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Changelog for Update (added 21 January 2021)

Galaxy updated (21 January 2021)
Offline Installer updated (22 January 2021)

- Access to new area 'Frore'.
- Level Cap is now 26.
- New craftable: Winter Coat.
- In-game cutscene skip support (not all cutscenes support this yet). Hold down mouse buttons, space, or gamepad A/B to skip.
- Map point of interest filters menu.
- Depth of Field effect (simple approximation) in Graphical Options.
- Showing completed Quests in pause menu.
- Added Unified Options menu.
- Added Gameplay Option to remove Material Tracking Notification Animation bouncing.
- Showing farmed plants on world map and minimap.
- Key combo Control+U shows/hides UI. Useful for grabbing screenshots without the UI elements.
- Slightly reduced miniboss colliders sizes, so they should fit through narrow doorways.
- Material stacks. Dropping bigger amounts of materials results in tighter stacks and doesn't bloat the save file.
- Link Tower now has 'Scan Monsters' button option after you've installed the Radar. It shows remaining monster locations.
- Cut down trees now leave tree stumbs.


- Timed Chests are not hidden from the map after opened to make it easier to track them.
- Made the "Hibernus" tomb a bit easier.
- Made "Hedgefield" tower area slightly smaller so all enemies needed for ascension are encounterable.
- Nerfed "Dentured Fangs".
- Enemies don't just blindly follow animals any more if there are other targets.
- Fishing quest now takes previously fished fishes into account.
- Now using 64-bit binaries.
- Slight wording change to "Endless Trash" to avoid confusion re: digging.


- Crash that could happen when opening up the map.
- Window cursor being offset after starting the game or changing display config.
- Critical hit damage increases are now calculated correctly.
- Oddly placed broken wall pieces are now also destroyed when nearby walls get destroyed.
- A bug that permanently prevented materials being collected.
- Shadow cast rendering bug.
- Various crash bugs that happened when playing longer sessions.
- Ruthless Pitcher should not respawn any more when ascending.
- No longer possible to change secondary item while aiming a throwable.
- Sleeping now increases the related medal progression correctly.
- Fixes to option saving.
- Tab key doesn't change pause menu tabs if bound to inventory or map.
- Usual fixes to graphical bugs and glitches.
- UI optimizations for screens with lots of items.
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Update 0.6.7 - Beyond Checkpoint Rho

New update is now here! This one expands the game area in the south by opening up the Checkpoint Rho. Among other things, you'll be checking in to Blue Ponds Motel, kicking tires at Fincher's Auto Salvage, and wondering when you'll be able to get to that broken Narrows Vale Link Tower (spoiler: in the next update). And yes, that's a katana in the update banner above.

As usual, to avoid more spoilers I'm not going to say much about the area itself, but I do want to make clear that this is Part I of the new area Narrows Vale. The next part will be available in the next update. So expect to see some under development barriers there.

In terms of overall progress, I'd say the island is roughly 40% complete now, and we're making good progress with the next areas as well.

Update Highlights

Modifier Categories

Modifiers are now listed in more user friendly manner in the inventory screen and organized under offense, defense, and misc categories.

Sharper Textures

You may have noticed the game build size increase with the latest update. The biggest reason is that we now have 4x sharper textures included. You can finally drool after that pizza billboard in sharp 4k. (Spoiler: we also have a new non-pizza billboard now, and more coming soon.)

Quest HUD

Quest HUD items can now be minimized and maximized by clicking the icon with mouse. This interaction is not available with gamepads, but you can of course toggle tracked quests in the pause menu Quests tab.

New Monster

There's a new monster type/variant added in the new area. Don't want to spoil it, but here's an anonymous teaser.

Change Log

Here's the full change log:

- Access to new area 'Narrows Vale' (Part I, east side)
- More radio messages to replace static.
- Level Cap is now 27.
- Graphics options / resolution screen has display index selection.
- Showing Material names when hovering mouse over game screen material slots (mouse only).
- Showing Material names in Carried Materials screen when focus is over a material slot.
- Showing Material names in Collection Material grid.
- Quest HUD items can be minimized by clicking the icon with mouse.
- All Modifiers listed in categories in Inventory screen.
- Audio option for pausing sounds and music when app window is out of focus.
- Gameplay option for pausing the game when app window is out of focus.
- Audio option for playing copyrighted music (streamers can use this to avoid having to clear the copyrights for videos).
- New player character remarks for different situations
- Higher resolution textures.

- A message is now played when the player tries to destroy an object that is required for a quest.
- The player is now able to throw the monster lure.
- Modifiers now listed in more compact form.
- Another slight change to "Tomb of Timing".
- Low health indicator isn't triggered as easily.
- Skills now shown in the order picked in Collection.

- Saving options controller type selection. (Note that both controller types can still be used simultaneously.)
- Fixed cases where quest related objects would become indestructible for good after completing the quest and quitting the game.
- Showing player hit points bar properly when resuming game.
- Alt-tab crash fix and improved fullscreen mode handling.
- Several cases of positions in "Canaveral" where people were getting stuck.
- Some rare cases where the player could still trigger miniboss cutscenes after initiating the fight.

Up Next

The next update will bring you the second part of Narrows Vale. You can expect it to be available within two weeks. Stay tuned!
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Changelog for Update (added 27 February 2021)

Galaxy updated (27 February 2021)
Offline Installer updated (01 March 2021)
Update 0.6.8 - Building Narrows Vale

Update time! In this update you'll be entering deeper into Narrows Vale, avoiding trapping pits, investigating Sanctuary Farm, and melting some iron at Pike's Steel Manufacturing to fix that broken Link Tower. You will be using your very own Smelter -- one which you've built with your own greasy hands.

This new update finally introduces one of the missing major features: building, Do note that this is the initial implementation of Builder's Kit. We will be fine tuning everything and opening up more build categories in the upcoming updates. But it's finally here!


Builder's Kit

You can unlock Builder's Kit invention only in Narrows Vale at the moment. Building itself is pretty simple. Just equip Builder's Kit, pick an object to build, and place it in any allowed position. We'll be unlocking more building categories and improving the tool in the future. You'll be eventually building more machines, furniture, decorations, simple walls, and defensive structures like turrets. But that is not available yet. At the moment you can simply build Smelters and Saw Mills to enhance your Iron, Steel, Titanium, and wood production capabilities.

You can build pretty freely anywhere you want, but we may need to tweak this too when you guys figure out how to completely break the game... again.

Accessibility Options

We're adding new options tab for accessibility. Not sure how you feel about the emojis being there, but it seemed a better place for them than the game play tab. We'll probably be adding more options as we get better sense of what you need and want.

Borderless Fullscreen Window

Sadly, the previous update with exclusive full screen tweaks broke the game for some people. The game screen could just freeze with sounds and music still playing. We're very sorry for this. Luckily many of you were kind enough to help us debug through it and come up with a solution.

So everything should be better now as we've moved to a borderless fullscreen window implementation which should work a lot nicer in all situations. Alt-tabbing is now swift and pleasant. The performance should be better than before as you don't have to run the game in your desktop resolution to take advantage of this. Let us know if you experience any issues with the new code!

