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Dungeons 3

Changelog for Update v1.5.4 (added 08 November 2018):

* A new Sandbox map called ‘Dungeon Madness’ has been added free of charge
* Fixed a bug with the “The Storming of Dollaran” mission, where Crowley was not taking any damage when being pushed back
* Fixed a missing narrator dialogue when discovering the underground hero room in the “The Battle of Steelsmith” mission
* Fixed a bug with the “The Prince of Hell” mission, where sacrifices disappeared if picked up while holding a defeated hero
* Fixed a bug where the shield generator buff did not fade when the heroes left the associated underground base
* Fixed a bug where the ‘Automatic Drum’ was already active before it was actually build
* Fixed a bug in Skirmish mode where initially locked researches got unlocked after save/load
* Fixed minor glitches for the client lobby UI
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Dungeons 3

Changelog for Update v1.5.5 (added 17 December 2018):

* Fixed a bug when upgrading the ‘Arrow’ and ‘Pounder’ trap wasn’t possible
* Fixed a bug where the altar in mission “I Am Your Father!” blocked certain selections
* Fixed the displayed movement speed numbers on unit selection-Fixed the attack effect of Arachnids
* +Several other bug and localisation fixes
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Dungeons 3

Changelog for update v1.5.6 (added 08 February 2018):

New additions
- A new free multiplayer co-op map ‘Defenders of the True Evil’ has been added.
- A new powerful spell called ‘Divinely Evil Lightning’ has been added.
- Only obtainable by completing the Clash of Gods expansion.

- Fixed a bug where unavailable researches were made available by the Temple structure.
- Fixed a bug with the triple Mystificator mana capacity.
- Fixed the opening and closing sound of Magic Doors.
- Fixed the behaviour of the Evil Hand on the surface. Now it does a better job by staying off-camera when idling.
- Fixed the walkability with ‘Outposts’ so that they are preferably attacked from the front.
- Fixed the pray animation for units in the Temple.
- Fixed multiplayer lobbies to display the pre-set difficulty to players.
- Gob-O-Bots can now use their ‘Eject’ skill even when on strike.
- [MacOS] Improved multiplayer connections.
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Dungeons 3

Changelog for Update v1.5.7 (added 13 March 2019):

* A new Skirmish Mode map called ‘A Bug’s Life’ has been added free of charge
* A new setting for “Clash of Gods” skirmish maps, which buffs/debuffs random factions during night and day cycle, has been added
* Added new option to the game’s menu: Software Cursor

* Fixed the effect timing for the Grave Golem’s ‘Tombstone’ attack
* +Several other bugfixes and memory optimizations
"Singleplayer games will now be paused if the player opens the steam overlay "

Now I can't share a meme on chat while the units traverse the map, or google something while something is being built?

Can't they open the menu to pause the game if they so desperately need so? Now I have less control of what I do, thanks for that.
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Dungeons 3

Changelog for Update v16.1 (added 12 June 2019):

- Famous Last Words DLC: The amount of destroyed camps on the second campaign map will now be counted correctly.

- Added Czech language.
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Dungeons 3

Update 1.7 (21 February 2020)

No changelog on GOG. Changelog from Steam:

Issues with bonus throne rooms not unlocking correctly for Golden Pickaxe event fixed.
Selecting medium traps in Japanese language version no longer freezes the game.

Minor tweaks to Thalya’s pickup/drop lines.

Provisioning and preparations for the upcoming DLC.