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Keeping up with PaterAlf's awesome work, here's the changelog for the latest GOG Patch for Enter the Gungeon:

Patch 1.0.6 (20 April 2016)

Teleporters will no longer spawn in the way of traps (rolling logs or projectile traps)
Performance improvements for the Forge
The Lead God achievement now correctly unlocks the Super Hot Watch
The Linux version now includes 32-bit and 64-bit executables
Map zoom level will no longer reset each floor
Fixed an issue where enemies could spawn inside of sarcophagi
Fixed a problem where homing modifiers would cause genade launcher rounds to angle away from targets
Chests and health pickups now have more descriptive icons on the map
Decreased the quality of the Chaos Ammolet (will spawn more often in lower level chests and less often in black chests)
Pushing a table into another room will no longer cause it to become invisible
Fixed an issue with reflected bullet directions for some enemy projectiles
Fixed an issue where the Kill Pillars could be injured from blanks fired in adjacent rooms
Fixed an issue where the electric guitar would fire extremely quickly if you left an amp on the previous floor
Blizzbulons that die in pits will no longer reappear when you reenter the room
Homing modifiers will no longer allow the Black Hole Gun projectiles to live forever
Fixed a visual bug that occurs when completing (final secret floor)
Players can no longer get stuck on Trorc's (truck merchant's) display in the Breach
The cop will no longer immediately die if acquired in the Forge
Gun selection hotkeys on the keyboard now only affect the player using the keyboard (in coop)
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.10 / GOG-13 (Windows) / GOG-30 (Mac) / GOG-10 (Linux) (added 28 September 2016):


- Upgraded Unity (game engine) and Wwise (sound engine) in an effort to increase compatibility
- Improved VRAM usage (should prevent some crash bugs)
- Include C++ Redistributable DLLs to fix a "stuck at black screen" issue some users experienced when launching the game
- Gungeon will now default to DirectX 11 if available


- Added a more reliable way to encounter Brother Albern and his Lies
- Brother Albern's chest can no longer spawn as a Mimic or have a fuse
- Flying players can now access the maintenance room (for unlocking shortcuts)
- Revamped the Duct Tape item; the item now must be activated twice to be used (once on each gun to combine), and the UI properly reflects taped guns' status
- Improved the Yari's damage output to bosses
- You can now quick reload with the Cog of Battle by simply clicking the "Fire" button
- Corpses will no longer vanish on low quality settings if the player has the Melted Rock
- Players can no longer take fire damage while in a conversation
- Improved the Big Boy item
- Greatly improved the Flame Hand
- The Gunboots' shots will no longer be blocked by orbitals
- Added a failsafe to the Gun That Can Kill The Past--if mouse clicks are not registering, it can now be fired by holding the interact key.
- Forge Hammers and the Ammoconda's turrets are now affected by the Aged Bell
- The iBomb Companion App should now destroy all enemy exploding projectiles when activated
- Flipping tables near barrels will no longer destroy the barrel (this was especially annoying for the water barrel on the first floor)
- Made bouncing bullets more consistent; all bullets that reflect off walls should have a consistent visual trail, which disappears when no bounces remain
- Pressing Left Alt no longer makes the game blurry (... lol)
- Bouncing/spawning projectiles that hit player orbitals will no longer bounce/explode (this was causing some unfair damage)
- The Bullet Bore can now kill Lead Maidens
- Gave the RC rockets a very small delay before tracking to reduce rocket overlap
- Button presses that close the pause menu are no longer registered in game as well (which could cause players to accidentally purchase shop items, etc.)
- Secret characters can now use the shrine in the first room
- Blasphemy is now affected by more passives (Scattershot, Double Vision)
- The Owl will no longer attempt to blank the player's bullets
- The Owl's blanks will no longer destroy special projectiles (boomerang, chaff grenade, etc)
- Added the Gungeon font to the game in a way that makes it more accessible to modders
- Rainbow chests can no longer be mimics
- The Ring of Chest Friendship now - actually- increases the chances of a chest appearing (previously it only increased the chance of a room clear reward appearing)

