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znokiss: Hey, happy to see my steamforum topic linked in the first post. I haven't thought before to port my tutorial to the GOG DeusEx version.. but it's done now, thanks to Emualynk.
Thanks to you for making it!
hey, thank you so much for this guide. really useful and easy to follow.
the only thing that stumped me was the order in which the mod files lie in the data directories window on kentie's launcher.

when in this order:


which is what I had gathered from your guide, it makes the game look all shitty. obviously I'm being stupid and doing something wrong here. what order should they be in?

P.S. when ..\enhanced\system\*.u is unchecked everything appears to work fine but i dont want to miss out on any enhancement that might give the game.
welp, followed the guide to a tee and now it crashes on launch.
I had to reinstall DX, and I tried following the guide here, but something's wrong. In the Data Directories tab, all I see are the file extensions, not the paths they're loading from.
Thank you for the guide Emualynk. It is well put together. But I thought I would mention that Deus Ex Enhanced 2.0 causes gigantic UI on a number of machines including mine. I just thought I would mention it incase anyone else is having this trouble and didnt know the cause.
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Thought I'd add an update here.

The link provided for the Visual C++ 2010 x86 installation for Windows still works. However, you might want the 2012 version. Go here. Scroll down to Additional Software. They offer x86, x64 and ARM(?) versions. Make sure you don't download the trial versions at the top of the page.

While there, on a completely unrelated note, you might want to update your .NET version, since Windows Update doesn't seem to check for it (nor the C++ either). I, for example, didn't know they had 4.5 out which was newer than my 3.5 . If you don't know what you have, this page can help you.

ModDB doesn't seem to carry the New Vision mod anymore, nor its hotfix. Go here for the mod and here for the hotfix.

JoeShmo commented that the all-in-one zip from the Steam post was no good due to the host site going down. There's a new link provided that worked for me as of this writing. I wanted to attach a copy to this post as backup for you guys, but apparently GOG doesn't allow zip attachments. Sorry.