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Hello everybody! If someone bought this game, please tell us, whether the computer AI is normal and computer really tries to win :) I ask this question, because I encountered a crippled version (believe it was from Zuxxez) of this game, and it was deliberately changed into something very dumb, like a body without spirit. ("to make the game easier").
Thanks a lot for the info, I intend to buy it...
This question / problem has been solved by klaymenimage

Maybe these were already answered, but just to recap.

Since the DOS version is offered as a bonus content item:

1. Was the AI problem (on Windows version) also present in the 2140 Mission Pack 1 & Final Conflict Mission Pack, or only in the base 2140 game?

2. If the problem was also in the mission packs, are they offered for the DOS version as well?

Anyways, I'm quite thrilled to see this kind of commitment from GOG for its older games, makes me all that more happy to have bought also this game from them.
timppu: [...]
DOS version comes with both expansions.
Great! Kudos to GOG!
timppu: [...]
Thiev: DOS version comes with both expansions.
...and with actual, working multiplayer! :D
Expack: ...and with actual, working multiplayer! :D
Wait, what? Earth 2140 multiplayer?
Holy mother of god....