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Performance improvements
Added reset button for campaign progress
Enemy units can now be selected to see their names, descriptions and stats
Changed font type and font handling for readability and performance
Improved automatic work unit selection for research
Free Chaos Forge/Hell Forge researches now save their progress when interrupted
Cast mode now remains active when casting spells while holding down shift key, similar to building traps/doors/work units with shift key
It is no longer possible to "dismiss" a health potion or medal
Minor controller improvements
Singleplayer games will now be paused if the player opens the steam overlay
It is no longer possible to control the paused game and game menus while the steam overlay is opened
Added new sounds
Corrected some sounds
Added a "Play" button next to owned DLC that allows jumping to skirmish/campaign menus directly to start playing the new content for clarification of the DLC sub-menu
New grayscale effect for some deactivated GUI to make their state clearer
Dependency errors are now being shown in tooltip while research is in progress
Unit list UI at top of screen now lets you select and multiselect units via the portraits with Shift/Ctrl-LMB
Multiselection now has tooltips
Shift/Ctrl-LMB-selecting unit groups now works in all RTS places in the game
Area traps like the thrasher can no longer be built next to a room
Chat log is now limited to 100 lines
Chaotic / Absolute / Ultimate Evil now has a minimap icon
Rework of mission goal display
Build exactly the room tiles that are displayed as buildable in case insufficient gold for the whole room is available
Improved error message when not enough gold is available to build even 1 room tile
Game now shows a unit as having 1 HP when it's actual HP would be rounded down to 0
Armor is shown as precise number with one digit after comma
Unit details tab now shows real speed, not base speed of unit
Research is now disabled but visible if only requirement is not met
Maximum unit level is at 11 and is shown as yellow number instead of white
Units without level information are by default displayed as maxed out (NPCs like Barthas, ...)
New icon for room upgrade submenu
Evil hand now can hold no more than one special item (medals, health potions) at a time
Introduced minimap icon for spider spawner
It is no longer possible to zoom with the mousewheel while using the unit pickup UI
Multiplayer map "Ultimate Carnage": Added granite behind all portals
Reworked various visual objects for performance and improved looks (particle effects, vegetation, etc.)
Sent Halloween invitations to elven ranger, pikeman and crossbowman. They'll bring their costumes!


Changed conversion rate of demon "gold to mana" spell
Bards now switch to a better trap if they find one while deactivating another trap


Fixed a bug that lead to players being stuck in loading screen when switching back to main menu
Fixed a bug that could freeze the game when opening and closing singleplayer campaign screen very rapidly
Fixed stat-based steam achievements sometimes being unlocked incorrectly
Fixed floating numbers sometimes being shown incorrectly
Fixed a problem with fog of war being uncovered due to switching resolutions
Players may now drag monsterst with more than 1 HP onto healing stations
Servants now have a post-teleport buff that lets dem ignore combat as they were sometimes stuck in combat after teleport
Map "Hatchlings": Fixed broken lava sound
Map "The Oasis": Fixed alliance units bringing spiders along to combat
Fixed wall of ice sometimes being shown as pink
Map "The Mountain Pass": Fixed minor graphic inconsistencies
Map "Smog!": Fixed a group of 3 drakes in the sothernmost secret room not acting as a group
Map "Hatchlings": Fixed a bug with the spider room walls
Fixed damage numbers sometimes stacking indefinitely
Fixed enemy unit's weapons sometimes being visible through fog of war in multiplayer
Fixed various graphical glitches with floors and walls
Fixed particle rendering glitches
Fixed decoration clipping in the throne room
Fixed some problems with destructable objects
Fixed transparency issues with mission goal icons
Units are no longer able to shoot through doors (not working for older savegames)
Fixed a bug that resulted in units being stuck to the hand of terror
Units can no longer be selected through fog of war
Fixed several cases in which the AI would not recover from an error (units being stuck in place, etc.)
Reworked digged mana crystal default representation
GUI of guard room now works correctly
Fixed a problem when hand of terror pickups something already gone in multiplayer
Fixed wrong activity icon being displayed when switching arena puppet targets while unit is working
Job information for units not currently working is now being hidden
Fixed a potential blocker on map "In the swamplands" due to the crystal chamber
Fixed highlights around weapons
Guarding monster now work correctly with savegames
Fixed a problem with doors staying open
Fixed a problem with gimmick holograms floating in some cases in build mode
Fixed a problem with displaying tooltips during multiselection
Units will no longer follow destroyed entities
Taunt effect now stops when the target dies
Fixed a problem that confused certain spells during cast (e.g. if the player selected meteor and then selected fireball with the cast cursor activated, he would still cast meteor)
Fixed dead units rotating in place
Fixed invisibility shader
Fixed some areas between UI elements not to be treated as UI space
Fixed an experimental fullscreen error
Fixed problems when saving a game while capturing an area in skirmish and multiplayer maps
Fixed error message if skill target is not reachable
Fixed various problems with character physics simulation in combination with teleportation, death, dragging, slapping
Fixed save game names not fitting into the designated text box