Change Log


- Access to new area 'Narrows Vale' (Part II, west side)
- Builder's Kit (accessible in Narrows Vale near the smelter).
- New Skill: Builder.
- Level Cap is now 28.
- New craftable: Material Magnet (level 27).
- Accessibility Options tab.
- Accessibility Option for color blind mode.
- Accessibility Option for reduced blinking effects.
- Accessibility Option for trypophobia.
- Reset to Defaults buttons for Options screen.


- Gamepad cursor focus is moved to Cook button after clicking already cooked recipe button to automatically fill in the ingredients.
- Default UI scale is smaller on PC.
- Save slots now show player level, play time, and location.
- Clearer wording on both Checkpoint Terminal quests.
- Improved player's melee targeting. Target locked enemy is now always the primary target when attacking.
- Fullscreen mode is now always borderless fullscreen window.
- Link Tower scanner now shows all monsters in the area (even those you haven't discovered yet).
- Buffed "Magnifying Glass" with an extra effect.
- Improved invention tree readability and changed some invention positions. (Already unlocked inventions will stay so)
- Thumb up emoji not shown in inventory screen if emojis are disabled.
- Outdoorsman outfit only equippable at a campfire.


- Bug report screenshot with low detail settings.
- Graphical glitch when toggling shadows in graphics options.
- Graphics options presets affect all the settings.
- Skill change text now only shows effect for the skill and its previous levels.
- Hundreds of issues relating to floating objects and graphical glitches.
- Decals shake with the object actors when they're hit.
- Decals deleted when walls turn into rubble.
- Quest tab now correctly hides tracking checkboxes for completed quests.
- Incorrect descriptive text relating to some items and inventions.
- No longer showing invention number bubble for recipes you need to first find on the island (like katana).
- Opening the map does not reset filters anymore.

Coming Up Next

The island development is progressing in schedule so far. We're still on track for Summer 2021 release. As we've mentioned in the Early Access box, we will also be increasing the game price at least in some regions. This will happen likely before the next update. (One (rather embarrassing) reason for this is that our EUR price was actually lower than we planned, but another one is simply that the game is moving towards the full release and is slowly missing less and less features / game area.)

So what's up next? The next area after this one will be a completely new biome located south of Narrows Vale.

We're hoping this to be available in two weeks as well. Meanwhile, remember to consider joining our Discord Server #dysmantle to hear occasional feature leaks and whatnot:

Thank you for all the dysmantling!
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Changelog for Update (added 13 March 2021)

Galaxy updated (13 March 2021)
Offline Installer updated (15 March 2021)

- Access to new area 'Sunburn Desert'.
- Level Cap is now 29.
- New craftables: Proximity Mines (level 28), Safari Outfit (level 26, same as winter coat).
- New quest: Stop Monster Respawning that's triggered after you leave a campfire when you're at least XP level 3.
- Graphics option: vertical sync.
- Controls option: lock mouse cursor inside window.
- Added fourth main tool inventory slot.
- Added Invention: Teardown Efficienciency which gives back all of the building materials when breaking an object you've built.
- Showing things you've built on the map.
- Amber (Mana) Pills long press action now takes you back to home shelter (for situations where you've managed to get too far and have no other way back).
- Own tooltips for keyboard in some screens.
- If you've disabled auto-collect for some material, now showing auto-collect disabled text when near those materials. (To avoid getting bug reports about this.)


- Dropped material pick up radius is reduced for 10 seconds to prevent accidental pickup.
- Reworked Criticals. Gained bonuses are now additional instead of percentual increases.This should both make the criticals work as intended and make it a lot clearer to the player what their critical chances are.
- Rebalanced numbers for modifiers and trinkets related to critical hits. Affected are Critical Hit Chance, Backstab Critical Chance, Critical Hit Damage, Counterweight and Acupuncture Needles.
- Buffed Machete attack speed by 5%.
- The quests "Preparing For Winter" and "Sweltering Heat" now trigger once the player meets harsh temperatures for the first time. This also unlocks required inventions for the quests. Further, due to this change, "Ice Brick", "Hot Water Bottle", "Fur Hat" and "Cowboy Hat" have had their level requirements removed.
- Moved a number of inventions in the invention tree to more logical places (No effect, if already unlocked).
- Nerfed a number of food recipe effects that were too good for their own right.
- You can't build in Tombs.
- Builder's Kit can't be used if enemies are too near or targeting you.
- Balanced material requirements for smelter products.
- Faster load times.


- Sawmill unlocking when crafting Builder's Kit. (To unlock Sawmill, just go and use the Sawmill once more in the north.)
- Some edge cases with wrong temperatures in certain areas.
- Monster scanner now counts stationary monsters too.
- Not showing up new monster slain popups for creatures that don't have a collection entry.
- Usual fixes to graphical glitches and typos.
- More clarifications for some quest descriptions and objective texts.
- Fixed gamepad tooltips showing up in cases where they shouldn't.
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Changelog for Update (added 06 April 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (06 April 2021)
Update 0.6.10 - Myths and Legends

The new (sort of intermediary) update is finally here! This one opens up a small new playable area connected to Sunburn Desert, which serves as an entryway to the next area after this one. This one is a bit harder to describe without spoiling too much, but you'll be introduced with the Crown Archaeological Expedition lady (and her audio logs), and start to dig deeper to the island's ancient past.


Myth Tablets

You may remember these previously from the tombs. Well, they have now been relocated above ground. Ultimately we decided we want to have hints about the island's ancient past spread wider and have you encounter them earlier in the game. If you'd start a new game now, you'd be bound to discover one when you follow the main quest line.

If you have already cartographed the spot where a Myth Tablet is located, it's automatically revealed as Point of Interest in your map. You can find the "first" one near one of the four Link Relays you may have activated.

Tomb Rewind

The tombs now have their own physical Rewind button (in the spot where the Myth Tablets previously were). It can be used to reset the tomb. Note that it may still be more convenient to simply use the Restart Tomb button in the System menu. (Also if you're really really stuck that's your only option. That or the tasty Amber Pills.)

Item Upgrade Levels

Item upgrade levels are now shown in the Invent screen, and more items have them in general (mostly trinkets). Some of the items were rebalanced to take this into account, so you may encounter some changed stats. We'll continue tweaking this later as well.

New Game Options

When you're starting a new game, you'll be now presented with some initial options. But if you've already started your journey, don't worry, all of these are configurable in the Options menu later as well. Yes, these options also include whether to show emojis or not.

Change Log


- Access to Fool's Canyon.
- Level Cap is now 30.
- New craftable "Bandolier" (Level 30).
- Myth Tablets are now located all over the island. (If you've fully discovered the area, they should automatically show up as map icons.)
- Tombs have Reset button. (Note that there's also Reset Tomb option in the menu.)
- Initial Game Settings when starting a new game (same settings available in Options screen).
- Upgrade levels are now shown in Invent screen.
- Showing upgrade change effects as unified 'from -> to' text.
- Showing Keys in Collection.


- "Stop Monster Respawning" automatically completes if you have a transmitter installed in Capernaum.
- Wolves are more aggressive and spot the player easier.
- Grenades and throwable bombs are now thrown a bit further with quick tap action.
- Most of the trinkets now have three upgrade levels and their effects have been adjusted accordingly. Generally they start out weaker, but in the end surpass the old effects they used to have.


