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It works ...alittle -.-
We are 3 friends with 3 completely different computers, both old and new.
We never manage to complete a multiplayer game because it's like russian roulette with game crashes. Also, newer graphic cards will very often bug out, giving me a 5 second black screen up to twice a minute.
Even tho this game barely cost anything, I regret getting it from since it barely works and its just pissing us off :/
Caezael: Win 7 64 and a Radeon 5970 and its not working for me either.
Tried all compatibility mods, I just get a strange jumpy mouse pointer on the screen and its leaves random trails of its self.

Er guys I just found this.

Says Not compatible for 64bit
PendragonUK: I have the jumping pointer and massive graphical glitches. So far I have not gotten past the menu! Unless I can find a fix this is a non starter for me, good thing it was free but if this is the level of support I can expect from GOG why should I purchase any of these games? I thought they would support the games so that they would run on modern kit! This is plain silly to sell products that don't work with the only excuse is that they are cheap...

Sorry for the rant but I was really looking forward to playing this game but disappointed to discover it's broken. More so that GOG didn't fix it before pushing it out as a free download to introduce their services to new customers. "Here have a free game, it wont work but here you go it's free!" Great advertisement for GOG We sell crap but as it's real cheap crap so don't blame us...

Win7 64bit
AMD Hex @4GHz
2XATI 6870
DDR3 8GB @1600MHz
Silly rant is silly, you should be ashamed of yourself.

The solution to your problem is in your very post. Make sure you have the latest ATI drivers, and then make a custom application profile for the Empire Earth executable. You don't have to change any setting except to turn Crossfire off. What this does is make it so that when you run Empire Earth, Crossfire is disabled, meaning that your second card is no longer in use. Many older games, both in general, and on GOG, have problems with Crossfire and SLI (Nvidia) configurations.

Next time, please try all available troubleshooting steps before pronouncing your judgement on and its services.
Doesn't work for me either. How do I get my money back? I bought EE1, 2, and 3 and none of them work.
i just tried 1 out on my new pc bar the main game not exp crashing if i change graphical settings (settings do change though) game seems to run fine
For TECH support in EE 1 + Expanding pack (the art of conquest). visit
Download the lobby and ask for help to a moderator. Or simply register on the forum board and open a topic :D.
Windows 7, 64 Bit, NVIDIA Quadro FX 1700. Put it in Windows 2000 Compatibility Mode. The NVIDIA Drivers rate their stereoscopic 3D compatibility with Empire Earth as, "Excellent" - which suggests that the Video card is compatible.

I am unable to get Empire Earth working - Just goes to a "black" screen - I have to Ctrl-Alt-Delete to get out.
I dont know i had a problem whit Windows 7 ati 5700 crossfire card whit graphic and pointer !

I was just looking at all the post i will try some solution here but i whent in the amd control panel and i turn off the crosfire and the game seen to be running ok until now maby this will help some of you !!!!
I have crash on windows 7 64-bit sp1.
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