of some weapon mods
-Reduced energy consumption of device mods
-Reduced Damage Booster bonus
-Reduced Shield Booster Mk2 and Mk3 bonus
-Damage Limiter consumable reduction is now calculated separately after armor damage reduction instead of adding it to the armor damage reduction
-Increased Missile Defense System duration
-Balanced Ancient "Teleporter" alien: Less damage but better accuracy
-Set maximum number of ARC-9000s per secondary slot from 2 to 1
-Further increased Time Extender cooldown durations
-Increased speed at which plasma is collected in plasma fields
-Decreased Ancient Weapon damage bonus
-Increased Nano Injector repair amount to match the required Nano Bots
-Grey Goos are no longer affected by ARC-9000
-Performance optimizations, especially on medium and low settings
-Prevent black holes from spawning close to ancient structures
-Do not show missile lock warnings if Beeline enhancement is installed
-Increased Flak Cannon 5-5 damage
-Increased Sensor Drone hitpoints
-Increased Elite Access Key drop chance from 40% to 75%
-Made a few UI changes to the cockpit displays
-Changed spacing, colors and positions of a few UI elements
-Added run duration to hall of fame


-Fixed Splitter Glyph not forcing a start with only one empty secondary weapon slot when having loadout B or C selected
-Fixed Equalizer Glyph not affecting Health after very first jump (start of game) and after using jump gates
-Fixed Leech Glyph not regenerating hull hitpoints when destroying turrets
-Fixed Bullseye Glyph falsely recharging the shield when hitting non-NPC objects
-Fixed splitted "Ancient Friends" being hostile and damaging the player
-Fixed tooltips showing on locked ships loadouts
-Fixed some navigation issues in setup screen
-Fixed being able to escape from system map before jumping away by pressing next/previous tab
-Fixed large ships (e.g. Okkar Corvettes) receiving huge amounts of collision damage
-Fixed "Colonial Interceptor" always being displayed in end of run screen, even if Colonial Scout or Colonial Gunship were chosen
-Fixed visual upgrades for ships getting mixed up
-Fixed spread mod not affecting energy
-Fixed charge duration of weapons which was affected by energy consumption reduction
-Fixed Corrosion Missiles stop doing damage if Outlaw Drone Carrier brings up shield
-Fixed ship geometry not being hidden in 1st person no-cockpit view when playing with a high FOV
-Fixed freighter jump charge effect not being displayed

Regarding the removal of scanning probes:

"We watched a lot of streams and videos of people playing EVERSPACE and noticed that crafting/using scanning probes has become too obligatory. The routine would be to craft and use a scanning probe at the beginning of every location which is neither fun nor does it promote explorative gameplay. We realized that a lot of gameplay elements would not work the way we intended, i.e. cloud fields, comm hubs, jump suppressor signals and many more. On the other hand, not being able to craft scanning probes (e.g. due to a lack of gas) would result in frustration, so increasing the crafting costs was not and option. Our solution: Remove scanning probes completely, add radar memory (so that scanned objects will remain on the HUD), increase the amount of comm hubs and introduce a new device, the sensor relay which increases the ship's sensor range. With these changes in effect, we noticed a huge improvement in gameplay, shifting the approach towards risk/reward driven exploration rather than dully working off HUD markers one after another."

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Above changelog was edited to include the following line:

Please note - only 64-bit Windows in this version. We apologise for inconvenience caused.
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Changelog for Patch (added 06 June 2017):

** Windows only; macOS Coming Soon **

- VR: Made the key to reset the VR camera orientation rebindable in the controls settings.

- VR: Fixed some missing tutorial prompts
- VR: Fixed problems to launch the game with SteamVR running
- VR: Fixed several crashes that could occur in the crafting/upgrade/equipment menus
- VR: Fixed an issue with the perks screen, where you couldnt select perks anymore after switching between ships
- VR: Fixed a crash that could occur in the repair screen of the service stations
- VR: Fixed a crash that could occur when changing keyboard bindings in the options menu
- VR: Fixed wrong display of Chinese and Russian HUD marker fonts
- VR: Fixed crosshair having the wrong rotation after checking and unchecking "Aim using headtracking"
- Fixed not every location having a jump suppressor when having "Low Profile" enhancement equipped
- Fixed flight sticks occluding cockpit displays at high FOV values
- Fixed cutscenes and flashback videos not displaying correctly in widescreen resolutions
- Fixed some dialogues not being affected by voice volume settings
- Fixed exploit that containers could be opened through walls with Energy Discharge device
- Fixed warships occasionally blocking jumpgates
- Fixed ARC-9000 not working correctly while Splitter Glyph equipped
- Fixed a rare crash when generating random trade offers
- Fixed Shadow Strike enhancement occasionally damaging ship subsystems
- Fixed Drone Carrier not being resistant to Mainframe Override
- Fixed "Interrupted Jump" cutscene that sometimes would hang in an endless jump scene when using the Gunship
- Fixed music not playing in "Interrupted Jump" cutscene
- Fixed "Ancient Splitters" damaging players during ingame cutscenes
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Changelog for patch (added 16th June 2017):

We're currently busy migrating the game to Unreal Engine 4.16, adding more controls options for VR and implementing the long-awaited Hardcore Mode. While doing so we received a few alarming reports about a problem with the very last mission of the game. It must have found its way in with the last hotfix - so we decided to branch to the old code base and hotfix the hotfix.

Here's the tiny little list of changes for this patch:
-Fixed very last mission not progressing correctly
-Fixed Predetermination glyph incorrectly removing all jump suppressors
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Everspace (via barefoot essentials) just notified of an update, but there's nothing there (at least for me).
Anyone else seeing that or...?
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Turns out the notification popped up hours before the files were uploaded.