- Music volume updated properly in audio options.
- Enemy AI improvements for cases with supporting actors and ground height differences.
- Tweaks to link tower activation animation.
- Auto-collect checkbox does not have a focus anymore when material info screen is opened with a gamepad.
- Fixed issues with fuel duration calculations in sawmill/smelter.
- Selecting Save & Exit while sitting by campfire does not reset hit points to 20 anymore.
- Fixes and tweaks to how falling works.
- Enemies cannot start to fight with each other mistakenly anymore.
- Exploding slime does not cause damage to thrower's friends anymore.
- Improved Mutated Hurler's throwing direction prediction.
- Fixed a bug where the player could run backwards after pressing a melee attack button.

Up Next

Next we'll have a very short Easter break, and continue full steam ahead with the next update next week. In the upcoming patch, you'll be continuing your expedition deeper into the jungle east of the Fool's Canyon as shown on the map above.

The next update is expected to be out in two weeks if everything goes well. But, again, do note that these are just estimates: we don't want to push out anything (too) broken etc.

Happy Easter!
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Changelog for Update (added 21 April 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (21 April 2021)
Update 0.6.11 - Serpent's Crossing

Continue your expedition deeper into the heart of the jungle. Uncover some of the island's ancient past. Acquire the Hunting Rifle. Chase the Gas Masks. Welcome to Serpent's Crossing!

So you'll be retracing the steps of Judith Abigail Susan James as she travelled through the jungle decades ago. Maybe you'll find out what happened to her? Did she ever find those eluding Gas Masks? You need to be careful though: the jungle can be a merciless place.

Your journey starts where the previous update ended, near that ring of stone tablets.

Update Highlights

Hunting Rifle

You may remember this weapon from the trailer. Yup, the Hunting Rifle is finally here. (Sorry deer, we postponed it as long as we could.)

We've been going back and forth with the control scheme for firearms like this. This isn't a twin-stick shooter like some of our previous games, so we can't use the same kind of systems. Most of the action is melee-based. We tried a few options, but in the end it didn't seem to make sense to have a completely different control scheme for the rifle, so we decided to use the same controls you're (probably) already familiar after using any of the throwing weapons. Quick press just picks up the gun and fires at the locked target, and long press starts free/manual aiming. Releasing the long press fires the rifle, and moving or dodging will cancel the shot.

We've also got a few other firearms like this planned, but more on those later.

Gas Masks and Toxic Gasses

You may also notice there are more toxic gasses blocking your way elsewhere on the island. And some more may be coming in the later updates to areas you may have already explored. So better gear up! They say masks are important, you know.

Optimizations and Visual Glitch Fixes

This new update should fix those half-baked decals you may have been seeing. You should also not see half-loaded map chunks when you rest at the campfire. You may still see occasional misplaced objects and decals on the island though. You can report those in the newly added Visual Glitch category and we'll fix them for the new versions.

The game should also run smoother with less lagging while streaming the open world content -- especially when you've already destroyed a lot of the environment. We'll continue making these optimizations towards the release.

Change Log

- Access to 'Serpent's Crossing'.
- Level Cap is now 31.
- New craftable: Hunting Rifle (level 31).
- New monster type.
- Audio logs can be relistened in Collection.
- New Skill: Doctor (placeholder skill icon).

- Structures you've built yourself reward less XP when destroyed.
- Killed monsters reward more experience.
- Rebalanced monster loot to be more rewarding.
- Object loot balancing with the aim of reducing some bottlenecks regarding rare materials.
- Slowed down mutated hurler attack by 25%.
- Acid pools have higher damage now making standing in them a bad option.
- Tutorial tweaks.
- Unified loading screen background art character to look more like the in-game model.
- Collection UI tweaks.
- Extensive changes to object damage masks to incorporate the rifle.
- Upgrade Gear screen shows the stats at the maximum upgrade level.

- Smoother font outlines.
- Cold/hot resistance gear quests don't keep triggering protagonist remarks if quests are completed.
- Pause menu memory usage optimizations.
- Allowing installing other Link Tower transmitters even when max ascension level is reached.
- Performance optimizations.
- Upgrade gear screen material flow animation.

Up Next

We're working hard on the next area, which will be the central "city" location. Still not 100% sure if it'll be the very next update or the one after that, but you can expect a new update in 2-3 weeks as usual. You'll be likely unlocking the recipe for the Sledgehammer in that update.

I'd say the island is about 62% complete now. This new area and the next one are a bit more complex, and have taken a bit longer to finish than expected, but luckily a few of the remaining areas contain a bit more more wilderness / desert, so they should be slightly faster to develop.

All-in-all we're a bit behind on the schedule, but really have no other option than to just keep pushing through as fast as we reasonably can. Still working remotely, which is definitely taking its toll, but fortunately we're seeing the light at the end of this COVID-19 tunnel as more and more ppl are getting vaccinated here in Finland. None of us yet though. Hoping to return to the office maybe within four months.

Anyway, I hope you like the update!
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Changelog for Update (added 12 May 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (12 May 2021)
Update 0.7.0 - Urban Decay

The Central City is now open for business! You will be dodging turrets, picniccing at Pioneer's Park, visiting the Town Hall, and figuring out how to power up a train. And ultimately acquiring a Sledgehammer. Goodbye walls!

The city is located to the west of Crown Station, and there are three ways of entry to the new area: two from the north, and one from the south. If one of them proves more difficult than the rest, try another way in!

Update Highlights

New Early Access Roadmap

We've revised our Early Access Roadmap to reflect the updates we've done so far, and the updates that are planned before the full launch. Minor changes may happen, but that's the big picture. You'll find a nicer scrollable version of the chart inside the game in the Change Log screen. You may also notice that the Summer 2021 full launch has turned into ominous 2021/H2, but we're still hoping to launch closer to July than to December. We've also got some Post-Launch stuff planned, but waay too early to talk about that yet.

Welcome to the Mighty Mall!

I'm not sure if it's mandatory to have a mall in a post-apocalyptic ex-human piece of fiction, but we didn't want to take any chances and get the z-police after us. So here you go.

It's not the biggest of the malls, but the customers love it.

Deeper in the city there's also a pub where you can spend some quality time with the fellow patrons. (This is a mockup screenshot though. You are not allowed to stand on tables like that. They'd throw you out if you did.)

XP Level Cap Hike

You can now level up to level 34. That's three levels more than in the previous build. We realised we need to be a bit less prudent with the levels in order to reach the level cap targets we've got planned for the launch version. Instead of our previous plans, we'll probably make it so that you can eventually get all the skills in the skill pool if you level up enough.

So the final cap will be the total amount of skills we'll have. If you want to start a new game and try pick things in a different order, that's fine, but you can also play a looong game where you try and get all the skills at once. This will mean that those XP bonus skills are now worth picking as they don't end up taking one of the finite skill slots.

New Icon

There's a new icon to replace that old red crowbar on a white background which was always meant to be merely a placeholder. You'll be seeing the larger version of that whole box shot in the next update perhaps!

Total Progress

The Collection Total Progress tab now shows your progress towards full completion of the game. Note that the numbers only reflect the current build, so the percentages may change as we add new content. But you can get a feel how much of the Early Access content you've completed at the moment. You can't 100% everything yet.

New Audio System

As those of you playing the beta versions have noticed, we're working on new audio system to replace the old DirectSound based implementation. We're using our XAudio2 sound system that we developed for Xbox One as a base, and adding some new features. We were meaning to include it in this patch, but we not able to fix all the glitches we encountered yet, so we reverted back to the old sound system for now. Hopefully you'll meet the new system in the next update!