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a memory leak caused by using the slow motion gun select menu frequently
- Fixed the bug where killing a Blobulon could result in the current room unsealing even though two Blobuloids were spawning (FINALLY! Thanks everyone for the videos of this issue, they were extremely helpful!)
- Fixed multiple situations where chests could drop items into pits
- Fixed a bug where killing Mimics in hallways could cause all kinds of strange behavior
- Fixed a bug which was preventing the Enraging Photo and Battery Bullets from dropping once unlocked
- Fixed the Zilla Shotgun's ammo usage
- Fixed a crash during dungeon generation caused by the Sense of Direction
- Fixed a bug which could cause secondary merchants to have fewer (or no) items for sale
- Fixed an issue where the secret characters had 1 less i-frame during their dodge roll
- Fixed a bug where falling into a pit with the Super Hot Watch resulted in a very long delay
- Fixed an issue where followers wouldn't shoot mimics if they left their initial room
- Fixed an issue that could prevent players from saving
- Fixed several issues caused by certain items combined with the Polaris
- The Metronome is no longer broken by gun swaps in Blessed Gun runs
- Fixed an issue where the Gun Cultists had several unintended i-frames
- Fixed a bug where picking up the Bloodied Scarf while dodgerolling would break the game
- Fixed several issues with the <REDACTED> fight (final final final boss)
- Phase 1/2: Fixed a freeze caused by having a dead player in co-op
- Phase 2: Fixed a freeze caused by falling into the pit during the transition
- Phase 3: Fixed a bug where the boss could hit players with a seemingly invisible bullet
- Phase 3: Fixed a bug where the circular attack could be entirely removed with a few small explosions
- Fixed a bug where dying in the mine cart with a gun soul caused control issues
- Fixed (another) issue where players could become stuck while talking to the dying cop
- Fixed a visual issue with jammed bullets while using Fast Scaling mode
- Fixed a bug caused by blowing up the mirror chest
- Fixed an audio bug caused by chests with fuses
- Fixed several bugs involving the transition to the second secret level
- Fixed a UI bug where picking and dropping guns with infinite ammo would cause the ammo count to drift to the left
- Fixed an issue where the Lost Adventurer dialogue could be interrupted in co-op
- Fixed a bug caused by spamming the Use key with the Air Strike item
- Fixed an issue where the Revolvenant's arm bullets could be stuck in an attack
- Fixed a bug where the Kill Pillars could be killed from outside the boss room with certain weapons
- Fixed a bug where minecarts would move forever if the enemy in them was killed by being frozen
- Fixed misleading UI when resetting the save progress for Slot D
- Fixed a bug where Mimics would drop double loot when pushed into a pit
- Fixed a strange issue where using an ice weapon with Exploding Bullets would cause all future explosions to freeze
- Fixed a UI bug caused by items that increase the player's ammo capacity
- Fixed a bug where teleporters could spawn outside of room bounds
- Fixed an issue where the Frifle hunt achievement would unlock one step early
- Fixed a bug where getting the Mimic Tooth Necklace could cause visual glitches on chests that have already been destroyed
- Fixed an issue where RPG missiles would travel directly through a certain secret wall on the first floor
- Fixed a minor visual bug in the Sorceress's room
- Fixed a bug which could prevent Mimic's from animating (while still hidden)
- Fixed a bug that prevent the Treadnaught from dropping money like other bosses
- Fixed an issue where the DraGun's rocket attack could damage the player - during- his phase transition
- Fixed an issue where the Magic Lamp would only affect the Ammoconda if he was hit in the head
- Players can no longer teleport to teleporters that are not visible in the minimap
- Fixed a bug where changing the in-game language then discarding those change could result in a language/font mismatch
- Gunsling King can no longer require you to clear a room with "Spice"
- Going to the final area in the Forge with the fullscreen map up no longer locks the map on screen
- Fixed a memory crash caused by using the Microtransaction Gun with a large amount of currency (a.k.a. our accidental cheat prevention bug :D)
- Fixed an issue where pausing the game while holding down the trigger to fire the Gun That Can Kill The Past would result in a soft lock
- Fixed a bug where using alternate blank layouts didn't work in the Pilot's past
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Changelog for patch 1.0.11 / GOG-14 (Windows) / GOG-7486 (Mac) / GOG-11 (Linux) (added 08 November 2016):


