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All very great information, vv221! Thanks!

This is my first introduction to DevilutionX so I apologize for my ignorance. I'll go check with them on further matters.

I appreciate the GHI link, I've subscribed to it. I also appreciate that you're not linking directly to things. I'm kind of embarrassed that I simply copied and pasted! I'll give the windowed mode a shot and see what happens, though.

Regarding MX Linux, it's a mix of a few things. It comes from the antiX folks with some repos from Mepis, I think. It is mostly Debian at heart and I think antiX started with Debian. Funny enough, MX Linux has risen to the top of the distrowatch charts this year and I have no idea why. I've been using it for a couple of years but I assumed it was pretty obscure. I found it via antiX some years ago. I was running Debian on all of my machines and needed something for my netbook (super low resource) for ham radio stuff and ended up installing antiX. Found MX via their forums and tried it on a couple of my main rigs. I've been using it ever since.

Thanks again for the help and Happy Hacking!
Anders_Jenbo: (…)
I see read-only access to diabdat.mpq is in current master: Allow readonly mpq archive access
I guess we can safely assume it will be included in the next release?
vv221: I guess we can safely assume it will be included in the next release?
Yes, but that might take some time.
mk47at: (…)
Sure, I take that I granted ;)
I'm in no hurry anyway, I could still build my binaries against current master if I want to give it an early try.