- Access to 'Central'.
- Level Cap is now 34. Up by THREE levels!
- Sledgehammer! (Unlockable through area progression.)
- Fancier Early Access Roadmap.
- Showing menu text when you can't save game.
- Some Quests have More Info button in Quest menu.
- Autosaving game when storing materials, accessing Myth Tablets, wells, etc if no enemies are near.
- Collection total progress bars.
- New Builder's Kit Quest for the sawmill (located near the original Sawmill).


- You can't save when notifications that would result in save state changes are showing.
- Lighting performance optimizations.
- Rebalanced all wall tile HP and DMG thresholds.
- Changes to multiple other HP and DMG thresholds of objects.
- Chaser spotting animation is now roughly 20% faster.
- Optimized more compact stage format saves almost 0.5GB of space!
- Performance optimizations.
- Vultures drop eggs if somehow killed.
- Raised Proximity Mine Damage by roughly 20%.
- New UI interaction sounds.
- Increased the amount of material actor stacks that can reside in 10 meter radius from 30 to 150.


- Fixed world map point of interest clicking outside map borders.
- Fixed world map are information not showing before going to Collection screen.
- Showing Quest reward recipes properly.
- Serpent's Crossing doesn't show 1 extra monster in link tower radar.
- Added additional checks to older quests requiring opening of certain doors for the possibility of the doorway being destroyed.
- Object shadow fixes.
- Island map rendering fixes (showing decals).
- Not stealing mouse cursor multitasking out of the game window with camera rotate button held down.
- Sound panning for sounds playing behind the camera.
- Usual open world fixes regarding floating objects, weird decals, etc.

Up Next

If everything goes according to the master plan, the Polaris Express will leave from Platform B in three weeks. You know I'm talking about the next update, right?

The level design is progressing nicely, and as you can see in the Roadmap (above), we're planning on launching TWO new areas in the next update. So it will be a big one. Full steam ahead! Choo choo!
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Changelog for Update (added 03 June 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (03 June 2021)

Update 0.7.1 - Westport Polaris Express

The massive 0.7.1 update is finally here! This one opens up TWO AND ⅓ new areas on the island. You'll be freezing your furry hat off in Polaris, checking the seaworthiness of some boats in Westport, and visiting jails in Central West.

This by far is the single biggest update we've done in terms of area size content.

Update Highlights

There's A LOT of new things inside this latest update, but I'm only going to mention a couple of them. Full change list below. (BTW. if you think we shouldn't be posting so many screenshots of the new content here, please let us know below. We don't want to spoil too much, but it's hard to describe the content without light spoilers.)

Westport Harbor

The west coast harbor is a must-see place to visit. Just don't expect to find any seaworthy boats at this point in time.

Mana Crater

Hopefully this isn't spoiling anything you haven't already guessed, but you should definitely visit the crater and the surrounding installation in Polaris.

Classified photo

New Audio System

New XAudio2 based sound implementation is now in place. As mentioned before, the old DirectSound based stuff is still there as fallback in case you're running some older Windows version. Please send in bug reports of any issues you may have!

New Winter Box Art

It took a while, but the last hand painted loading screen art is finally in place.



- Access to 'Polaris' and western part of 'Central', and 'Westport'.
- Level Cap is now 36. Up by TWO levels!
- New Craftable: Motorcycle Helmet, lvl 32.
- Rice can be found in the western part of the island.
- New XAudio2 based Sound Implementation. Falling back to DirectSound implementation on older systems.
- New Skill: Scavenger.
- New winter loading background image.
- Lighting a campfire autosaves the game if you're not in danger.
- More protagonist reactions.
- Showing Change Log when x.y.z version changes if you have opened the Change Log before.
- Stack trace is logged when the game crashes (contains only the code path, no player information).
- Intro cutscene is now skippable.


- Destroying buildings you've built puts the materials directly back to your storage box (avoids grinding XP this way).
- Eased up the notorious 'puzzle' in Serpent's Crossing.
- Partially rebalanced some wearable stats.
- Slightly increased sledgehammer speed.
- Raised large rock DMG threshold, so they can't be broken with the tools available now. (Sorry!)
- Knockback effect improved.


- Tomb Mana Orb is no longer lost if you Restart Tomb without picking it up after completing the tomb.
- Quest markers no longer shown for quests you've picked up.
- Quest tracking box panel has correct height for multiline goals.
- Fixed sound volumes for some collisions.
- Few clarifications and additional checks to quests "Dirty Money" and "The Last Stand".
- Health bars are not drawn too high anymore.
- Few specific cases of player getting stuck in the game world.
- Usual round of fixes regarding floating objects, terrain glitches, etc.
- Minimap points of interest now colored properly.
- Performance optimizations in areas where there are lots of searchables (like the city).
- Link towers with changed internal PUIDs now show activated in old saves.
- Fleeing animals do not run into the water anymore so easily.
- Player's melee attack now prioritizes turrets over other obstacles.
- Grammar and typos.

Up Next

The area we will be heading next is the southern desert Solaris. Spoiler: it will be hot! You will also be able to finally reach that third fuel cell required for your Escape Pod.

There's also a new bigger feature coming. Many of you have been requesting this. What is it? I'll just leave this one image here and hope you'll crack the puzzle.

But don't get too excited! It may not be what you think!
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Changelog for Update (added 24 June 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (24 June 2021)
Update #14 - The Ark and Solaris

Another big update has arrived at last! You may also notice that it's simply referred as Update #14 instead of the game build version number Those version numbers probably won't mean very much, so I guess the simpler number makes more sense.

This update brings you four bigger things, and gets you one step closer to escaping the island. You know what I'm talking about, right?

Update Highlights


The Solaris desert is now accessible. The locomotive at the Sunburn Desert train station (Q17) has been tweaked, so you can progress further there. You will need to complete the related quest goal first though. I won't spoil much, but remember to visit the gift shop diner at O14. Don't forget your sunscreen!

Image 1
Image 2

The Ark

The fenced off area in Frore is now open. There's a terminal which will open the gate to the inner area. Note that the Ark is optional content and is not required for completing the main quest. The Ark Quest is colossal as you will learn!

Image 3

The Ark is an underground complex. Most of the first level is available at this point, but level 2 is not yet accessible. You'll find those familiar blue dev-work-in-progress barriers there. We'll keep opening the facility towards the full launch.

Local Shared Screen Co-op (BETA)

The feature we teased the last time is indeed co-op as some of you guessed. We had sort of prepared for adding this (development-wise), so we decided to try if everything worked as expected... and surprisingly it did. I'm sure there are still small issues, so we're putting heavy emphasis on BETA. You can play online with your friends (or enemies, just remember to enable friendly fire) using Steam Remote Play or a third party alternative such as Parsec.

The second player can join the team any time. Just click Co-op in the pause menu System tab. Everything should be completable in co-op already, but some tombs may be either a bit easier or way more difficult with two players. Please report any problems you may find and we'll fix things!

Image 4

Mana Rifts

You may notice some strange time bending phenomena on the island. Don't worry about it, just continue progressing the main quest and it will all make sense (hopefully).

