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Changelog for Patch (15 July 2016)

The last big update before FINAL RELEASE!

Exploration points
- You will no longer receive a region point only when discovering all locations within a region. Instead, you will receive an exploration point (same function, just different name) for every three uncovered locations, independend from in which region you have found them.
- We removed the preview of the locations that can be found in your current region, as we didn't find a visual representation that we were happy with and that justified the visual clutter and redundancy. The info box of the region now states the number of locations in the region.
- The 'Geography' perk is now exclusive to scouts (can't be chosen as medal for the explorer) and was reworked to 'far' reveal all available locations when entering a region.

Sanity events
- Added lots of new zero-sanity events, resting events and phobias.
- Tuned probablity of all already existing events, evening out their appearance out a bit.
- Anger events are not triggered as part of regular resting events anymore, but run on their own timer now and can interrupt your regular traveling.
- The sanity bar info box now shows additional info about what kind resting events to expect.
- The sanity bar starts to blink when on zero sanity
- When hitting zero sanity there is a random amount of days that the player can still move before being interrupted by a catastropic event. That delay was in the range of 5-10 days. It has been reduced to 0-5 days. Events after the first catastropic will still trigger 5-10 days later.

- We've finally added the long awaited image of the statue that shows the best explorer in the world.
- Instead of showing all of the epilogue texts at once, you can now click through them in sequence. You can go back to previous entries by clicking on the small rectangles.

- You will now be able to trade certain items at the mysterious altars. In order to receive special items, you will have to find the patterns of objects that need to be sacrificed
- We plan to extend the altar even further after the 1.0 release.

Camp Site
- It is now possible to pack up a camp again, which will remove the camp from the map and add the item back into your inventory
- It is no longer possible to stash items in a camp
- The value of the camp item has been increased

- Improved event image of shrine interior
- Improved event image of elephant graveyard
- Improved image of giant scorpion enemy
- Added new image for fire sprawl death
- Animated gentleman background scene with a flickering fire effect

- You can now switch off the custom mouse cursors in the main menu in case your recording software is having trouble displaying it
- Item usage of machete, rope and climbing gear is now shown directly on your travel path
- In case that there are too many characters in your trek to fit on the screen, a tab switch button appears that allows to change between visible characters.

- Added icon for family amulet item
- Tomepages can now be used without a range limitation
- Made infections deadlier and less random in duration
- Added final steps to tutorial - it should explain all the basic things now to get going if you have never played the game before
- You can now tell the current difficulty level from looking at the HUD background elements. Also it is now stated in the info box of the day counter.
- Added a few new secret explorers
- Hard mode: Added a sanity boost when reaching the pyramid
- Increased the minumum travel speed for party
- Added support for funds to the notification system
- The missing wife that can be found in the first expedition does not use up unit slots anymore

- Fixed a problem in the slaver event chain when not looting after combat
- Fixed certain volcano aftermath was not always triggered
- Fixed missing combat slots in cave event image
- Fixed chasm borders from overlapping on map background
- Fixed treasure map tiles not having proper tile borders
- Fixed diary jumping into screen immediately instead of popping up on left screen border first
- Fixed being able to have more than standing 10 by bartering
- Fixed info box for dice challenges now says 'No fitting dice' instead of showing an empty info box
- Fixed item notification should not use the fame mini marker
- Fixed missing background image on beaches
- Fixed club music did not stop when exiting from game via settings screen
- Fixed creation of savegames that could not be continued
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Patch (2 September 2016)

● THE FINAL RELEASE. The Curious Expedition is now officially released!
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Patch (6th September 2016)

Added newly rewritten event texts by Luke Openshaw

New Tome pages

- Homebound
- Extended Vision


- Added fame back to idol
- Stone Circles also reveals missions and not just villages
- Fixed music tracks not stopping and overlapping each other
- Fixed music restarting repeatedely
- Fixed weird glitch sound in music
- Fixed missionaries losing spiritual solidarity perk
- Fixed occult vision perk
- Fixed missionary getting angry when you say that evolution is wrong
- Fixed not being able to enter golden pyramid when being alone
- Fixed space key sending trek to wrong location
- Fixed inconsistent number of funds shown in harbor text
- Fixed rare case of missing native character portrait
- Fixed not being able to trade in village when low standing
- Fixed events with dropped items should not appear if no items in inventory
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Patch (October 31th, 2016)

Notice: This update is for the Windows & Linux version. OSX version will be updated as soon as possible.

