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No reply from support either, it's been two days..
nickpal: No reply from support either, it's been two days..
They don't work on weekends...
When I go under orders and settings in my account there's a free gift code attached to my copy of the original Darksiders 2 I purchased a few months ago, but when I go to redeem the code, it says it's already been I have no idea what that's all about. At first I thought perhaps it's the 80% code you use when purchasing the Deathinitive edition but there's no section for promo code or couopon code..grr..
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ThomNG: *snip*
Thanks Nordic for the gift, your effort and dedication! Recent fix took good care of the issues. Aiming is normal again, movement goes smoother, there is no gamestopping crash at Shadow Gorge anymore... But now, there is another gamestopper. Karkinos boss fight is bugged. Please pass the message along, a new fix might be needed. Game is once again, stopped. Boulder hurled at him almost never validates as a hit, there must be a collision problem or something; never had that in normal 2... Even to wake the boss, stone needs to hit it 10-20 times (during all these, it doesn't validate even as a legit hit).
I'm curious as to why the remaster of the first Darksiders on Steam still includes the original, but the remaster of Darksiders 2 doesn't contain the original.