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fronzelneekburm: "Hallo zusammen" gets 7 million google results, by the way. ;P

That aside, I've never (literally not once in my almost 30 years on this planet) seen someone walk into a crowded room, greeting everybody with a friendly "Hallo alle!". While "alle" IS a literal translation of "everybody", it just sounds odd to me used this way. "Hallo an alle!" on the other hand is perfectly common. If we'd throw both our translations together and say "Hallo alle zusammen!", that would also work.

Nichts für ungut! ;)
HypersomniacLive: Duh, you're absolutely right - I missed the preposition and didn't even notice it until now.

Apologies to anyone I upset with my stupid omission >//<

An alle - machst gut und Entschuldigung!
Don't worry - nobody is hurt (I hope) :P
PaterAlf: That's good and unexpected news!

Will buy it when it's on sale the next time (would've bought at full price if they would have given us the German version right from the start).
FWIW, it's 70% off in the Spring Insomnia Promo and could pop-up any time now.
Quasebarth: Thanks again for the quick reply Judas, after work-time once again I suppose. I honour that a lot.

I did not have the installer, so I downloaded the "new" German installer. The configuration tool is German, although I think it also always was available in German from the start, the game itself is still English though. I did not find an option to change the language, neither in the configuration tool nor in the game itself. So where should this option be?

I will look into it tomorrow after work again. :-(
ottokarsubke: Language selection will be found in Main-menu (middle lower part of screen - a picture with speech bubbles).
Downloaded the installer yesterday evening (gog: - Game version:, at first run there was the language selection, but you can change text and/or voice anytime (in any combination).
Thank you I found it. It is on the lower right side, next to the Facebook link and the Daedalic advertisement for their other games and this is probably why I ignored the button in the first place. ;-)

Anyway, thanks again.
Danke Daedalic! Endlich gibt es Teil 3 auf Deutsch.
WOW, haven't thought it comes so fast !


PS: no typo
Awsome! I just saw this title popping up in the insomnia sale and quickly checked if it was available in german already. Was very happy to find out that this is the case!

Dankeschön GoG!
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Finally! I'll never understand what took Dedalic so long, but now I can finally play Deponia 3!

Thank you very much indeed!
HypersomniacLive: Das war ja unerwartet! :-)

P.S. Es heißt "hallo alle" und nicht "hallo zusammen".
"Hallo alle" sagt kein Mensch. "Hallo allerseits" bestenfalls. "Hallo alle zusammen", oder verkürzt "Hallo zusammen" ist aber auch vollkommen in Ordnung.