- Another round of engine updates to solve some crashing issues and glitchy/fast/slow audio playback


- Rainbow chest drops will no longer spawn in walls
- Fixed a bug which caused Flame Hand shots to hit walls behind the player when fired
- Fixed a bug which could cause Bullet Hell to fail to generate
- Fixed a soft lock during boss intros that could be caused by some duct tape combinations
- Coolness now correctly reduces the chances of chests having a fuse (instead of increasing it)
- Fixed a crash caused by device model checks
- Fixed an issue where the Old Bullet King was showing normal Bullet King text
- Fixed an issue where teleporting onto and unlocking the first secret floor entrance could fail to transition properly
- Fixed an issue where two minimaps could appear on the first secret floor in coop
- Fixed an issue where the Heroine VFX could persist after reloading or rolling
- Fixed an issue where teleporters could spawn outside of some rooms' normal bounds
- Fixed a rare issue which could cause electrifying goop to create an extreme slowdown
- Fixed a problem with unbinding some controls
- Fixed a number of exceptions (silent issues that can cause odd gameplay behavior)
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Changelog for patch 1.1.0 / GOG-15 (Windows) / GOG-? (Mac) / GOG-12 (Linux) (added 26 January 2017):


- New content! (guns, items, room, synergies, NPCs, etc)
- New boss in the mines: Mine Flayer
- New pasts and alt costumes for both secret characters
- Added three new Achievements
- Added an option to save and exit at the end of each floor, resuming the run at a later time


- Added a Tiny UI option
- Added "Allow Unknown Controllers" and XInput toggles to the gameplay options (formerly required launch options to change)
- The High Priest will no longer spawn "wall bullets" inside the room; these spawn offscreen and float into view
- The Gunsling King will no longer ask players to clear a room without dodgerolling if the room can't be traversed without rolling over pits
- Made Limited less harsh
- Blasphemy can no longer reveal secret doors
- Damage to Shelletons *after- they've regenerated twice no longer recharges cooldowns
- Moved Muscle Relaxant's damage bonus to synergies, also removed some of them
- Buffed Gamma Ray, Charmed Bow, Gold Ammolet, Lodestone Ammulet, Bullet Idol, Cat Claw, Luxin Cannon, Demon Head, Honeycomb, Plunger, Yari, and Zilla Shotgun
- Increased ammo for Ice Breaker and Polaris
- Iron Coin now also gives you a discount at the shop
- Slightly nerfed Bloody 9mm, Cursed Bullets and Gunbow
- Gave the Betrayer's Shield more health
- Raised tier of Cog of Battle and Medal of Valor
- Lowered tier of Heck Blaster, Brick of Cash, Honeycomb, Iron Coin, and Smoke Bomb
- Added some new synergies
- Increased the odds of the Lost Adventurer appearing on a floor if it's the last floor needed for the achievement

