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high rated
Hi GOGers,
With the arrival of Mr. Awesome, a.k.a. Duke Nukem, we’ve prepared a selection of mods exclusively for all the’s fans, along with some impressions of one of our Support/QA guys, Skreczi.
High Resolution Mod
Skreczi said:
HEEEEELLLLLLL YEAH! The best mod ever! It brings Duke Nukem 3D into full 3D with fully tri-dimensional monsters, weapons and items! Totally must have for everyone! Still reading it? Don’t waste more time – download it now!
Duke Plus
Skreczi said:
Full of new features (weather effects, new light effects, transparent water etc.), new gameplay elements, new weapons and much more. Also come with new levels that demonstrate capabilities of this babe :) Two thumbs up!
Hellduke TC!
Skreczi said:
Pretty cool total conversion in DooM style. There are some strange things like flying Imps and you have mini UZI instead of a pistol but this mod has some potential. Level design is not that bad, some monster still needs to be implemented but if you are a DooM fanboy you should definitely give it a try.
Naferias Reign - Invasion of The Dark Mistress
Skreczi said:
Duke Nukem with some action RPG elements. Play as Duke or other character in his team. New voice acting, more intelligent enemies, plus characters with their own special abilities and levels. Very cool and fun to play :)
Infestation in Time TC
Skreczi said:
Pretty good mod and a few new episodes taking action in the Duke Nukem universe. It has implemented some things from Duke Plus and it’s compatible with Duke Nukem High Res mod. A bit complicated but still a pretty good job.
Weapon of Mass Destruction
Skreczi said:
Very well made total conversion where you can buy additional stuff and abilities, jump into your own skycar, kick some more alien butts, use new awesome skills and level up your guns! Very fun to play!
Aliens vs. Duke
Skreczi said:
Very impressive total conversion that have everything that Alien Mod should have – weapons specific to Alienverse, atmosphere and cool model of Xenomorphs (including deadly facehugger).
Borg Nukem
Skreczi said:
Total conversion that brings Duke Nukem 3D to the Star Trek universe. It starts on Borg Cube and leads you through some mediocre design levels. To battle Borg you can use phasers, rifles and some other deadly Star Trek weaponry.
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can anyone tell me how to run a Mod that uses a BAT file to start up? I've downloaded eduke and I'm still pretty lost
piccolo113: I would love to know if there were a way to re-bind the keyboard controls. I'm so set in the ways of playing WASD shooters that Duke feels impossible for me to play....
An old post, but it may help newbies.

Just Install eduke32, which ports the game to modern OS. It add the option of somewhat improved graphics with opengl, and mouselook, so you can use wasd. If you refuse to do that, just in dosbox execute setup.exe. You can change the soundcard, keybinds and miscelanea configuration there (aplies to almost all DOS games)
Raneman25: You're missing Yahtzee's mod of Duke Nukem. What's it called again?
All I know is that Yahtzee made it, so it must be good.
Yeah, Age of Evil. You can find it here:

Unfortunately I can't play it due to it being incompatible with 64-bit systems apparently. Anyone know how I can get it to run (playing this with EDuke32 btw)?
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You can also still (in 2012!) play online vs other players (with Mods too). We have a Facebook group where we share info and also where we chat to others who are interested in a Dukematch. We use a free launcher called Dukematcher to connect to other online players

So buy yourself the game from Gog (it's only $6 bucks or sometimes $3 if on sale) and then come to where you will find all the info you need to play good old fashion fun Duke3D Dukematch vs other players free! So COME and GET SOME, lay some trips, drop some pipes or run rampant with the shotgun.
dm.png (36 Kb)
Is there any mods that allow you to change characters but doesn't change any gameplay at all.
Do these mods work for the mac version or just windows? And if so how do I get them to work specifically the High-Res? Thanks.
Can anyone tell me how to install the High Resolution Pack or any fan-made mod for the Mac OS X version of Duke Nukem 3D Atomic? Thanks.
How do i mod the game so that the enemy's are 3D? I installed the hd texture mod so the level looks much better but the gun and the enemy model are still sprites. Ive been looking for over an hour but i cant find anything, please help!
The link to Duke Plus at Moddb appears to be broken, for those looking for it the author's site is [url=][/url].

Also, I had some trouble with the high resolution pack direct downloads, a torrent with a valid MD5 checksum can be found at [url=][/url]

Hope this is useful.
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Hi, anyone know of a mod or hack to allow permanent straffing instead of keybinding straff? Funny thing, I asked the same about the shareware version of DN3D many, many moons ago...
A high-resolution Duke mod for mac os x or instructions on how to mod the mac os version would be greatly appreciated.
The Aliens vs Duke link appears to be broken.
Your link to the "DukePlus" mod leads to a "Sorry but we had to remove the download link..." message (probably due to legal reasons or some such).

The correct link for the newest version is here:

If GOG does not display the above correctly (notoriously gog replaces links with a link to the thread on gog , i.e. this very thread) then hit "reply" to this post and you can copy/paste the correct link from there.
could someone post instructions on how to mod the mac os x version?
caoimhinh: A high-resolution Duke mod for mac os x or instructions on how to mod the mac os version would be greatly appreciated.

could someone post instructions on how to mod the mac os x version?
There are actually instructions for HRP where you can get the mac version of EDuke32 (it's required for the HRP), HOWEVER it should be noted that the HRP isn't very well optimized at all for mac; I have it chugging slowly on OSX 10.7 while it runs well on my Pentium IV (though EDuke32 itself runs absolutely perfect on mac), and I did try everything I could.

Other mods work the exact same way as on Windows, because all the mac wrapper is is an altered version of a DOSBox frontend. You just need to go inside the package contents to get to the files.
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