Simplified Chinese Test Localizations

We're moving forward with our localization development efforts, and testing the system with probably the hardest language we could think of. Most of the game strings you can find in game are now localized to Simplified Chinese thanks to our Chinese friends at Across Media. Note that these are still test localizations and there will be errors of all sorts.

Full text localization support for other languages will be added when the game is otherwise complete. There will be standard EFIGS and Russian and Turkish localizations at full launch too as promised.

Image 5

Baby Deer!

Over the early access period, we've received one particular feedback over and over again: the deer are too hard to hunt in early game. We're listening. We hear you. We've now added another deer variant that is slower and weaker, so you can catch it more easily. This should help you gather those precious materials you need. You monsters.

Image 6



- Access to 'Solaris'.
- Access to the Ark (first part). Accessible in Frore.
- Added Local Co-op (BETA). Accessible in the Menu 'System' tab.
- Level Cap is now 38. Up by TWO levels!
- Added possibility to bind keys to rotate camera left and right.
- A new deer variant.
- New material: Mana Chunk which can be refined from Mana Beads using Smelter.
- Added Simplified Chinese localizations for testing.
- Sound effects here and there.
- Mana Rifts.
- Added new fishing spots to numerous spots around the world as some areas were lacking in fish feet.


- Smelter is now a heat source when activated.
- Idle animation tweaks.
- Clarification interaction for the Central train if the player does not possess the TPU.
- Made some steps in "A Way Forward" quest more implicit.
- Minor text and grammar fixes.
- Nerfed farmable plant growth time and the random range that governs the amount produced by a single harvest. Most of the plants have lower initial seed costs, though. This is to encourage tilling more farm plots.
- Boosted select trinket effects to make them more viable.
- Made the number of uses for knives, shiv trio, grenade and lure smaller.
- Raised proximity mine damage.
- Gave Shiv trio a slightly weaker version of the same damage modifier that throwing knives has.
- Tweaked reward probabilities for most of the fishing spots.
- World map renderer optimizations and new visuals.


- Projectile damage (throwing knives, monster slimes, etc caused excessive damage).
- CTD fixes.
- Usual open world visual glitch & terrain fixes.
- Fixed Co-op crashes when fast travelling, entering tombs, and reloading save in certain conditions.
- Main quest getting stuck at the evac site if you were too fast.

Up Next

One rather immediate next step for the dev team will be the traditional Finnish Summer Vacation, which will pretty much last for the whole July. We'll try and recharge for the last push towards the full launch later this year. Note that we will not likely be answering your questions on Discord during this vacation. We'll head back to the office in early August. (Also literally hoping to return to the office physically, as COVID-19 situation is getting pretty good here in Finland. But we'll evaluate this again in August.)

I also have to mention something. Thank you for all the kind encouraging words and the positive Steam reviews you've sent our way. Game dev (like many other jobs) can be tough, especially during this COVID thing, so getting positive feedback really means a lot.

Image 7

Overall, the game dev is still progressing nicely. We've got the next (a bit colder) part of the map about 80% complete already, so it should be out maybe in halfway August or so. All in all, we're still behind the schedule, but we're still hoping to wrap up the main island area in September, which could put the full launch mark around October or so. And we know: that's almost 12 months in early access. Our initial estimate was 6 months max. But the bright side is that the game is definitely bigger and better than some of our early roadmaps predicted.

Have a great summer everyone!
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Changelog for Update (added 21 August 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (21 August 2021)
Update #15: Frost Horn Undercrown

After a long(ish) and refreshing summer vacation, we're back with another major update! This one unlocks two new areas in the game: Frost Horn and Undercrown. There's also a new Animal Friend Skill, and lots of smaller fixes and tweaks.

About Localizations

Before we get to the update highlights, a few words about localizations. Full localizations will be coming before the full launch, which will take place later this year. (The estimated launch time frame is late October / November at this point, but we'll know better after the next update).

The current game version has Simplified Chinese localizations, which we're using to test that things work properly. However, you may see some English in the Chinese version after this patch as we're still waiting to get new strings translated. To speed up the launch of this update, we decided to launch this update as is. If you want to play the more complete translation, wait another week or switch back to the 'previous_default' branch. I know this is not optimal, but I think it's the best compromise we can make at this point.

Update Highlights

Frost Horn

Frost Horn is now accessible. Trying to keep this more spoiler free this time.

You'll be visiting a dam and wondering what's at the bottom of that artificial lake. Maybe there's a way to get to the bottom of it?

Image 1
Image 2


After progressing enough in your Main Quest, you'll be granted the access to the Undercrown - the last fortress and shelter of the good people of the island.

Note: the underground map is HUGE, but you won't be exploring all of it. We may expand it later, but currently we're mostly only focusing on the parts that lead you to the Crown Station.

Image 3


We've finally added Steam & GOG Achievements! Each of those should be hopefully attainable with your current save states. Some of them, like the Gatekeeper, which is unlocked when you beat the first miniboss, can be unlocked by just walking near the position where you originally killed the monsters. Same for the bigger bosses. Anything that requires doing thing X certain number of times should unlock after you do it one more time, even if you already have the required amount for that. I hope that made sense. You will probably also notice bunch of them unlocking automatically when start the game after the update.

Obviously some of the achievements such as the one above are not yet attainable for you guys. There are still a few more campfires and link towers you can't reach with the latest version.

Animal Friend

You can now befriend the animals running around in the wilderness with the new skill Animal Friend. Each skill level makes the animals less and less afraid of you, and also unlocks some new interaction features.

Skill level I allows you to craft Animal Treats item and feed the animals. Once fed, they'll start following you like bunch of creeps. Expand your selection of Animal Treats, and you'll be able to lead a whole flock of animals where ever you fancy. (Although, alas, the animals (not affected by Mana) are still being respawned when you rest at the campfire or die. There may be a solution coming for this later.)

Image 4

So you remember that baby deer? With Animal Friend skill level II you can also pet it like a boss, and go awww all day long. There's even a heart symbol shown. If the animal is injured, petting also heals it.

Image 5

But don't worry. You can also continue murdering the animals senselessly and feast on their flesh. Your call.

While we're planning on keeping this feature pretty simple, we're likely to expand this in the upcoming patches. So do let us know your thoughts on this!

Local Shared Screen Co-op Tweaks

To be honest, we expected all sorts of problems with the co-op as the whole feature was added in a bit of a hurry, but there were surprisingly few issues with it. We've fixed most of the issues people have reported (thanks!), and we're almost ready to take off that additional Beta text from the feature. Almost.

So everything should a bit more fluent and foolproof now. For example, both players can now use mouse+wasd controls as long as the other player is using gamepad.

Linux Support Through Proton

The game is not officially available on Linux, but we've heard it works pretty well using Proton. Or it did before the last patch broke it, but it should be fixed now. Can't make any guarantees about the performance, but let us know if there are any crashes and we'll hopefully check it out. We're also planning on doing a native Linux version at some point.



- Access to 'Frost Horn'.
- Access to 'Undercrown'.
- Level Cap is now 42. Up by FOUR levels!
- You can now install the fourth fuel cell to the Escape Pod.
- Added Achievements.
- Added Animal Friend skill levels I (feeding) and II (petting).
- Added Animal Treats item for taming animals. (Placeholder art)
- Added Sleeping Bag upgrade levels for sleeping longer and better.
- Added medals for farming, building, and animals tamed.
- Added water sound effects for rivers, waterfalls and coasts.
- Second co-op player can now join using keyboard+mouse. (The first player uses a gamepad in this case.)
- Bug reporter text editor word wrap.
- All map filters can be toggled by pressing space or gamepad Y.
- New 2D art for all fish types.


