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.Keys: Unfortunately, Nexus won't allow files bigger than some GBs, so probably it won't work depending on the size.

..indeed. :)
Starkrun: Edititing top post and im putting it here, Nexus tales up to 20GB large. Here is the patch:
Appreciate you finally posting the "patch". It will be nice to actually have a complete version after all these years. Hopefully there will be no issues and many other users will be able to download and use it.
Good, seems like Nexus doesn't have any problems hosting the files and there are downloads in the teens so far. Hopefully more people will find it and update their versions. Pity it does nothing for the online issues that plague the GOG version concerning the pawn system, but at the very least, everything is good parity-wise for single player.
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I was wondering about this better textures claim.
Did anyome made comparisons? Like any?
I have both versions and frankly can't see any difference.
Starkrun: I own this on both GOG and Steam and did a deep comparative between the 2 games looking at the nativePC folder and made an archive of all the different files between the 2. Basically you extract the "rom"and "sa" folders into your "nativePC" folder in your install directory for DDDA.

I've tested it for about 4 hours (edit: 16 now) now without any issues or crashing yet!

It comes to 4.58GB and i have no idea where to host it if anyone wants to try it out.... If you can tell me a place to upload it I'll do so and edit in a link here:

Uploaded to Nexus mods, everything you need to know is in the details page, have fun all!
Well i'll be damned. I would've kept my gog copy instead of refunding it had this patch been around earlier. Much thanks for the fix.
Thanks for making this. I wish I had seen it sooner. I never finished this game because being unable to complete that one broken quest just bothered me. Maybe now I can actually finish it.

Wait, I need a Nexusmods account in order to download it? Sigh. What is with the internet these days. Need a million garbage "accounts" to do anything.

Edit: Well I eventually did try it, and the broken quest still will not complete. So that was a waste of time. Thanks for trying anyway.
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I was wondering if the patch can/could fix the Pawn rental problem.

However the question that came to mind was: Did anybody test Pawn rental between two patched versions of DDDA?

As far as I understand Steam updates for DD would be more or less automatic. For GoG players this is a mod/private upgrade.
If the Pawn rental bug was a caused by defects on both pawnOwner and pawnRentee side then patching one side would not yield any results. Therefore can anyone confirm that pawn rental/return between 2 patched games still gives the pawn Owner no results (RC, items)?
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