Support for translations
- Added full German translation of the game
- You can add more translations by following the intructions in the langs folder
- You may use to announce new translations

- There should be considerably less frame drops while traveling over the map now.
- Also better performance in general.
- Added various new custom explorers

- Polyglot perk removes standing cost for resting in villages, but it does not give sanity bonus anymore
- Increased chance of negative loyalty impact when ignoring joke night event
- Tome page of random teleportation now only teleports to reachable areas

- Volcano shrine aftermath effect would most often not trigger properly
- Fixed everybody becoming angry during sexist night event
- Fixed being able to trigger invalid tutorial actions using keyboard shortcuts
- Added proper icon for purple mushrooms
- Fixed gun kill night event was triggered even when player had no gun in inventory
- Fixed villages only having male inhabitants
- Simplified savegame creation, will not try to use the SavedGames folder in windows anymore and simply prefer the Documents folder instead
- Fixed exploit of being able to get negative travel costs
- Player progress was only stored when starting a new map, but not when finishing a map, resulting in potential progress loss of found item stats
- Triumph music volume is now controlled by music volume slider instead of sound volume slider
- Fixed various typos

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Patch 1.1.1 (3rd November 2016)

- Fixed travel cost/days shown in German
- Fixed OSX version black screen on startup
- Fixed characters with hybrid gender crashing game in final screen
- Fixed crash after restoring game
- Fixed crash when finishing expedition
- Improved browser compatibility for web version

- Improved some texts based on feedback
- Mount/Dismount buttons were not translated
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Changelog for patch 1.1.2 | Windows (GOG-19), Linux (GOG-20), Mac (GOG-22) | (December 1st, 2016)

• Support for translating explorer names

- Fixed some sites exiting event flow instead of returning to morning event after camping
- Fixed crash when entering combat with zero health characters
- Fixed item info box showing item "cost" instead of "value"
- Fixed old save game states not properly cleared sometimes
- Fixed some event text typos
- German: Fixed crash in one positive night event
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Changelog for Patch / GOG-20 (Windows) / GOG-21 (Linux) / GOG-23 (Mac) (added 06 March 2017):

- New adventures await!
- We have released our first major update, which introduces:
- Arctic regions
- More characters
- Valuable Items
- Deadly Enemies
- Useful Perks
- New things that will very likely cause your expedition trek to die a gruesome death
and many, many more things!
- It's hard to describe how excited we are to release this first major update after releasing the 1.0 version of The Curious Expedition. We have still so many ideas to extend the game, which is why we spent the last couple of months on this update. Arctic Expanse not only introduces a whole new region, the arctic, but also many improvements and additions to the previously existing areas of the game.
- This is a full fledged DLC update, and it's free - because we love working on this game and are thankful for your support.
- We have fine-tuned the balancing, added many UI and Interface improvements, added new treasures and godly curses and items and perks, sound effects, events, ailments, quests ... it's too much to list. We'll provide you with a detailed changelog of all the new things and improvements in the coming days.
- Until then, have fun exploring the new content and get yourself lost in new adventures. We're looking forward to your feedback!
- Adventure awaits!
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Changelog for patch / (Windows) / (Mac) (added 31 March 2017):

- Fixed ship arrival in arctic regions was not always shown
- Better support for legacy savegame files
- Added missing strings to language tables
- More characters are revivable through altars now
- Fixed desert events having wrong background image
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Changelog for Patch / (Windows, Linux and Mac) (added 19 April 2017):

- Added a tab button allowing to flip through very large inventories. This also fixes the issue with unreachable buttons during bartering.

Changelog for Patch (added 19 April 2017):

Chinese update!
- Added new explorer Huang Feihong with special attacks
- Added Traditional and Simplified Chinese language translation (Thanks so much to Project Gutenberg)

- Increased health bonus for regeneration blessing
- Increased level health bonus for Marie Curie

- Fixed overlong text in epilogue screen
- Removed pink pixel on Amundsen statue
- Signature rifle was not using the proper die
- Don't draw travel path when hovering mouse over action bar
- Added some missing lines to German translation
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Changelog for Patch 1.2.4 (added 24 April 2017):

- We now added the first version of the French fan translation

- Fixed crash when hovering over wife NPC character
- Fixed crash when starting new game after exiting previous game via "save&exit" while an event alert was shown
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Changelog for patch 1.2.5 / (Windows) / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 16 May 2017):

- Certain disasters now scale up depending on expedition number
- Expedition is auto-saved every couple of minutes and when shutting down game


