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high rated

This mod is by far the best Deus Ex mod. Look no further than this. Everything is a logical, faithful update of the vanilla game. It's incredible. Graphics? AI? Physics? User Interface? Audio Design? Bugfixes? General gameplay? It's just astonishing how much has been updated and fixed while retaining the original feel and vision, and anything that is even slightly different is optional. No other mod comes close to how next-level-yet-still-DX this mod is. The Definitive Deus Ex Experience indeed. All other mods (for the campaign, anyway) are redundant as far as I am concerned.

The best part is another version releases soon.

Edit: this mod is now released! Trailer:
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Yes, the new version was delayed from June 1. to July 1.
July 1. of which year?
Where is it? ;-)
Guter: July 1. of which year?
Where is it? ;-)
Delayed to July 8th. Check the ModDB page for more info.

And yeah, GMDX is incredible stuff, can't recommend it enough. It brings every aspect of the game up several notches, but stays true to what the game's about.

I think my favorite aspect is the difficulty modes, as they are suited for new and casual players as well as veterans. Easy difficulty has less perceptive AI, low damage, more plentiful resources, and faster aiming, while Realistic has tough AI and high damage, with Medium and Hard striking a balance. Then Hardcore mode introduces new realistic behaviors and restricted saves to give the most challenging (yet fair) version of Deus Ex around. No one's left out -- GMDX is really for everyone.
9.0 it's finally here!
Thanks so much to the developer!
Guter: 9.0 it's finally here!
Oh damn!

Edit: updating the OP!
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On my 2nd playthrough of 9.02 now, just the best gameplay mod for Deus Ex.
I'm liking this mod very much as well :-)

One thing I found is that appearantly the sniper rifle now has the same range as the assault rifle?
Not that it matters much, distances to the enemy are fairly short in most cases anyway.
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Makes the game so much better.

Seriously, try it. You won't regret it.
GMDX is a thousand times better then Revision.
I'm currently playing Deus Ex (GOG) with the GMDX mod.

Like with many older games, I have the problem that if I use modern resolutions like 1920x1080, or even mere 1280x720, many parts of the UI and text become far too tiny to read. Maybe it is partly also because I play the game on a 17.2" laptop screen and not a mega-size 30" monitor.

Anyway, to make all the text easily readable, I'm trying to play the game on 800x600 ot even 640x480 resolutions. The only problem now is that the game (or mod?) stretches the picture to 16:9, even though it should be 4:3 (black bars on the sides). So how can I tell the game not to stretch 4:3 aspect ratio resolution to 16:9?

I don't think it is about my graphics driver settings because other 4:3 games I have on this PC display fine on the correct aspect ratio. It is just this Deus Ex with GMDX that stretches the picture. Is there an option somewhere in the game to correct this?

Alternatively, is there an option to make all the UI and text bigger (MUCH BIGGER) in high resolutions? These games were originally designed to be played on max 1024x768 resolutions or such, and the UI and text are too small for bigger resolutions, unless you play on megasize monitors. I've had similar problems with various other older games too, like System Shock 2 etc.
Scratch that, problem fixed. Only now I noticed that if you configure the game (graphics) through the GMDX launcher, and not in-game, there are e.g. UI scaling options, AND even without using them, the UI seems to scale fine. E.g. I now selected the 1920x1080 resolution from the launcher, and even without using custom UI scaling options, the UI and text seems fine, readable.

Maybe the problem was that I changed the resolutions in-game and not the launcher? When I was playing earlier on 1280x720 resolution, lots of the text was far too small to read, but now they seem fine on even higher resolution (1920x1080). I also changed some of the UI color options in-game because some of the default choices were quite unreadable, e.g. red text on grey background, I mean come on!

Anyway now it seems fine, and I can actually read e.g. hacked emails before the hacking timer runs out.

I have no idea how the Revision mod is, but GMDX is great (now that I finally learned how to configure it properly, ie. checking also the launcher options).
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Great to hear that it's working for you :-)

As for Revision, in it, cyborg super-soldier JC Denton is still defeated by waist-high crates, and no one taught him how to aim guns either. (to be fair, the Shifter mod implements mantling onto crates I believe)
What's the mod for the future? I read (on reddit probably) that the author of GMDX is moving on to some other project. And there hasn't been any updates since the last release..