Patch (added 29th October 2015):
Free "A Clash of Pumpkins" DLC:

Three Halloween motto battle cards: "Island of Horror", "Ghost Forest", and "Killer Penguins!"
Hero costume variants for the Halloween cards:
"Pikemen" are dressed up as "Soldiers"
"Elven Archers" are dressed up as "Elven Magi"
"Dwarven Warriors" are dressed up as "Cannon Dwarves"
"Penguins" are dressed up as "Snowball-Throwing Penguins", "Batting Penguins", "Kamikaze Penguins", and as a "Penguin King"
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Patch (added 29th October 2015) (Part Deux):

Improvements in "A Game of Winter":

Nosferatu and Grimlin now perform their duties in the graveyard
Greater space efficiency in the graveyard now has a positive instead of a negative influence on resurrection times
Resurrection times in graveyard are now shorter
Researching "Drink Blood" for leeches had no effect
The "Gruesome Bear" fear skill visual FX for were broken
Leeches were not counted in the population overview
Damaged creatures without a need for a Final Resting Place defiled all available resting places by mistake
Clay pots will now no longer appear outside the player dungeon when skeletons are teleported using the "The Undead Are Here!" spell when carrying them.
Minor text errors corrected: "Strong Leeches" and "Insidious Leeches" research options did not show the research level; description of "Final Resting Place" suggested that each creature would build its own resting place
Special SSAO flickering effect for ice surfaces has now been reduced
Visual FX of the right Undead throne room treasure chamber did not work for certain fill levels
"The North Forgets": Floor areas now cave in
"The North Forgets": The area that can be walked into at gold mine entrance has now been corrected
"The North Forgets": A decorative guard has now been removed to give Barthas slightly more space to work
"The Fall of the Wall": Floor areas now cave in
"The Fall of the Wall": Entrance area of the gold mine now adjusted in order to improve the chaos when a large number of units enter
"Death Becomes You": Dragon Lizards placed in pre-existing spawner building
"Don't Let Go!": Worker troop interval will now never fall below eight minutes
"Splashing in the Fountain of Youth": Visual FX of an Ent skill was broken
"Splashing in the Fountain of Youth": Spiders and Dragon Lizards now attack the throne room when they are attacked
"Summiteers": Overlapping of palisade wall with cliff has now been corrected
"Summiteers": Dialogs in closing sequence after defeat can now be heard properly
"The Ultimate Evil": Meltysand is now asked not to leave the ritual site during the ritual
"The Ultimate Evil": Dialog was missing when Meltysand was resurrected for the first time
"The Siege of New King's Ending": Battle actions are now disabled at the end of the map
"Plains of Elsa": Dragon Lizard room is now removed when all Dragon Lizards are dead
"Plains of Elsa", "Hero's Tomb": Meltysand now returns to her original position after fights and can no longer be lured too far away

