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Dungeons 3

Changelog for Update v1.5.4 (added 08 November 2018):

* A new Sandbox map called ‘Dungeon Madness’ has been added free of charge
* Fixed a bug with the “The Storming of Dollaran” mission, where Crowley was not taking any damage when being pushed back
* Fixed a missing narrator dialogue when discovering the underground hero room in the “The Battle of Steelsmith” mission
* Fixed a bug with the “The Prince of Hell” mission, where sacrifices disappeared if picked up while holding a defeated hero
* Fixed a bug where the shield generator buff did not fade when the heroes left the associated underground base
* Fixed a bug where the ‘Automatic Drum’ was already active before it was actually build
* Fixed a bug in Skirmish mode where initially locked researches got unlocked after save/load
* Fixed minor glitches for the client lobby UI
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Dungeons 3

Changelog for Update v1.5.5 (added 17 December 2018):

* Fixed a bug when upgrading the ‘Arrow’ and ‘Pounder’ trap wasn’t possible
* Fixed a bug where the altar in mission “I Am Your Father!” blocked certain selections
* Fixed the displayed movement speed numbers on unit selection-Fixed the attack effect of Arachnids
* +Several other bug and localisation fixes
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Dungeons 3

Changelog for update v1.5.6 (added 08 February 2018):

New additions
- A new free multiplayer co-op map ‘Defenders of the True Evil’ has been added.
- A new powerful spell called ‘Divinely Evil Lightning’ has been added.
- Only obtainable by completing the Clash of Gods expansion.

- Fixed a bug where unavailable researches were made available by the Temple structure.
- Fixed a bug with the triple Mystificator mana capacity.
- Fixed the opening and closing sound of Magic Doors.
- Fixed the behaviour of the Evil Hand on the surface. Now it does a better job by staying off-camera when idling.
- Fixed the walkability with ‘Outposts’ so that they are preferably attacked from the front.
- Fixed the pray animation for units in the Temple.
- Fixed multiplayer lobbies to display the pre-set difficulty to players.
- Gob-O-Bots can now use their ‘Eject’ skill even when on strike.
- [MacOS] Improved multiplayer connections.