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high rated
Hi GOGers,
With the arrival of Mr. Awesome, a.k.a. Duke Nukem, we’ve prepared a selection of mods exclusively for all the’s fans, along with some impressions of one of our Support/QA guys, Skreczi.
High Resolution Mod
Skreczi said:
HEEEEELLLLLLL YEAH! The best mod ever! It brings Duke Nukem 3D into full 3D with fully tri-dimensional monsters, weapons and items! Totally must have for everyone! Still reading it? Don’t waste more time – download it now!
Duke Plus
Skreczi said:
Full of new features (weather effects, new light effects, transparent water etc.), new gameplay elements, new weapons and much more. Also come with new levels that demonstrate capabilities of this babe :) Two thumbs up!
Hellduke TC!
Skreczi said:
Pretty cool total conversion in DooM style. There are some strange things like flying Imps and you have mini UZI instead of a pistol but this mod has some potential. Level design is not that bad, some monster still needs to be implemented but if you are a DooM fanboy you should definitely give it a try.
Naferias Reign - Invasion of The Dark Mistress
Skreczi said:
Duke Nukem with some action RPG elements. Play as Duke or other character in his team. New voice acting, more intelligent enemies, plus characters with their own special abilities and levels. Very cool and fun to play :)
Infestation in Time TC
Skreczi said:
Pretty good mod and a few new episodes taking action in the Duke Nukem universe. It has implemented some things from Duke Plus and it’s compatible with Duke Nukem High Res mod. A bit complicated but still a pretty good job.
Weapon of Mass Destruction
Skreczi said:
Very well made total conversion where you can buy additional stuff and abilities, jump into your own skycar, kick some more alien butts, use new awesome skills and level up your guns! Very fun to play!
Aliens vs. Duke
Skreczi said:
Very impressive total conversion that have everything that Alien Mod should have – weapons specific to Alienverse, atmosphere and cool model of Xenomorphs (including deadly facehugger).
Borg Nukem
Skreczi said:
Total conversion that brings Duke Nukem 3D to the Star Trek universe. It starts on Borg Cube and leads you through some mediocre design levels. To battle Borg you can use phasers, rifles and some other deadly Star Trek weaponry.
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It wasn't enough that you bring on a relapse of an addiction i got past in the late 90s....
You had to offer the mods too...
Many thanks and keep up the work!!!
Love it, just love it. High Resolution pack ought to be good :)
Is this release of Duke Nukem 3D based on the eduke32 source port ?
mcwizardry: Is this release of Duke Nukem 3D based on the eduke32 source port ?

Hi, our DN3D is based on DosBox but eduke32 helps a lot if you want to play some mods :)
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The High Res Mod in the first post is outdated. Check this out instead:
Need eDuke32 to run, btw.
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Fuck. Yeah.
Starship Troopers TC - I guess the name says everything, it's a 3 episodes TC based on the movie's universe, and it's really awesome.
Also, if you have time and are interested in a huge list... have fun.
I recommend The Gate, Pray your Prayers, Duke 1999/2000 & if I remember well, Wolf2Duke was quite fun.
The Vixens are worth a try as well ;D
$6 for Duke 3D here and all of this... totally worth it :>
wow! more than i expected :]
not only Duke Atomic ed. but also set of mods pointed out just past the corner!
thx Skreczi and all the GOG team!
So how would one go about a customizable soundtrack? I don't want to listen to MIDI.
alvindingle: So how would one go about a customizable soundtrack? I don't want to listen to MIDI.

Try changing the MIDI device to General MIDI (or MPU-401, with the address set to 0x330) in SETUP.EXE, that should at least beef up the MIDI quality.
You can also download EDuke32, which supports OGG Vorbis. Check the USER.CON for the music file names, name your favourite songs in OGG format accordingly (ie. STALKER.OGG for first level and GRABBAG.OGG for the menu title), get in game and rock it out.
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For anyone who wants a high-quality arrangement of the original soundtrack, you can get it here:
It rocks.
Thanks guys :)
I can't believe how much better the hi-res pack makes the game look. Wow. I'm gonna buy it now I think. :)
i've just played DN3D with high resolution mod for the first time... and i love it!
now - there's no excuse for not finishing atomic edition once again :)
I too just played a bit of Duke with the Hi-res pack. It's brilliant! :-D
I tried it once before, but that was years ago, and the pack wasn't nearly as good then as it is now.