- Using portal tome page on top of ship should not replace ship anymore
- Entering portals does not reset golden pyramid discovery state anymore
- Entering portals does not reset compass progress anymore
- Forsaken villages don't spawn angry villagers anymore
- Snarfrattle was not attackable sometimes
- Location hints are not drawn on top of water or chasms anymore
- Fixed wrong page title when sharing report to twitter
- Fixed crash when pressing keys during loading bar
- Fixed graphical glitches when entering portal world
- Don't show tree climb event in arctic worlds
- Fixed forsaken disaster showing wrong text in shrine
- Fixed harbor hunter becoming party member and crashing game
- Fixed wrong "decreased loyalty" notification on max loyalty
- Fixed rare crash when switching world
- Fixed rare crash on game over after visiting portal world
- Fixed rare bug that closed combats early
- Fixed being able to use item during diary alert
- Fixed being able to use camp site during build-up
- Fixed multiple events happening at same time
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Changelog for patch / (Windows) / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 24 October 2017):


- Supporting new format for languages
- Added Korean translation
- Improved Italian translation
- Improved French translation
- All enemies reachable within 2 tiles can now consistently be attacked (before that number would be between 1 and 3)
- Highlight map location you are interacting with. Helps with knowing which of two enemies you are attacking for example
- Added new treasure type (Golden Beauty)
- Going to windowed mode with different scales now sets appropriate minimum window sizes
- Savegames are saved in two steps now, making sure they don't get corrupted if something goes wrong during the save process (e.g. game is force quit via OS)
- Add option to increase ranking screen animation by clicking


- Shaman hut charges less for healing infections and injuries
- Hallucination status generates hallucinations more aggressively now
- Healer perk is only usable by Feilong


- Fixed sometime travel via double clicking stopped working
- Fixed loyalty was not properly restored from savegame
- Fixed missing help text for barter bar
- Fixed hallucinations status should disappear after expeditions
- Fixed Geysir water never being replaced by shallow water
- Fixed animals becoming paranoid when consuming red mushrooms
- Fixed being stuck in sledge when there is no path
- Fixed hovering over treasure maps crashing game
- Fixed savegame not properly deleted on game
- Fixed Allison Otting not being able to paint
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"Improved italian translation".................................

For the first time i decided to try the italian translation of the game, because usually i play in english.
It's so atrocious that my eyes were bleeding.
I know that it's not a pro job, but i think that it's realized by someone that doesn't know the english language and maybe he should come back to school to study again even the italian language.
Post edited October 25, 2017 by micartu
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Changelog for Patch (added 22 December 2017):

- Added modding support and in-game achievements

Main Menu
- New background graphics
- Added a news section allowing you to read about development news from within the game
- Nicer UI elements (checkboxes and exit buttons)
- Added animated campfire to several event screens
- Added new secret explorers
- Added new sound effects for some aftermath events
- English text will be shown as fallback if no localized string is available

- Lone survivor perk fills up full sanity bar when triggered
- Made climbing gear slightly stronger and climber perk slightly weaker
- Increased ship water refill to 20 units
- Angry native zones can never become unaggroed now (unless they are sleeping)
- Restricted most quests to appear before final expedition
- Missionary quest is now automatically resolved when entering the village
- Remove local curses when stepping through portals
- Corruption sprawls will no longer kill enemies
- Tesla gun now benefits from gun expert perk
- No random fires can happen when packing a camp up anymore. (Pyromaniacs still can lay a fire though)

- Fixed multiple bugs potentially causing being stuck in tutorial
- Fixed flood curse following you beyond expedition end
- Fixed ship getting destroyed
- Fixed rare crash when having a empty slot in inventory
- Konrad quest can now be completed even after leaving the village when first encountering him.
- Freeing slots in the hot air balloon should now work more intuitively
- Fixed exploit that allowed to return more items than normally allowed with the hot air balloon
- Fixed issues with path finding in dog sledge
- Improved camera behavior when panning to locations
- Removed ability to dismiss character while a pending diary event is already waiting
- Mount button is now greyed out when already mounted
- Fixed mounted status not stored in savegames
- Fixed issues with native visit event
- Fixed event flow after fighting with giant spiders
- Fixed shaman perk not working on all mushrooms
- Fixed combat cursor picks new enemy when old target died
- Fixed family amulet event line
- Fixed wrong button help text on scale 3 setting
- Fixed unlocalized texts in game over screen
- Fixed being able to stop village spawn via mini puppets
- Fixed failed idol quest was not handled correctly
- Fixed vulture night event showing up even though player had no ammo
- Fixed musician quest not always resolving properly
- Fixed special friend event flow
- Fixed Olivia not having a crystall ball at game start
- Fixed same piece of meat being cooked by multiple cooks at the same time
- Always show diary alert first before interrupting player action during travel
- Fixed enemies killed by a debuff now don't supply dice in the next round anymore
- Fixed window size issues
- Fixed unusable items having infoboxes explaining how to use them
- Fixed large inventories overlapping Flee or Roll button during combat
- Fixed double epilogue caused by obsidian mirror
- Fixed mini maps sometimes going blank or regenerating or crashing the game
- Fixed some places being unreachable after world generation
- Fixed parts of golden pyramids being missing sometimes
- Fixed crash bug caused by (de)buffed characters entering combat
- Fixed crash bug in tutorial caused by no place to spawn the ship being found
- Fixed charismatic perk only working once
- Fixed weird duplicated actions in queen conflict event
- Fixed problem where two events could trigger at once
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Changelog for Patch 1.3.1 (added 12 January 2018):