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug where the Evil Muncher's dialogue didn't match its actions
- Fixed an issue where getting hit with only half a heart in the Gunsling King's "no hit" challenge caused a soft lock
- Fixed a tinting issue with some Bosses's VFX
- Fixed a text issue with the Hero's Bandana in French
- Fixed an issue where Aged Gunsingers didn't have an animation for falling into pits
- Fixed a bug where the Bullet Bore could leave hanging bullets when killing the Revolvenant
- Fixed an issue where Lore Gunjurer's bullets weren't immediately destroyed by Blasphemy
- Removed the hallway cheese spot in the High Priest fight
- Fixed an issue where the Lord of the Jammed could kill you during the DraGun's death animation
- Fixed an exploit which allowed players to pass through some locked doors
- Fixed collider issues on the Heroine projectiles that made them likely to hit walls when fired with Stout or Heavy Bullets
- Fixed a soft lock caused by grabbing an item off the ground at the same time as the Resourceful Rat
- Fixed an issue where hitting a chest with a Black Hole would result in the sound looping forever
- Fixed a bug that could cause no reload bar to appear when the player reloaded quickly after triggering an active reload with the Cog of Battle
- Fixed a UI issue caused by dropping the Backpack
- Triggering a targetted item (e.g. Big Boy) then taking an elevator no longer breaks the item
- Dropping the Old Knight's Flask no longer clears its charges
- Chests spawned from clearing the challenge shrine now show up correctly on the minimap
- Fixed a bug with some duct tape combinations that could result in a special final round (e.g. the Mailbox's package) being fired every shot
- Fixed a rare bug where falling into a pit could result in the character being stuck behind the floor
- Reflecting the stationary projectiles in the Kill Pillar fight no longer results in them remaining in place permanently
- Fixed a number of exceptions (silent issues that can cause odd gameplay behavior)
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Changelog for Patch 1.1.0 h1 / GOG-16 / GOG-13 (Linux) / no GOG-version (Mac) (added 27 January 2017):

** game updated to v.1.1.0 h1 **

- Fixed an issue causing a soft lock in the Bullet's past.
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Changelog for patch 1.1.0 h2 / GOG-17 (Windows) / GOG-? (Mac) / GOG-14 (Linux) (added 30 January 2017):

- Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the Bullet's past if they had a flying item before entering the past
- Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in a pillar in one of the Shadow Magician rooms
- Added more safety checks for the Prototype Teleporter to prevent players from getting stuck
- Co-op: Fixed an issue caused by player ghosts falling down the maintenance elevator shaft
- Fixed a freeze caused by using the Ammo Synthesizer with an infinite ammo weapon
- The "continue" button on the title screen is now correctly localized
- Fixed a STRING_NOT_FOUND error in a line of dialogue in the Robot's past
- Fixed an issue that caused the Blasphemy unlock notification to appear a second time
- Fixed a tiny entryway on the west side of a new room in the Mines
- Fixed a visual issue with one of the new shrines
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Changelog for patch 1.1.1 / GOG-? (Windows) / GOG-? (Mac) / GOG-15 (Linux) (added 07 February 2017):

Improvements/Balance Changes

- Secret Characters can now be chosen as your quick select character (once unlocked)
- Ammoconda spawns are now real enemies (which means they can be affected by status effects and should behave more consistently with some guns)
- Added an options file line to toggle smooth camera mode
- Added an options file line to toggle gun hotkeys
- Ash Bullet Kin now have a short firing delay when spawning near the player
- Chaos Bullets is no longer mega OP with beam weapons

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue where the new secret character costumes had 1 fewer i-frame than other characters
- Fixed an issue where the Ammoconda could be damaged before entering the boss room
- Fixed several issues with the Prototype Teleporter's room selection
- Fixed an issue where the player was still able to be damaged by poison/fire during boss deaths
- Fixed an issue which was causing the Shrine of Glass to spawn less frequently than intended
- Fixed an issue where some spawned chests weren't showing up on the minimap
- Fixed an issue which caused the RC Rocket's guided abilities to trigger later than intended
- Helix Bullets now works correctly with the Polaris and Rad Gun
- Fixed an issue where the Dueling Laser would be reset when dropped
- Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck with an uncharged Dueling Laser in Gun Queue
- Fixed performance issues caused by electrifying very large pools of water
- Fixed a visual issue with Daisuke
- Fixed an issue where Lament Box was spawning challenge waves in certain rooms
- Fixed an issue where the Microtransaction Gun could cost varying amounts per shot
- Fixed an issue where options file manipulation could be used to play as secret characters that were still locked
- Fixed a soft lock caused by dying to the Demon Door as the Robot
- Fixed an issue with the Super Hot Watch and some floor transitions
- Fixed an issue where Ash Bullet Kin could randomly teleport once when first spawned
- Fixed a rare save issue that could prevent further progression
- Fixed an out of memory error caused by leaving the game paused for a long time
- Fixed a freeze caused by grabbing an ammo box with the grappling hook
- Fixed some issues with the Bloodied Scarf's teleportation
- The Chest Teleporter can no longer create chests inside of the maintenance shaft
- Flak Bullets now handles spawned bullets better
- Fixed an issue where some items could give the player flight even in the area with the GTCKTP
- Fixed an issue which was causing the Battle Standard to unlock incorrectly for the Hunter
- Fixed a visual issue caused by the Com4nd0 and Helix Bullets
- Fixed some weird beam behavior caused by having the Metronome and Helix Bullets
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Changelog for Patch Patch 1.1.1 h1 (added 09 February 2017):

