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Hi guys,

For those of you who prefer to install patches manually, we have uploaded patch 1.0.124 for Dragon Commander. Please download the Universal Update from your game shelf to get the latest version of the game.

Also, please note that you can also use the optional autoupdater to get this patch :)


Fixed a crash in Windows XP.

[*] Added Global chat
[*] Added battle result window with extensive combat stats and graphs
[*] Gifting of units/resources/buildings
[*] AI fixes for better expansion
[*] Turn left/right with keyboard
[*] Faster connection for UPNP devices
[*] Fixes to population defecting
[*] Fixed exploit for cards on strategy map
[*] Allow enable/disable of DLC
[*] Rebalanced difficulty
[*] Added new cursors
[*] performance improvement in mulitplayer with AI opponents
[*] Allowed remapping of keyboard shortcuts for building units/buildings and
using skills
[*] Fixed custom game setting "FFA AI's always join battle"
[*] Russian localisation fixes to text
[*] Minor balancing tweaks (warlock base damage and meteor shower)

Thanks and have a nice day :)
That's good. I always prefer to update my games manually.

Thank you.
"For those of you who prefer to install patches manually"

Me, sir! I prefer to.

Thankyou for the patch. Even though many might not say, many, like myself, do silently appreciate a manual version and the work you guys go to to support a GOg version. Never forget that.

Wrong thread, sorry!
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Where can I obtain this patch? (For manual installation)

My game (bought via GOG a while ago and then left alone as my system was not good enough for it) says v when I start it, but shows no patches. ( Aside from Firefox complaining that gogdownloader is no registered protocol when I try to download the installer on that page. )
BlueRaptor: Where can I obtain this patch?
You can try contacting GOG support. It looks like the patch links were removed at some point after the last time the full installer was updated (since most people wouldn't need it). I don't think they still keep old patch versions on the server, though, since Galaxy can update games that have not been keeping up with incremental patches.

Alternately, you can download the latest full installer.
JudasIscariot: ping
Raze_Larian: ping
I understand that this is necroposting and off-topic at the same time, but I haven't found the better way to ask about it.

What's wrong with regional pricing for Dragon Commander? All Divinity games are regionally priced in GOG, except for the Imperial Edition of Dragon Commander.

Steam price tags: 699 RUB for the basic game and 599 RUB for Imperial Edition (I guess that price tags are messed and 699 RUB should be for Imperial Edition).

GOG price tags: 599 for the basic game and 2919 RUB for Imperial Edition. There is also an upgrade to Imperial Edition for 10 bucks, which is not regionally priced too, but it's available only in GOG, so there is nothing to compare the price with.
OHMYGODJCABOMB: What's wrong with regional pricing for Dragon Commander?
I'll forward this to someone who can check on that.
JudasIscariot: ping
Raze_Larian: I'll forward this to someone who can check on that.
Any news?


Sorry for bothering you, but Russian-speaking GOG representatives are not helpful at all in this situation, so I don't have any other way to find out what's what.
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It has been looked into, and I think is just waiting on official approval for GOG to implement the pricing changes.
Unfortunately, there is still no feedback from the GOG staff.
I'll send a reminder.
Raze_Larian: I'll send a reminder.
I just want to ask if there is any news about the price adjustment for Divinity: Dragon Commander Imperial Edition? More than six months have passed.

Imperial Edition still costs 2879 RUB here, while on Steam it costs 599 RUB.