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This mod is by far the best Deus Ex mod. Look no further than this. Everything is a logical, faithful update of the vanilla game. It's incredible. Graphics? AI? Physics? User Interface? Audio Design? Bugfixes? General gameplay? It's just astonishing how much has been updated and fixed while retaining the original feel and vision, and anything that is even slightly different is optional. No other mod comes close to how next-level-yet-still-DX this mod is. The Definitive Deus Ex Experience indeed. All other mods (for the campaign, anyway) are redundant as far as I am concerned.

The best part is another version releases soon.

Edit: this mod is now released! Trailer:
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Yes, the new version was delayed from June 1. to July 1.
July 1. of which year?
Where is it? ;-)
Guter: July 1. of which year?
Where is it? ;-)
Delayed to July 8th. Check the ModDB page for more info.

And yeah, GMDX is incredible stuff, can't recommend it enough. It brings every aspect of the game up several notches, but stays true to what the game's about.

I think my favorite aspect is the difficulty modes, as they are suited for new and casual players as well as veterans. Easy difficulty has less perceptive AI, low damage, more plentiful resources, and faster aiming, while Realistic has tough AI and high damage, with Medium and Hard striking a balance. Then Hardcore mode introduces new realistic behaviors and restricted saves to give the most challenging (yet fair) version of Deus Ex around. No one's left out -- GMDX is really for everyone.
9.0 it's finally here!
Thanks so much to the developer!
Guter: 9.0 it's finally here!
Oh damn!

Edit: updating the OP!
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On my 2nd playthrough of 9.02 now, just the best gameplay mod for Deus Ex.
I'm liking this mod very much as well :-)

One thing I found is that appearantly the sniper rifle now has the same range as the assault rifle?
Not that it matters much, distances to the enemy are fairly short in most cases anyway.
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Makes the game so much better.

Seriously, try it. You won't regret it.
GMDX is a thousand times better then Revision.