- Sleeping rested bonus effects depend on sleeping bag upgrade level and hours slept.
- You can level up with experience you get by storing materials
- Readable objects are now indestructible until after you have read them, so you don't miss anything by wildly swinging around.
- Memory usage optimizations.


- Chromatic aberration effect doesn't stay on when you die during it.
- CTD fixes.
- Memory Leak Fixes
- Usual open world visual glitch & terrain fixes.
- Tomb Guard positions are properly reset in Solaris Tomb.
- All stage ground is generated before showing the first frame.
- Grammar fixes.
- Fixes to numerous sound effects.
- Fixed Ark doors being shut if left the Ark or game before they got opened.
- Fixed D3D11 renderer Linux proton support.
- Some quest objectives are now more implicit and clear.
- Fixed losing inventory (including Fuel Cells) in co-op. If you got stuck because of this, just finish all the bosses and go to the Escape Pod and the main quest will continue.
- Cold and heat buildups now work correctly with coop.

Up Next

This is both scary and exciting, but we're actually seeing the end of the road here -- for version 1.0.0 that is. There's probably only one more huge content update, which will add the remaining areas (including the Crown Station, shelters, etc) and features (like building turrets). After that, a couple of smaller updates with balancing, minor content, proper voice overs, and the localizations. We're not yet sure what will happen post-launch, but in any case, we'll be doing some updates after the 1.0.0.

Image 6

Against our hopes, we're still working semi-remotely as COVID-19 took a slightly bad turn here in Finland. But well over half of us have already gotten two shots, and the situation is getting better, so we're hoping to fully return to the office in September. This is the last stretch in any case, but then again the game is almost finished as well, so maybe this won't have that big a positive effect on the schedule at this point.

Anyway, exciting times ahead! The next update will be massive as it should contain all the content we're still missing from the game. You can expect it to be available in some time September.
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Changelog for Update (added 06 October 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (06 October 2021)

Update #16: Crown Station

Well this one took a bit longer than we expected. I guess we were a bit optimistic about the amount of content planned for this update. But we're finally here! We did decide to leave a couple of things for the next update, so contrary to our original plan, this one doesn't contain all the planned content yet.

Without spoiling too much, this update includes three major areas (Crown Station, Vulcan Island, and the Pyramid Tomb), EIGHT shelters (each an unique underground level), building turrets and defenses for tower-defense-like mini game (enables entering those shelters), and lots of other tweaks and additions.

About Localizations (Part Two)

We're moving forward with the localizations. Almost all reference strings are in place, and we're getting ready to order localizations for selected languages. The current game build contains work-in-progress localizations for Simplified Chinese and Russian.

The full set of Official localizations available at release include: English, Simplified Chinese, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Turkish. The voiceovers will be in English only.

The bigger news is that we will also be opening up the Steam Workshop for localizations! We know we are not able to "officially" translate the game to all the languages you are requesting, but we can enable the community modding tools to add any language imaginable. This will happen some time before the release (hopefully). Looking forward to playing the game in Klingon and not understanding a word!

Update Highlights

Crown Station

You can now enter the Crown Station area via the elevator in Undercrown. You'll be finding out about the K23 radio station, listening to audio logs, and... progressing your Main Quest. (The ending is not included in this build yet, so you'll just encounter those familiar blue barriers at some point.)

Vulcan Island

The mysterious sea area beyond the west coast is now also accessible. Spoiler on how to gain access to it: Read all the Myth Tablets on the island and you'll see a short cutscene for a clue where to go next...

Pyramid Tomb

You can now enter the Pyramid Tomb after you've completed all the Tombs on the island. You'll find tons of useful, a new weapon recipe, and the sarcophagus of the king.

All photography inside the Pyramid Tomb is strictly forbidden, so no screenshot for this, sorry.

Shelter Defense

You may have wondered what's inside those shelters on the island. You'll be able to open those hatches in this update. Unfortunately you won't be making new human survivor friends.

Build defenses to stop the horde of monsters, and the shelter is ready for entering. You may be surprised what you find there occasionally.

New Skills

A couple of new Skills added this time.

There's a new Turret Specialist Skill related to turret handling. Note that you'll also be able to make new inventions that will unlock other turret type and increase the ammo capacity.

The Animal Friend now has a third skill level. It makes the animals you've tamed fight by your side in combat. Unleash the Combat Bambi! We'll have to see how much tuning this feature still needs though.



- Access to 'Crown Station'. (THE ENDING NOT INCLUDED YET)
- Access to 'Vulcan Island'.
- Access to 'The Pyramid Tomb'. Requires completing all the tombs. NOTE: Revisit them if the stones don't lit up properly.
- Shelters defence now accessible!
- Shelters accessible after fighting the horde.
- New enemy type (dweller/horde).
- Added buildable Turrets.
- New material: Central Processing Unit (only findable for now)
- Level Cap is now 50. Up by EIGHT levels!
- Ark Level 1 fully accessible. (Level 2 coming later.)
- New craftables (Hard Hat, Material Transporter, turret related inventions)
- Added Turret Specialist Skill.
- Added Animal Friend skill level III (animals fight by your side).
- Added Russian localization for testing.
- Added more sound effects for different situation and actions.
- Loud weapons (eg. grenades, rifle), now produce a sound which attracts enemies.
- Main menu bg animations.
- Showing new invention notifications when leveling up.
- Home shelter Point of Interest set completed when going near it. (You may or may nor be able to enter it later, but not for now.)
- Voiceovers for the archaeologist Abby.


- Updated Chinese localization.
- Rebalanced Ark XP rewards.
- Tomb sarcophagi remain open after looted.
- Changed sfx falloff for certain sounds.
- Tweaks to complex collider generation.
- Performance improvements.
- "It" spins indefinitely now.
- Reworked some quests so it is more clear for the player "what to do" and "where to do it".
- All deer kills accumulate into one card now instead of one per type: male, female etc.


- Buildables are properly persistent in Undercrown.
- Wolf and deer move animation fixes.
- Usual open world visual glitch & terrain fixes.
- CTD fix.
- Fixed some faulty soundscapes where wrong ambience was playing.
- Audio level adjustments.
- Player making a dodge roll after a power attack in some instances.
- Fixed undiggable spots in Undercrown.
- Fixes to some achievements not triggering.
- Fixed some collision issues with cylindrical objects.
- Fixed Open the Floodgates intro where people were getting stuck.
- Fixed crosshair misalignment when using hoe.
- Receiving temperature based damage while fishing does not cause animation oddities any more.
- Monster lure doesn't break from fall damage.
- Performance improvements.
- Fixed monsters trying to walk through obstacles while wandering.
- Sound (XAudio2) related crash fix.
- Fixed a Coop issue where it was possible to install more fuel cells than players had.
- Dead actors now fall under the water.
- Added some missing animations to few existing actors.
- Fixed some cases where waterfalls and other particle effects would not render correctly.

Up Next

This update contains almost
all the level content we're planning on including for the Launch Version. The Ark Level 2 and some small parts of Crown Station are coming in the next Update #17, which will hopefully not take as long as this one did. In addition to that we'll be also activating those Obelisks, adding one or two new monster types, and any missing or forgotten feature we've got time for. And of course balancing, polishing, fixing bugs, and optimizing.