Overall improvements:

Saved games from version v1.4.1 or older could no longer be loaded with version v1.5 in some cases
Effect area of area traps has now been increased slightly so that even the smallest penguin can now no longer sneak past them
Surface decoration objects sometimes had the wrong texture and shading
Certain texts which were cut off are now displayed in full
Damaged doors are now displayed correctly after a game is loaded
Horde creatures can now also be further upgraded to better creatures even when the maximum level has been reached
Toolbox icon for production in the Tinkerer's Cave has now been reduced in size so that it can fit in the frame
Line spacing of subtitle text has now been increased slightly for better legibility in certain languages
Subtitle portrait was displayed in the wrong position for one frame
Minimap positions were displayed incorrectly for one frame when different entrances were used
Malakay now has a name and a description in his details window

Patch (18 November)

This update should correct any and all compatibility issues between the base game and its DLC.
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Patch 1.6.1 / GOG-6 (Windows) / GOG-13 (Mac) / GOG-1 (Linux) (added 26 August 2016):

Linux version of Dungeons 2 + all DLC added to everyone's accounts.
Controller controls completely revised and improved, in particular:
Button assignment completely revised
Context-sensitive display of button assignments
Selection radius in RTS mode now increases over time, no longer manually
New screen center marker in RTS mode: Prettier, no longer disappears in objects, gives feedback on the targeted object similar to the mouse cursor
Start a New Game menus controls greatly improved (skirmish, campaign and multiplayer)
Revised menu screens and modal dialogs for controller controls
When last unit dies in a neutral dungeon, you can still use the D-pad to change region
Magic bar with hotkeys is no longer displayed in gamepad mode
Unit list GUI now usable with controller
Build-Queues now supported
Deadzone logic improved
Tools (Crate-o-Mats, etc.) can now be scrolled through
Tutorial messages and controller controls tip of the day adjusted
Performance optimization, in particular:
Dungeon rendering greatly accelerated under DirectX 11
Improved performance when displaying damage values
Pre-placed outside world units are only activated shortly before player contact
A variety of little delays corrected (for example, when large areas are marked for excavation, new songs are loaded, when scrolling at start of a level, etc.)
Evilization optimized
Optimized rendering of simple outside world objects and dungeon decorative objects
Other tasks optimized for multicore systems (e.g., animations)
Optimized dungeon unit path calculation in the rough planning phase
Overall unit path calculation optimized
Corrected performance hit occurring with many un-stored resources
Logic physics system optimized
Various other small optimizations
Stability improvements:
Greatly reduced memory consumption under DirectX 11
Leak in Sound Effects corrected
Reduced overall music and sound effect memory use
Some assets were not unloaded properly after use
Object pools release previously unused objects
Reduced GUI texture memory use


Team Domination: now works properly
In 3/4-player games, the game is now always won/lost as soon as the first player has been defeated
Removed distinction between LAN/Internet game
Disconnections are now better communicated to players
The initial camera position is now correct for all players when loading a multiplayer game
A changed player color is now displayed correctly when loading a multiplayer game


Barthas Snow will be revived after 3 minutes maximum (previously 6 minutes)
The ghoul skill "Braiiins!" now has a cooldown and costs energy
Research duration for some spells increased, for others decreased

Level design:

"King Robert must die!“: Cannon tower weakened by 50%
"The Battle of King’s Ending": Regeneration for the Ultimate Evil increased significantly
Battle map: spawners better coordinated
Corrected spawners in several maps, especially the Paladin mob in "The Poshlands"
Some creatures in individual maps mistakenly failed to attack players
Various script corrections
Fixed several minor bugs and imperfections