** game updated to v.1.1.1 h1 **

- Fixed an issue with glass guon stones that could cause a soft lock when falling into a pit
- Fixed an issue with glass guon stones that could cause the player to take repeated damage nearly instantly
- Fixed an issue with the grappling hook when stealing from the shop
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Changelog for patch 1.1.2 / GOG-? (Windows) / GOG-? (Mac) / GOG-17 (Linux) (added 24 February 2017):

Improvements/Balance Change

- Reduced Glass Guon shop chance
- Updated input library for better handling of new controllers and OS updates
- Added more inputs to advance NPC conversations (this was causing some players to get stuck in certain conversations)

Challenge Mode Changes

- All Floor 4 bosses now have a single, unique challenge
- Zone Control - Number of boxes now scales up with room size
- Gorgun's Gaze - Timing is a little more forgiving
- Gorgun's Gaze and Shockwave now have custom timing when both selected for a room
- Hammer Time - Increased time between attacks slightly and removed attack timing variation
- Adrenaline Rush - Reduced increased and max speed in boss fights
- The challenge mode cost is now reduced after 30 attempts

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue where players could be teleported out of bounds in the GTCKTP room (finally tracked this one down!)
- Fixed an issue where players could be on fire in the GTCKTP room
- Fixed a visual bug with the Bloodied Scarf and the GTCKTP room
- Fixed an issue where shots reflected by Unfriendly Fire could not be blanked or destroyed with Blasphemy
- Fixed an issue where the Chest Teleporter could place chests in the incorrect room
- Fixed an issue where launching the game outside of Steam would delete your midgame save
- Removed a Shadow Magician room that was causing soft locks
- Fixed an issue where enemies charmed by the Yellow Chamber were not always removed at the end of rooms
- Fixed an issue with the Sixth Chamber not affecting coolness
- Fixed a bug where quick restarting at the Hunter could unlock the Battle Standard
- Fixed a VFX issue caused by leaving a room while the Supply Drop item is in use
- Added a workaround for those experiencing disappearing sprite issues; press F8 to rebuild all sprites
- Alt-tabbing while watching the DraGun intro will now pause the game
- Fixed a bug where quick restarting from the Pilot's past could load an invalid character
- Blank damage items no longer affect enemies in rooms that have not yet been activated
- Fixed an exploit which allowed repeated use of the Supply Drop item
- Fixed an issue where Shelleton's reforming after falling into a pit could spawn directly on the player
- Fixed several localization issues
- Fixed a word wrap issue in Chinese
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Changelog for Patch 1.1.3 h2 / GOG-? (Windows) / GOG-18 (Linux) / GOG-? (Mac) (added 27 March 2017):

Hotfix 1
- Fixed an issue preventing projectiles from reflecting properly (this also causes a soft lock in the bullet's past)

Hotfix 2
- Fixed an issue where the Crest wouldn't always spawn correctly in the Oubliette
- Fixed an issue where the shortcut elevators could become inoperable
- Fixed an issue where Lead Cubes could keep contact damage if disabled at a certain point in their attack.