The one after the next one (Update #18) will contain all the localizations and voiceovers (English only), but very little new stuff as we're trying to keep the build as stable as possible for the big launch. We'll also have our hands full with other launch related tasks.

But what happens after the launch?

The game is doing pretty well at the moment, and people are liking it, so if the launch goes well, we'll also be doing Post-Launch content updates for this game. I'm not 100% promising anything as it does depend on how well the game performs, but if all goes well, that's something you can expect.

And finally, I can't say this enough: thank you for all the bug reports, nice reviews, encouraging words, and everything! It's been a long ride (especially in the midst of COVID), so all positive feedback from you guys has definitely helped to get through this! We're finally seeing the light at the end of this tunnel!
Source: Steam
Changelog for Update (added 05 November 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (05 November 2021)

Update #17: The End is Nigh

We're getting closer to the 1.0 release and leaving Early Access. The game finally has an ending, so you should now be able to finish the story and 100% of other goals you can find in the Collection. We're almost ready to launch!

Note that this doesn't mean we'll stop developing the game at the 1.0 version! We've still got plenty of things we want to add to the game after the launch. But more about that later!

Update Highlights

The Ending

You'll be able to complete the game and see the end credits scrolling. After that, for convenience, you can get back to the game and continue completing your side quests, points of interest, etc. So keep calm and march forward to the end!

The final story titbits are also revealed, but I'm guessing some of you have already pieced most of the clues together. Some of the things are still left unknown, but we're hoping to add some more details about the events and things like The Ivory Man in the upcoming updates.


This new update adds in German and Turkish, but, again, the full list of upcoming localizations is as follows:

- English
- Simplified Chinese
- Russian
- German
- French
- Spanish (Spain)
- Japanese
- Korean
- Turkish
- Portuguese (Brazil)

There are still some string shown in English, but the next update after this one should include all the remaining localizations for all languages. We'll probably keep tuning the localizations after the 1.0 release too, as going through everything takes time and we're not likely to catch all the problems right away.


There's a new monster type in town! It'll jump at you! This should provide a bit more variation to the combat. We'll be making some more balancing and AI tweaking changes in the next patch as well.


The voiceovers (by real human actors) are now in. Note that the voice on the radio is supposed to be synthetic.


Those mystical obelisks are now accessible and completable as Points of Interest. There's also a new quest related to them. It should start automatically when you go near one of the Obelisks.


There are lots of smaller changes this time. Many limitations such as the XP Level Cap have been removed. We've also temporarily hidden some of the locked stuff (like those buildable ??? categories) that isn't yet ready for release. Most of that stuff will be added back in later when we've got time to properly polish them.

For full list of things see below.


- Access to the Ending at Crown Station.
- Access to the Obelisks.
- New enemy type Leaper.
- Level Cap is now practically removed (set at 300). Note that Skills will run out at some point (total 72 Skills in this version).
- Added one more Link Tower Ascension Level.
- Ark Level 2 accessible.
- Map shows POI levels (for example Link Tower ascension level).
- More sfx for certain interactions.
- New power attack gfx and sfx.
- New katana animation and sfx.
- New fish type - Zany Zander. Tied to fishing spot change below.
- New craftables (Sickle, Power Fist, Khopesh, Soldier Helmet, Soldier Uniform).
- Shadow detail levels.
- Turrets you've built are now shown on map.
- Obelisks, Tombs, Shelter, and Entryways show more info when clicked on the map.
- Myth Tablet voiceovers.
- Added Intro, Outro voiceovers.
- Added Crown Station audio log voiceovers.
- Saving user selected language setting.
- New quests to introduce the obelisks and the mana rifts.
- Loading save properly when clicking Play in MainMenu.
- Showing mini map arrow towards last player death position.
- Added German and Turkish localizations (work in progress like the others).
- Drawbridges are now Points of Interests too.
- Gamepad vibration support.


- Updated Chinese and Russian localizations.
- Ex humans are able to spot the player through windows now.
- Rebalanced all fishing spots, including "normal" water. Gist of it is that player is able to get all fish types from normal water with very low percentages, while fishing spots themselves are more specialised and more rewarding.
- Weapon attack animation speeds and ranges changed.
- Weapon damage ranges and modifier types have been changed across the board.
- Weapon and secondary weapon modifiers will now be unlocked and enhanced via upgrades. This is in addition to damage.
- Raised proximity mine damage (48 -> 96 ) and halved the triggering time once enemy is within radius.
- Raised throwing knife and triple throwing knife base damage (20->33) and reworked modifiers. Should scale better.
- Some tombs were remade while others have been rebalanced.
- Optimized lighting shaders.
- Reworked invention tree flow and at which levels things unlock.
- Lowered initial backstab crit multiplier (2.0 -> 1.5) with the idea that it grows better over time instead of being too good right away.
- Lowered MG turret cost and buffed rocket turret turn speed, range and projectile splash.
- Progress percentages don't round to 100% unless you've got everything completed.
- Hid the missing buildable categories for now (will be added back later).
- Mana rifts now show up as "?" before completing associated quest.
- Material refining amounts and times changed and smelter & sawmill build costs reduced. This should encourage the player to build them wide to raise production.
- Farming yields , crop growth times and amounts of material needed to plant nerfed. Farming was still too good, where the player would gain absolutely huge amounts of food materials within few hours in the game.
- Last trinket and secondary slots are now able to be opened.


- Wishing Wells requests now limited by your max carry capacity. (Only for new requests.)
- Performance improvements.
- Some medals were uncompletable, while others were off by certain amount.
- Horde enemies do not twitch anymore while moving.
- Scroll speed with gamepad in maps is now consistent and does not depend on the map size.
- It is now easier to throw consecutive grenades especially when time has been slowed down.
- Fixes to actor 3D meshes and certain colliders.
- Tomb Guard damage was bugged and too high.
- Player can't dig through walls anymore.
- Fixed pyramid myth voiceovers.
- UI tweaks.

Up Next

We're almost ready to announce our Launch Date! The next update (#18) will be mostly about fixing and tweaking stuff. And trying not to break anything.

Even though the End is Nigh, there will be life after the end. We've got plans for both FREE update content and even some DLCs. There are features we still feel we need to expand a bit. We'll get to the specifics later, but for one the building aspect of the game definitely needs more stuff. We've also got (secret) plans for expanding the Undercrown. Aaand we want to deepen the game story, and ....

So I guess DYSMANTLE development isn't over any time soon :D
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Changelog for Update (added 02 December 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (02 December 2021)
Update #20: Hot Fixes!

First of all: thank you everyone for the successful DYSMANTLE full launch! If you're reading this, you probably had something to do with it! Yay!

The transition from Early Access to Full Version went better than we anticipated. Nothing blew up! (Unless you ask macOS users who had some terrible crash issues for a couple of days, but all that is fixed now. Apologies.) The game is selling pretty well, which is a nice bonus for a small indie studio like us. It also means that it makes sense for us to continue developing the game longer. It's good for everyone!

So, the first hot fix update is here. This one is pretty straightforward reaction to all the feedback and bug reports you have sent. Keep those coming! There are also a couple of smaller new things such as the options icons, but mostly this is about fixing stuff like localizations, quest phases, and audio issues.

