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AKO2520: I did, the previous version worked more or less smoothly, now I can't even open the map or talk to vendors without game randomly crashing. Sometimes it even crashes seconds after I open it before the menu pops up.
It's really disappointing, specially when they finally given extra modding support that was highly anticipated for some time.
I usually played it on medium-high settings, but I did change it to low-medium, the only change was that instead of crashing instantly it would randomly crash about 2~5 minutes in the gameplay time.
Thanks for your reply ;)

From what I have read, many players with windows 10 report crashes after 2-5 minutes of gameplay. I think this is not related to the operating system but to the game or graphics driver. Let's see what happens in the next hotfix.
I've tried a fresh installation to see if that would fix the problem but now I can't even enter the menu as the game now flatlines the moment I press play button 100% times.
I'm not here to moan about CDPR dropping support for Win 7, but I think they should at least provide us with a version of the game that runs on this old operating system so that those of us still using it can play the game that we paid them good money for.

I don't mind if I can't run the latest patches etc. but I would like to at least be able to play the game in some form or another, when I go to the downloads page there are plenty of patches for older versions of the game but you can only download version 1.6 of the full game, at least allow us to download version 1.3 or 1.5 so that we can continue to play.

It's not like CDPR really need to upset any more of their customers at this point, the release of CP2077 was a total joke and it seems as though they've learned absolutely nothing from this debacle.
fsbarbero: Has anyone tested version 1.6 on Windows 7?
Yes. It works for me. I hope new expansion will work in future as well.
1.6 seems to be working with Win 7 for me aswell.

With all this talk of Win 7 support being dropped I was expecting it not to work but so far it seems fine, I just started a new game and played through the first hour or so with no issues.
After reading a lot of info over the internet(and despite seeing that 1.6 ran for somebodies) - I decided to try 1.52 versions and it worked from 2nd try(1st try I just was curious how TF RTX can work on Win7 so I started benchmark after which game broke, but after settings deletion and PC restart in ran again just fine).

Tho it's funny that no matter if I set Ultra or Low settings - fps doesn't changing XD Feels like console "settings" tbh(despite having a lot of sliders). Well - at least game rans.