Japanese localization added
More light sources are now placed on the dungeon walls
GUI: Barthas now visible in the dungeon minimap
Snowball trap no longer rolls immovable objects such as doors and brewery boilers away
GUI: Text spacing increased for better readability
Loading of large savegames accelerated
Units hidden in excavated areas can no longer be targeted with spells
Fixed several problems with Ragdolls
Level loading now less tricky
Repaired various visual glitches
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Changelog for Patch Hotfix / GOG-7 (Windows) / GOG-14 (Mac) (added 13th September 2016):
- Fixes Galaxy achievements issues
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Changelog for update GOG-15 (Mac) (added 13 March 2017):

- Fixed an issue with the Mac version of the game and DLC installation for the offline PKG installer.
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Dungeons 3

Changelog for Patch 1.2.1 (added 18 October 2017):

* Fixed a bug that prevented Players from unlocking Mission 7
* Fixed a bug on Linux that prevented Players from starting missions in other than the Default language

Changelog for Patch 1.2.2 (added 18 October 2017):

* Linux: Work around engine crashes with ragdoll physics in certain circumstances
* OSX: Deactivated Dock & Taskbar in fullscreen
* Mouse/Keyboard: menu button on left screen edge are now always visible
* Mouse/Keyboard: edge scrolling area slightly reduced
* Mouse/Keyboard: Added config file option to force mouse/keyboard input (ControllerMode =ForceMouseKeyboard), for cases where the gamepad UI is mistakenly activated. Will get a better fix later.
* Fixed ragdoll/animation issues with Ranger
* Linux, Mac: Winning a map will now reliably advance campaign progress
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Dungeons 3

Changelog for patch 1.3.1 (added 27 October 2017):

- Windows: Removed dependency on vcredist2015, to fix startup issues caused by skipped or broken installations
- Players with incompatible GPUs now receive a notification during game launch
- Balancing: 'Mana Shield' cooldown increased to 20 seconds
- Multiplayer balancing: 'Meteor Shower' and 'Frost Bomb' now have reduced stun duration
- Fixed the 'Positive Payday' bonus to actually give you money as intended, instead of taking twice as much
- Fixed: The Naga did not always prefer to heal your creatures when a group of units including Nagas was directed to attack something
- Fixed: The Outside world was sometimes rendered incorrectly during the first few frames
- Fixed: Traps and doors were sometimes not being rebuilt after loading a game
- Fixed: Certain spells could incorrectly be recast during cooldown
- Fixed: Creatures were not resurrected after dropping them into the Crypt, and Snots then putting them on the Defi-Bri-Mat
- Fixed two music tracks playing at the same time
- Fixed various minor sound/music glitches
- Fixed: Marking tiles did not work when ending the drag on the UI
- Fixed: Minor tweak to load game menu, to better visualize the different modes
- Fixed: The mage's chain lighting spell visualization sometimes caused an incorrect line to be drawn on the screen for one frame
- Fixed: On aspect ratios other than 16:9, the main menu image fade was slightly corrupted.
- Fixed having two mutually throne room themes enabled at the same time by default (for players who pre-ordered Dungeons 3)
- Fixed: Texture of hooks in the Crypt was defective
- Fixed: Texture of a Ship was slightly defective
- Multiplayer: 'Field of Honor': Heroes spawned in underground portal for players 2 and 3 now behave correctly
- The Shadow of Absolute Evil: Fixed movement of Shadow sometimes getting interrupted after loading a game
- The Prince of Hell: Fixed mouseover text for map specific UI buttons
- The End of Yaina Overproud: Fixed typo in English localization
- The End of Yaina Overproud: Fixed mini map icons for portals
- The Hungry, Hungry Ogre: Player can no longer erroneously pass through a fence
- The End of Yaina Overproud: Prevent Yaina from teleporting to unreachable positions
- Fixed problems with room floors: black areas, lag when changing rooms with floor cutouts, memory leak
- Performance improvements, particularly in late-game
- Scene and Skirmish loading speed improved. This also fixes level load and random map generation not finishing at all on slow graphics devices.
- Show thought bubbles when pressing 'Alt' key
- Vortex chamber now adjusts regeneration speed based on room efficiency
- Balancing: Mother Worm now has slightly increased attack range
- Balancing: Skirmish bosses are now tougher (except in difficulty 'easy')
- Balancing: Increased Gobbler spawn rate by 25%
- Simplified Chinese: Show subtitles for in-scene dialog
- Spanish/Italian: localization fixes
- Multiplayer: Do not show enemy Demon Portals through fog of war
- Linux: Fix edge scrolling at top of screen
- The Battle of Steelsmith: fixed 'The One-Huge-Army-Building Evil' achievement/trophy not getting triggered in some circumstances
- Everything Has An End…: Moved waypoint so heroes won't attack city_gate
- Everything Has An End…: No longer kill some heroes with exploding barrels in the intro, preventing the achievement/trophy 'The Benevolent Evil' from being awarded
- The boulder from the 'Rolling Stone' trap is no longer affected by doors in construction
- Research menu: if there is no capacity for more scrolls, the count now turns red
- Fixed creature animations in the 'Temple'
- Fixed 'Exploding Treasure Chest' sometimes being invisible after loading a game
- Spiders, Dragons, and Worms now despawn more rapidly after they are killed
- Automatic Drum no longer triggers on defeated heroes
- Changes to Guard Room Drum buff: duration increased, affected creatures visualized, and snots are no longer affected
- Mouse cursor on guard room drum now visualizes that it can be interacted wih=th
- Fixed some UI overlays shown during cinematics
- Fixed some minor keyboard input inconsistencies
- Don't show empty mission goal tooltip
- Reduce tooltip transparency to make them more legible on noisy backgrounds
- When finishing the last tutorial, the campaign button in the victory screen openes the main campaign now
- Fixed various word wrapping and text clipping issues
- Picking up several units via hotkey no longer picks dead units
- Fixed room tooltip in Crypta and Temple
- Fixed timezone of savegame dates
- Co-op: fixed pickup of resources in certain cases
- Dungeon Basics tutorial: Minor improvement to tutorial highlighting
- The Ashspring Swamplands: Fixed zombie lifebar positions
- Fix 'Subtitles' setting to not require restarting the game
- Pause Dialog audio when in-game menu is openened
- Random map generation: Minor improvements with road connections, corssings, stairs
- Fixed AI pathfinding separation
- Fix snots not carrying mana balls to the arcanium even though there is capacity
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Dungeons 3

