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Changelog for patch (added 02 February 2018):

- Fixed green mushroom not giving sanity boost for shamans
- Fixed stuck in celebration screen when no medals left
- Removed report button as we are reworking them
- Fixed performance issues on some machines

Mod Tools

- Fixed game not loading when missing images, instead a proper error message will be printed
- After refreshing all mods should be enabled again
- Remember debug choices in main menu debug bar
- Improved colors in the debug bar
- Added clear button to log viewer
- Removed some debug flags and set them to always be automatically enabled
- Added "Event Checks" check box to log viewer, allowing to see very detailed event computation in the log and understand why exactly a event is failing or not
- Print log output to tce-log.txt file as well
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Changelog for patch (added 07 February 2018):

- Changed Lovecraft unlock condition to using Necronomicon instead of just finding it
- On the world map extra worlds and unvisited worlds were shown in gold color. Now only extra worlds are shown in gold color. Unvisited worlds are marked with the fame badge, making it easier to distinguish between the two.
- Bugfixes
- Fixed golden pyramid not spawning in some special biomes
- Fixed not being able to explore golden pyramid in some special biomes
- Fixed broken names of special worlds on world map
- Fixed Linux crash on startup


- Added support for fallback entries in build lists
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Changelog for Patch (added 10 April 2018):

- