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Wolfram_von_Thal: I entered "epigony mod rome", it's the first search result in google. ;) Here is the link, have fun! :)
Niezborny: Thank you for your quick and kind reply :)
You are quite welcome! :)
Niezborny: Thank you for your quick and kind reply :)
Wolfram_von_Thal: You are quite welcome! :)
Hi! I just re-bought Rome after 9 years to play with Epigony mod, but none of the links are working. Does anyone know where to find the down version for 2.01d?

my bad actually I need to switch to different browser to download.
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Sorry for the necromancing, but it is difficult to find information about the modding scene for EU:Rome, so I'm keeping this discussion alive for a reason. It could also help others interested in the game.

First of all, it seems that everyone has a different way to install the mod. It is absolutely not clear how to do it correctly. By the way, it seems you have to delete everything inside the province_texture folder in order to make the mod work, so I don't understand how people were able to play it without doing that (I tried as suggested and the mod crashed at start-up).

Second, if you have experience with this mod let me know if it is stable enough. I've tried the Epigoni Mod before RotA but is a mess, I guess because is a mix of different mods and probably was not made fully compatible with the 2.36 beta patch.
I really don't want to play for 30 years and then face endless crashing to the point I have to give up on campaigns.

For newcomers, probably the best thing to do is just to play the vanilla version of Rome. Sadly, the mods really make this game better but I don't think EU:R has been tested out enough by the devs to support that many countries on the map.


Alright I'm playing the mod.

Reign of the Ancients is so much better than Epigoni, it makes the game 3 times better, but also very hardcore.
All the possible exploits have been removed from the game, making EU:R a lot more difficult to play.

Here even one province-countries can become a real threat, especially if they ally some neighbors.
First game playing as Vandali = wiped out by Suebi and Vindelici after 10 years in game.

I have not encountered any crash but I was still in the early game though.
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