This is the Update #20 with build number 1.0.1.x. Wonder what happened to Updates #18 and #19? They didn't have a fancy Steam announcement like this, but #18 was the Release Candidate version and #19 the Launch Version 1.0.0. So we aren't as bad at counting as people are saying. We're just bad at spelling our game names properly. But that's fyne.

Anyway, without further stalling, here's the change log...



- Option screen tab icons.
- More resolutions visible in resolution selector (Windows and macOS).


- UI tweaks.
- Both players now sleep when sleeping at the campfire.
- Changes to numerous object parameters, such as hp, dmg threshold and drops.
- Buffed katana "DMG to monsters" parameter.
- Initial Bandage invent cost raised a bit.
- Increased Lumberjack damage vs trees.
- Removed main quest Crown phase where you needed to visit the Collapsed Road to continue.
- Changed Crown Station Tomb puzzle to a simpler one.
- Slight Tomb Guard damage reduction.
- Adjusted the 'Displaced' quest.
- Stage sounds are suppressed while playing myth tablets.


- Localizations (still some strings waiting for translation).
- Audio crash (macOS).
- Fixed material magnet and retweaked modifier.
- Numerous open world fixes to graphical glitches.
- Slight optimisation to open world.
- The quest "Displaced" now only rewards xp upon completion.
- The main quest now correctly progresses to the "link relay" phase after scanning for relays.
- Monsters are able to traverse through opened drawbridges now.
- Power attack effects should not appear anymore during normal attacks.
- Player can now press the run button down while exiting the camp fire screen.
- Fixed saving game for Windows user names with special characters.
- Audio system falls back from XAudio2 to DirectSound if early initializations fail.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused wandering enemies to get stuck on obstacles.
- "Archaeological Expedition" quest phase fixes if the player has skipped portions of it by mistake.
- Releasing a combined running/dodge button while running and changing weapon at the same time does not start dodge rolling anymore.
- Potential fix for a bug where player's falling animation keeps playing forever.
- Material slots cannot hold negative amounts anymore.

Up Next

We're working on three DYSMANTLE related things at the moment: 1) fixing stuff, 2) creating new content, and 2) bringing the game to other platforms. We're optimizing our engine for some of the performantionally (it's a word) challenged platforms, and all that will eventually benefit Steam users as well.

All this will keep us busy for at least the rest of 2021, so you can start expecting new stuff in 2022 Q1. We'll likely release more of these minor patches before that though. We're hoping to add Italian localizations before Xmas too.

Hot DYSMANTLING everyone!
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Changelog for Update (added 14 January 2022)

Galaxy updated (14 January 2022, Windows & Mac)
Offline Installer updated (14 January 2022, Mac)

Update #21: Italian Update

After hanging around in beta for quite some time, the Italian localization is now available for everyone!

(Also not sure if I should to apologize for (deliciously) reducing Italian to. But forget Michelangelo, Galileo, Leonardo, and folks -- pizza is where it's at! Especially #teampineapple.)

Anyway, this patch is a smaller maintenance & fix patch with the usual bunch of improvement and tweaks. The performance (as in frames per second) should be up to 30% better as we've been optimizing the game and the engine for lower-end hardware. For other changes, see the full change list below.



- Italian localizations.
- Performance optimizations.
- Option for player indicator circles to tell co-op players apart more easily.
- Green dot indicator for gear you can afford to upgrade.


- UI tweaks.
- Allowing using larger windowed resolutions but hiding the window title bar and using thinner frames in those cases.
- Decal tweaks and sharper sources graphics.
- Player no longer receiving damage during cutscenes (prevents you from dying to poison puddle while you can't move).
- Launchpad tunnel doors are now always open if the player has finished the game.


- Localization fixes.
- Player death position set properly for both of the players (using position for whoever dies the last).
- Acquiring map happens right after you leave the first link tower even if there are notifications queued.
- Showing built structures like turrets in the map before loading the actor type assets.
- Fixed quest items in "Hot Head" not returning to destructible when they should.
- Walking animation does not get stuck anymore during "Warm up the engine" main quest phase.
- Saving now works correctly when exiting the game while sitting on the campfire.
- Clicking special tool icon now correctly changes the special tool instead of the primary weapon.
- Mouse and gamepad controls now use the same minimum and maximum camera tilt values.
- Usual open world fixes to visual glitches and some objects.

Up Next

We're still working on releasing the game on pretty much all the meaningful platforms out there. The new content will be available after everyone gets the 1.0 version, so it may still take some time. The estimate for the first content update is still Q1 (this year).

We may or may not release another fix update before that. Basically it depends on if we're able to fix enough of those smaller things you've reported. There are lots of minor bug reports waiting, but we simply don't have the resources to fix every single one of them. For example we know that if you enter a tomb with all the slots filled with materials you can't drop (such as fuel cells or mana stuff), you're not able to pick up the tomb reward nor leave the tomb. You're stuck, so you have no choice than to restart the tomb, go and store your materials, and do the tomb again. Ideally there'd be a more elegant solution to this, but as this doesn't get you permanently stuck, it's fine for now.

Happy new year and buon appetito!
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Changelog for Update (added 07 March 2022)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (07 March 2022)
Update (7 March 2022)


- Added Survivor's Log screen with texts you've encountered during this game session.
- Quick Swap Active Items menu (Hold down item swap button).
- Performance optimizations.
- Camera distance slider.
- Caribou can be tamed.


- UI tweaks.
- Wood pile drops more wood.
- Storage Box Upgrade available sooner (level 8 after crafting the Sleeping Bag).
- Builder's Kit requires Fabric instead of Iron.
- Breaking foliage, tableware or farmables don't cause freeze frame effect.
- Allowing using gamepad DPAD for navigating CarriedMaterials screen.
- Smelters and Sawmill can now use carried materials.
- Lowered smelter & sawmill build costs, to further encourage building multiples of them.
- Lowered amounts needed to refine most materials, but increased the time to complete.
- Roughly doubled the amount of "fuel" provided by refining building fuel sources.
- New HP and Level icons.
- Red-blue color blind friendly player colors in color blind mode.
- Increased map cursor speed and tweaked its sensitivity when using a gamepad.


- Localization fixes.
- Crash related to loading new areas.
- In case player did not get a fuel cell drop from killing the bosses, installing fuel cells should still be possible if bosses are dead.
- Fixed an issue with the "Volcanic Trail" quest where the player did not light up the campfire at Vulcan.
- Usual open world glitch and issue fixes.
- Changed the tomb "Shining passageway" a bit so the player can't get stuck.
- Added POI markings to a couple of quests that were missing them.
- Fixed Smelter and Sawmill HUD font scale and icon colors.
- Campfire menu Inventory button opens the inventory for the correct co-op player.
- Crash when loading a save with too many times fished (over 6k fishes).
- Fixed a sequence skip in "Last Stand".
- Fixed fishing in certain spots.
- Aiming now stops correctly, when the player changes equipped tool.
- Improvements to "run toggle".
- Material slots no longer overlap with the map.
- Hiding fabricator recipes in Invent screen.
- UI scale fixes.
- Showing unlocked recipes properly in collection (doesn't happen automatically for old saves).
- Throwables now hit targets more reliably.
- Destroyed wall caps do not block melee attack anymore.
- Camera z near/far fixes.