Patch 1.1.3

- Optimizations for physics and projectiles; the focus was on large bullet attacks (e.g. Gorgun's scream, Kill Pillar’s circle attack), but this has produces performance gains across the board

Improvements/Balance Changes
- The Elder Blank is now usable while dodgerolling
- Continue is now the default title screen option if you have an available midgame save
- Table Tech Rockets and Melted Rock explosions no longer damage players
- Bullets are no longer stopped by torches
- Enemy self destruction (e.g. Mine Flayer mines, bells) no longer recharges active items
- Explosive Pyre and Final Attack no longer affect Ammoconda spawns, Blobulins or Poisbulins
- Blobulon Rancher no longer triggers when shooting enemy bullets out of the air
- Hegemony credits will now drop when doing a Blessed + Double Challenge mode run

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where the Empty Bottle couldn’t pick up some hearts (ones that spawned inside a locked chest room)
- Fixed an issue where using the Prototype Teleporter immediately after entering a new room could lock the room permanently
- Fixed an issue where the blank shrine would spawn reward chests on top of each other
- Fixed an issue where destroying the High Priest homing skulls with some weapons would result in the burst spawning near the player
- Fixed a soft lock caused by the Devolver and the Blobulord boss
- Fixed multiple issues with Lament Configurum spawning enemies in odd places
- Fixed an issue where Full Metal Jacket would stop working after picking up the Badge or Broccoli
- Fixed an issue where Forge Hammers and Gatling Gull rockets could damage the player while they were falling into a pit
- Fixed an issue where Mine Flayer could get stuck in walls
- Fixed a bug which caused Daisuke to ask for 6 credits to activate double challenge mode after the cheaper challenge mode prices are unlocked (30 attempts)
- Fixed an input issue with the Directional Pad
- Fixed an issue where Helix Bullets could cause guns to instantly reload when switched
- Fixed an issue where invisible pot fairies could spawn in some Challenge Rooms
- Fixed an issue which caused Casey to drop in odd locations
- Fixed an issue which caused some rooms in the Abbey to remain open while enemies were present
- Fixed an issue where Tailor was requesting the wrong shortcut materials in Polish
- Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in the Wallmonger if you used certain items
- Fixed an issue with Bullats and the Final Attack challenge modifier
- Fixed an issue which Blobulon Rancher spawning enemies through walls (in a small number of rooms this could soft lock the player)
- Fixed a soft lock caused by pressing buttons on the Ammonomicon's death screen too quickly
- Fixed the Unsteady modifier
- Softlocks during dungeon generation can now be recovered using the Continue button on the title screen
- Stunning Blue Shotgun Kin in the middle of their attack now correctly prevents their second blast
- Fixed an issue where the speedrun timer would start with time on the clock after a Quick Restart
- Fixed a minor exploit where the Bullet could be used to play without starting the speedrun timer
- Fixed an issue where the Robot could be killed by electrified water while in the High Stress near-death state
- Fixed an issue where Final Attack didn't affect enemies in reinforcement waves
- Fixed an issue where doing the F8 sprite refresh didn't fully fix projectiles
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That last patch got me following errors when installing:

Incorrect version of: E:\GoG\Enter the Gungeon\\EtG_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll
Incorrect version of: E:\GoG\Enter the Gungeon\\EtG_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll

I'm getting the full version for science.

It's official: science hates me.

At the end of the installation of the full version, I got Galaxy forcefully updated.
This made me [m|s]ad, since I stopped using that since I tried it in beta.
So, after uninstalling that monster, I reinstalled the game, and now I'm crashing proper.
Nothing really stands out in the logs to me besides "Access violation".
Color me annoyed.