Patch (19 June 2017)

We're currently busy migrating the game to Unreal Engine 4.16, adding more controls options for VR and implementing the long-awaited Hardcore Mode. While doing so we received a few alarming reports about a problem with the very last mission of the game. It must have found its way in with the last hotfix - so we decided to branch to the old code base and hotfix the hotfix.

Here's the tiny little list of changes for this patch:

Fixed very last mission not progressing correctly
Fixed Predetermination glyph incorrectly removing all jump suppressors
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Changelog for Patch (added 17 August 2017):

New Features
- Added Hardcore Mode
- Windows (64bit): Added Joystick and HOTAS support
- Windows: New controls menu to freely configure Mouse/Keyboard, Gamepad and other input
- Windows: Added TrackIR support
- VR: Added mouse / keyboard support
- Added new languages: Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Korean
- Added a spectator camera that can be activated during Action Freeze mode
- Added basic colorblind option affecting HUD marker colors
- Added option to select the anti-aliasing method (Off / FXAA / Temporal AA)
- Added option to change the screen percentage in non-VR mode
- Added option to toggle Motion Blur
- Added option to toggle Chromatic Aberration

- Buffed Gunship: Starts stronger (more hitpoints, more armor, more energy regeneration, increased boost) but ends up with same values as before when fully perked
- Slightly reduced enemy accuracy on "Hard" difficulty
- Increased HUD visibility when sensors are damaged
- Slightly reduced Okkar Drone burst duration
- Slightly reduced Coil Gun spread
- Destroyed ships no longer deal collision damage while tailspinning
- Show message when fuel limit is reached
- Show current cooldown of devices, secondary weapons ammo and consumables amount in selection wheel
- Increased Temporal Anti-Aliasing sharpness
- Updated tonemapper and color grading to work with UE4.16
- Added a "fully mined" indication sound
- Used a special warning sound for silo missiles
- VR: You can now reset your camera orientation via the gamepad by holding down [Select]
- VR: Decreased the size of the mission markers
- VR: The Oculus Rift mirror window is now undistorted
- VR: Added "aim with headtracking" option to keyboard options menu
- VR: Disabled VSync and FOV options in the display options menu, since they should never be modified for VR
- VR: Enabled monoscopic far field rendering, which should improve performance a bit
- VR: The sensor damage screen effects are now disabled while the player is in a menu
- VR: You can now reset the device orientation during cinematics playback
- VR: Added some missing UI animations

- Fixed a bug where clones would not spawn again if once killed and then exited out of the run and continued
- Fixed infinite loop bug when selecting previous consumables if there is an empty slot at the end
- Fixed Okkar Corvette Mk2 plasma cannons not becoming friendly when Corvette gets mainframe-overridden
- Fixed Missile Turret device not all stats being displayed
- Fixed thermal beam not being affected by sound fx volume settings
- Fixed wrong Gunship device slot amount showing in perks screen
- Fixed "Scanning..." message occasionally not being removed
- Fixed Okkar forces and Warships jumping in with Low Profile Glyph equipped during story missions
- Fixed fuel being restored after a jumpgate jump when having the Fuel Conservation glyph equipped
- Fixed teleporter device wall hack
- VR: Fixed an issue with some HUD widgets still being visible in menus
- VR: Fixed that you could apply the resolution/FOV in the display options which would then get loaded in non-VR mode
- VR: Fixed that you could enter the action freeze mode via the keyboard, resulting in a black screen
- VR: Fixed the positioning of the aiming assist marker
- VR: Fixed a slightly offset crosshair when "aim with headtracking" was selected
- VR: Fixed that the crafting list widget didn't scroll correctly
- VR: Fixed wrong positions of main menu / intro video when launching the game with an HTC Vive.
- VR: Fixed that the game would lose input focus when Alt+Tabbing out of the game window or clicking anywhere else
- VR: Fixed a hanger that could occur when resetting the run or game from the options menu
- VR: Fixed invisible health bar of the final boss
- VR: Fixed that you could open the system menu while jumping
- VR: Fixed a rare crash that could occur when approaching traders or service stations that are about to jump away
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Changelog for Patch (added 25 August 2017):

New Features
- Added sensitivity sliders to the axis settings in the controls menu

- VR: changed standard mouse control mode to be independent of device orientation
- Set LOD scaling to less aggressive values

- Fixed problems with rebinding the Pitch and Hover axes in one go when using an Xbox Controller
- Fixed wrong ship banking values in Action Freeze Mode leading to jumpy contrails
- Fixed that the game would switch to gamepad mode when a gamepad / joystick device was detected even though it wasn't used
- Fixed some issues with HOTAS/Joystick bindings that were not recognized, notably those emulated by Thrustmaster T.A.R.G.E.T
- Fixed Okkar Corvette Energy Discharge firing if player is cloaked
- Fixed Okkar Frigate not dealing collision damage when destroyed
- Fixed that after loading a pre-1.1.0 savegame, some default keys were mapped to MiddleMouseButton that shouldn't have been
- Fixed warships not appearing in Hardcore Mode after having defeated Gorc
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Changelog for Patch (added 31 August 2017):

- Adjusted sector 2 environment colours

- VR: adjusted the mouse crosshair position to be properly centred
- VR: fixed that the aiming could be offset in gamepad mode after using the mouse
- Berserker enhancement: Do not interrupt jump focus when boosting, reset kill timer when destroying shield generators
- Fixed "Handle with Care" handicap not having any effect
- Fixed player drones having full health after each jump regardless of any perks
- Mac: Fixed German audio not being available during flashback movies
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Changelog for patch (added 24 October 2017):
[Windows only - macOS coming soon]

- Adds Encounters dlc compatibility