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Can confirm, direct connection still doesn't work. It's not even possible to enable it in the options menu. That gives an error message. Trying to connect directy, either via serverID or IP doesn't work. What a shame, the original game just run perfectly and easy

Correction: After "exposing" my router to the whole internet, via router settings (the "nuke" option, i know), my friend was able to connect to me via IP.
Port forwarding is probably the wiser choise, but i just wanted to get this to work.
Post edited September 18, 2017 by smek2
Luckmann: Direct Connect works fine for me. Of course, we're on the same LAN, but the principle should be the same anywhere. Direct Connect should have nothing at all to do with Larian's servers or anyone elses - as long as your ports are forwarded properly or you are on the same LAN (assuming it's properly configured), Direct Connect should always work.

If it's got dependencies beyond that, it's not really Direct Connect, now is it?
As far as I can tell, it just uses Larian's servers to manage server IDs for quickly connecting with friends. Enabling the LAN option in connection settings enables direct IP connections over the internet (with forwarded ports) or over LAN.