I'll send the logs to whom they belong tomorrow, I'm not in the mood right now (and it's late).
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Changelog for patch 1.1.4 / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 06 October 2017):


- Added three new items based on PAYDAY 2

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue where the player could become soft locked by the Cop's dialogue (... again)
- Fixed an issue where WASD would switch weapons in the slow motion gun select menu (which was an unintended side effect from the previous patch)
- Fixed an issue where some unlock messages were popping at the wrong time
- Fixed an issue where the grappling hook could be used in the GTCKTP room
- Bloodied Scarf: Fixed several input bugs which could cause blinks to fail or the "hold" teleport to trigger even when the dodgeroll button was only clicked briefly
- Bloodied Scarf: Fixed an issue that was preventing input queueing from working with the blink teleport
- Bloodied Scarf: Fixed an issue where forge hammers and gatling gull rockets could damage the player during the blink animation
- Fixed an issue with Duct Tape and guns with very large clips (e.g. Cactus)
- Fixed an issue where the Chest Teleporter could break chests upon teleporting them
- Fixed an issue where the Resourceful Rat wouldn't take Sunglasses
- Fixed a typo in the Ammonomicon for the H4MMER
- Fixed a number of exceptions, silent issues that can cause all sorts of random behavior
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Changelog for patch 1.1.4h3 / (Windows) / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 09 October 2017):

- Fixed several drill issues (softlock in co-op, glitchy orbital movement, and chickens counting as enemies)
- Fixed a bug that prevented the bank bag from working correctly (dropped money should disappear after a short time and wont automatically move toward the player)
- Fixed an issue where the Lead Maiden could be stunned and remain in the closed state by PAYDAY followers
- Fixed a physics issue that could cause extreme slowdowns and erratic projectiles
- Fixed an issue that prevented character sounds from playing while wearing the PAYDAY mask
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Changelog for Patch 2.0.2 Advanced Gungeons and Draguns Update (added 19 July 2018):

New Features
- New guns, items, enemies, shrines, NPCs, rooms, and secrets
- Tons of new and powerful synergies - look for the blue arrow and improved item notification
- New minibosses (Blockner's Ghost and the all-new Fuselier)
- New Spread Ammo box - adds a small amount of ammo to all equipped guns
- Slide over tables by dodge rolling toward them!
- Save hearts for later when at full health - pick them up at the new heart dispenser located at every floor entrance and shop (note: stored hearts are reset each floor!)
- Added teleporters to more rooms (including chest rooms and exit rooms)
- Turbo mode - delve into the Gungeon to find a new NPC who can enable this high-octane mode
- Added a new gameplay option to increase movement speed when not in combat (for those who wanna go fast but don't want to be shot at fast)
- Added additional aim assist options (particularly for those who can’t or don't like using the right stick)
- Added Ultrawide support (set the graphics scaling to “Fast Scaling” or “Uniform Scaling”)

Gameplay Changes/Improvements
- Added a new loot profile which improves shop contents, increases room reward frequency, and tweaks item/chest drop rates to be more generous, particularly early in runs. This is enabled by default but can be changed in the options menu.
- Replaced “key forcing” with tweaked key drop rates and guaranteed keys in the shopws of the first two floors. There should no longer be any benefit to leaving a key uncollected.
- Removed locked shops
- Modified Robot balance (now receives casings for health up items and +1 armor for mastery tokens)
- Increased Hegemony credit drop rate, enabled credits to drop in shortcut runs, and added a credit reward for the first tutorial completion
- Reduced the required kills on some of the longer Frifle hunts
- Gave the smash tent and lost adventurer their own minimap icons
- Added a new type of challenge for the Gunsling King
- Glass Guon stones will no longer be stolen by the Resourceful Rat
- Bullats can now drop casings if killed before they fire themselves
- Charge guns can now be charged before entering a boss room and will keep their charge through the intro
- Added an option to enable controller aim assist for beam weapons (formerly only worked on non-beam weapons)
- Removed player-damage from several explosive items
- Players now drop all items when killed in coop
- Gave the Chaingunner a new attack with some range (watch out!)
- Placed limits on boss attacks that leave the boss invulnerable for extended period of times (High Priest and Cannonbalrog can each only use their immune attacks twice)
- You may now receive a gun from the “shopkeeper” on taking the shortcut to the second floor, similar to the other shortcuts.
- Skusket's now spawn their bullets more slowly when the player is nearby (to reduce cases where the player takes damage immediately upon entering a room)
- Reduced the effectiveness of player explosions destroying enemy bullets when many explosions are used rapidly
- Sped up blobulon death animation speeds (to reduce the time you need to wait for them to split)
- Made balancing changes to many guns and items (too many to list here)
- Probably some other things we’ve forgotten about!