Changelog for Patch 1.3.2 (added 20 November 2017):

* Fixed ice slowdown to be actually capped at about 20%
* Added Steam users tbd, YouTube.GTuxTV, Vega, Tannhauser, Naamarulla,
* Ydyp, Kando, Shazai to Special Thanks section in credits for their helpful forum communication and bug reports!
* Fixed some spells and certain traps killing units instead of knocking them unconscious
* Fixed traps not being rebuilt automatically in some cases
* Fixed pre-built rooms sometimes showing 'room is too small'
* Show visual effect when a snot teleports
* 'Ups and Downs': achievement/trophy 'Lifeguard' was sometimes awarded even though units were lost to the water
* 'The End of Burgers' End': stop the Narrator nagging about building a Brewery when it has already been built
* 'Field of Glory': Fixed asymmetric balancing
* Fixed missing idle animation in combat for some characters, like Pit Fiend or Succubus
* Fixed incorrect room capacity in some rare cases
* Minor fixes to Simplified Chinese localization
* Fixed some sounds being audible when they shouldn't be
* Fixed some sound breakdown issues
* Gamepad: Fixed focus loss in modal dialogs in some cases
* Windows: Detecting a specific start up crash on some systems and installing a workaround for the next start up
* Linux: Fixed parts of dungeon not visible on certain systems
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Dungeons 2

Changelog for update / (Windows) (added 04 December 2017):

- Installer maintenance update - No game files were changed.
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Dungeons 2

Changelog for installer update / (Mac) (added 16 December 2017):

