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Changelog for Update (added 17 May 2022)

Galaxy updated (17 May 2022, Mac | 18 May 2022, Windows)
Offline Installer updated (17 May 2022, Mac | 18 May 2022, Windows)
Update (May 17th, 2022)


- "Dentured Fangs" and "Berserker Charm" can be upgraded. They were also rebalanced.
- New spit attack pattern for the "Puker".
- Traditional Chinese localizations.
- Performance improvements.


- UI tweaks (mostly for touch interfaces).
- Text size tweaks.
- Language menu sorts languages by language code (always shows reference language first).
- Language menu sets cursor focus over current language.
- Buffed the "Leaper" enemy damage on all attacks a bit as the enemy was underperforming compared to specs.
- Buffed trinket effects for "Shock Absorber" and "Rabbit's Foot".
- Plant beds can now be destroyed with a shovel.
- The survivor now respawns at the home shelter if he dies consecutively three times in a very short period of time.
- The collection now shows zero for materials that the player does not carry or have in the storage.
- It is now possible to walk through a dead co-op player.
- Invention notification now makes a sound.
- Hunting rifle now has modifiers for all upg levels (conceptually a high crit dmg & chance weapon).
- Added fishing xp buff modifier to "Tackle" an fixed some faulty modifiers.
- Invent screen has less empty space around the grid.
- Faster material pick up (more materials picked up at once).
- Russian now uses the sama font as other languages.


- Quest text locations show up properly in all stages.
- Not possible to destroy "Fortress" entrance doors through the main gate any more.
- Localisation fixes.
- Fixed an issue with the "Ark" level 2 door not opening when it should.
- "Riot Shield" HP now shown correctly after quick swap.
- Materials do not disappear anymore when starting a co-op game when saving is not possible.
- "Arcade is dead" cabinet can now be searched only once.
- Fixes to faulty positioning of co-op player spawns.
- Usual open world glitch & actor fixes.
- Campfire achievements now uses the correct amount of campfires.
- Radio achievement now takes into account radios in shelters.
- Fixed discrepancies between some texts and voiceovers not matching.
- Fixed slider value changing with gamepads and keyboard.
- Fixed Crowbar missing most of its upgrade effects.
- Timed crate gold medal had wrong amount of crates found required (51, is now 52).
- Fixed main quest getting stuck by not acknowledging all the found fuel cells.