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is there a way to get hellfire playable in lan so that you can use evolve / hamachi or something like this ?

would be wesesome to play hellfire with friends

i dont care for battlenet because most of the time battlenet says that the latency is too high if you try to join each other
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Hellfire supports single-player only, but if you'd like to try, have a look here as suggested by other users.
20 years ago I played two player with two computers connected by a serial cable. I have no idea how that would be accomplished now since the last time I checked my computer doesn't even have a serial port. I would suppose there is some sort of work around like using a usb cable and setting up some sort of serial cable emulator. Perhaps connecting two computers via their ethernet cards would work. Not having done that sort of thing in a very long time I've no advice whatsoever if it is or is not necessary to specify COM ports or some such thing for the game software to find the connection.
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hellfire does have multiplayer but, you need a custom Hellfrui.dll from this address [url=][/url] to get it to work since it was removed in the patched version. you also need to write the command.txt file and put it in the hellfire folder. then you need to run hellfore as administrator for it to be able to save multiplayer characters. add this line to your command.txt cowquest;theoquest;bardtest;multitest;barbariantest; if you do not want extra quests, you can remove the cowquest and theoquest lines. bardtest gives you the bard character and barbariantest gives you the barbarian character. multitest enables multiplayer.