- Installer update - No game files were changed.
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Dungeons 3

Changelog for Patch 1.3.4 (added 22 December 2017):

** Windows and macOS only; Linux Coming Soon **

* Quickslotbar added. You can now set troops, spells, traps, rooms,etc. for quick reusability (PC only)
* New skirmish map Sandbox. Create the dungeon of your dreams!
* New game mode Sandbox. Spawn enemy heroes yourself!
* Multiplayer deathmatch available. Enter enemy dungeons and destroytheir dungeon hearts. (PC only)
* Multiplayer teams. Play 2vs2 or 3vs1? (PC only)
* New Show duel during play option in multiplayer menu. Notfies you, whensomeone is ready for a duel while playing the game normally! (PC only)
* Multiplayer game announcements. Also coop game announcements! (PC only)
* F3 now picks all idle creatures, F4 picks a random snot (PC only)
* Your snots now fetch boni and potions to your treasuries
* New option for no camera movement over world map
* Performance improvements

Balancing and campaign improvements
* Rebalanced Gob-O-Bot (less damage)
* Rebalanced Vampire (More life, improved life stealing)
* Rebalanced Pit Fiend (Reduced Skill cooldown, Skill now dows piercing damage)
* Cannon towers now do proper area damage!
* Minor fixes for map Prince of Hell
* Minor fixes for map The Titan of Alphaas
* Minor fixes for map Two Sides of a Medal
* Minor fixes for map The Crossing
* Minor fixes for map The End of Yaina Overproud
* Minor fixes for map The Shadow of Absolute Evil
* Fixes in map Everything has and end...
* Fixed Shadow getting stuck in a small area of map The Shadow of theAbsolute Evil
* No more spiders in tutorial mission Dungeons for Advanced Students

General fixes
* Improved subtitle visibility during boss fights
* Improved tooltip visibility
* Improved tile selection when moving over the GUI
* Improved stairs placement in generated maps
* Auto-size for research titles
* Improved tutorial marker visualisation
* Showing an animated image while waiting for a duel
* Improved mini map icon sorting
* Campaign reset now resets the world map properly
* Hide tooltips in cutscenes
* Improved guard room details
* Mana bombs no longer trigger on defeated heroes
* Mission goals now stay the same after loading a saved game
* Show tooltip for creatures that have picked up a bonus
* Better pathfinding for snots in the prison chamber
* Dungeon critters can now be marked with a slap
* Added option to force keyboard/mouse into options menu
* Better pillar placement in temple
* Heroes now drop of their used torture device when they die
* Different colors for Hands of Terror in Coop
* Fixed minor picking issues with Hand of Terror and resources
* Fixed minor pathfinding issues
* Hovering over faction icons now works correctly
* Fixed chain lighting visualisation
* Almanach Image update
* Icon Improvements
* Thalya now reacts to the Guard Room signal
* Fixed some crashes
* Fixed a memory leak
* Heroes no longer think that they can use the player's portal spell
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Dungeons 3

Changelog for Patch 1.4.1 (added 29th January 2018):


* The game now displays world statistics at the end of campaign missions, allowing players to compare their achievements with the rest of the world
* Performance improvements


* Fixed graphical glitch in Duel map
* Fixed non-disappearing tooltips
* Fixed graphical issue in defeat screen
* Fixed some minor issues with quickbar
* Fixed a graphical glitch that appeared when Gobblers were being carried by the Hand of Terror and players switched between Dungeon and Overworld
* Fixed an issue with "slapping" heroes in the Overworld
* Fixed getting stuck on network error when disconnected from network during Duel matchmaking
* Multiplayer announcements disappear now while displaying the Almanac
* Allow font auto sizing in load menu to avoid line break
* Fixed selection of "Preferred Target" (slapping an enemy in the Dungeon)


* Enemy Priestess will heal units smarter outside of combat
* Boss monster on Duel map now gives units a decent XP amount when defeated