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where firing very large bullets could fail when the player was standing near a wall
- Fixed an issue where Lead Maidens did not remain open when frozen
- Fixed a dungeon generation bug that could cause hallways to incorrectly connect to nearby rooms (including corners of boss rooms)
- Fixed an issue where starting weapons/items couldn't be dropped by any character (should only be locked on the character that starts with that item)
- Fixed an issue where moving platforms could become desynced, making some rooms difficult or impossible to traverse
- Fixed an issue where ammolets failed to give extra blanks when loading a midgame save
- Fixed an issue where some shootable projectiles were not considered targets for aim assist (specifically the Dragun, High Priest and the boss in the Pilot’s past)
- Fixed an issue where some non-shootable objects were considered targets for aim assist (the Mine Flayer’s mines)
- Fixed an issue where purple lanterns didn't appear for some NPCs
- Fixed an issue where aim assist behaved unpredictably on the Kill Pillars
- Fixed an issue where Rubber Kin and Tazies could get stuck in doors, or clip through them causing a soft lock
- Fixed an issue where the Resourceful Rat could steal some items from the floor of secret rooms
- Fixed an issue where Keybullet Kin weren't affected by aim assist, homing projectiles, orbitals or companions
- Fixed an issue where debris would hover in the air after falling on a moving platform
- Fixed an issue where the Yellow Chamber could fail to remove enemies
- Fixed an issue where curse values didn't persist on death in coop
- Fixed an issue where enemies could spawn in the back wall of the Bullet King’s throne room
- Fixed an issue where the Gorgun's stone gaze didn't affect some types of weapons
- [Switch] Fixed an issue where an active item was missing from the Pilot's past
- [Switch] Fixed an issue where the right stick wasn't zooming the minimap correctly
- [Switch] Fixed some phantom Ammonomicon entries
- [Switch] Fixed an issue where the Big Boy item could be stuck in an infinitely reusable state
- [Switch] Fixed an issue where player beam weapons could create duplicate beams when affected by some status effects
- [Switch] Fixed a crash caused by using the Sense of Direction in the shortcut shaft
- [Switch] Fixed an issue that causes the game to become choppy after resuming from a long sleep
- [Xbox] Fixed an issue where achievement catchup code was not properly running
- [Xbox] Fixed a rare issue that could cause save corruption
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Changelog for Patch 2.0.3 (added 20 July 2018):

- Fixed a potential softlock when the player is grabbed by a Gripmaster (floating hand)
- Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck in tables while sliding over them (particularly the shop table)
- [REDACTED] mimics can no longer spawn in hallways
- "Move faster out of combat" no longer affects the player while fighting a mimic in an unsealed room
- Fixed an issue where shops with additional shop NPCs could still be locked
- Lowered the volume in the GTCKTP room slightly

Changelog for Patch 2.0.4 (added 20 July 2018):

- Fixed an issue where a few synergies could make the player invulnerable
- Fixed an issue where a hidden enemy could prevent the DraGun's door from opening
- Fixed an issue where bullets would hang in the air near the save button for the secret entrance in the Gungeon
- Fixed an issue where going to a new floor while one player is dead in coop could cause a softlock
- Fixed an issue where VFX could remain stuck on certain transforming guns
- Fixed an issue where Synergrace could grant Master Rounds
- Fixed an issue where flying could prevent certain actions on the new secret floor
- Fixed the Ammonomicon picture for a new gun
- Fixed a generation issue where a certain room could have a gap near the southern door
- Fixed a sound issue with the Shotgun Executioners
- More audio balancing