Modding improvements
- Added support for requirements for perks in the celebration screen. Possible use cases: only offering some perks for some explorers, having some perks as prequisite for other perks (e.g. level 1, level 2, level 3 perks), offering perks depending on visited terrain types, having a curse disallows choosing a new perk for one expedition, etc..
- Added support for adding custom character buttons (in the same style as the promote or mount button). They can have their own requirements and can trigger a custom event when clicked. A new example mod slapFace showing how to use this can be found on our githug page
- Added a new log viewer which is more stream lined than the previous version (more work to be done here). There is a new "Show Log" button on the modding screen to open it and also on the in-game debug bar. Also game events should now be contributed to the correct mod making it easier to debug things.
- Fixed modding feature check only accounted for the first new entity type instead of counting all of them
- Fixed mod version parsing was not working when the number was not written in quotes. Also reduced the amount of numbers designating the version to just two (A.B) instead of (A.B.C.D).
- Fixed parsing mods without imgData breaking game graphics
- Fixed importing files which had a single entry instead of a array
- Fixed invalid character references crashing the game (should just be ignored now)
- If mod does not designate a defaultLang property, 'English' is assumed
- Added support for triggering chat lines from the entity search bar
- Added support for gender-specific grammar in chat lines
- Removed mod ID from info screen (not relevant to most users)
- Made sure that delayedEvent is in the game scripts for events that may interrupt player movement. Events being triggered via delayedEvent show a diary alert first instead of opening up the diary right away. This mode should be used for any text events that are triggered during tripEvents or dayEvents. Maybe we'll come up with a way to detect this automatically, but this isn't trivial, so for now this has be designated manually.
- Marked sp-ee-base as abstract so they can't be spawned directly into the game
- Fixed color slots not being recognized correctly
- Restricted shown mod name lengths on mod select buttons
- Renamed blocksHealthRegen to blockHealthRegen for consistency
- Added blockLevelUp property for temporarily blocking promoting characters via a status

Game Bugfixes
- Fixed underground tunnel caves not working properly when revisiting
- Fixed polyglot perk not working properly
- Fixed villages having empty inventory
- Fixed sprawl power not being stored correctly in savegame
- Fixed legacy savegames not loadable anymore
- Fixed some localization issues on the modding screen (more work to do)
- Fixed localization on game over screen

Other changes
- Cosmic Indifference perk should now also working if there are other human trek members. Raised the required sanity to use Necronomicon without burning it to 20
- Corrupted sprawl should no longer kill zones

Changelog for Patch 1.3.2 (added 12 January 2018):

- Made reset profile less likely to be hit accidentely

- Fixed altar broke when sacrificing certain items
- Fixed window not covering whole game area
- Fixed showing item count on actions with required items
- Fixed unlocking characters
- Fixed issues with steam achievement syncing
- Reduced target count for explorer-collect achievement

- Added refresh button to modding screen which allows to reload mods without leaving screen
- Remember entity history for in-game debug bar
- Add bonus syntax support for XP, compass score, karma
- Print syntax parsing errors for mods in debug console
- Added a warnings/error counter to the show-log button in the debug bar (gets reset on every mod refresh)
- Fixed upload button
- Fixed corrupted game state after deleting mods

Changelog for Patch (added 12 January 2018):

Modding Features
- Added "reload mods" to in-game debug bar, allowing to adapt script and play the change without having to restart the game
- Added support for reqXP and reqMapScore
- Added support for specifying custom loyalty for characters
- Modding recognized as disabled when all mods have been disabled manually
- Added debug button N for enabling/disabling tile borders for debugging
- Made parsing of mods more robust

- Fixed overriding image slots in mods
- Fixed support for mods on OSX
- Fixed stunned dice in combat were never reset
- Fixed debug text showing up in game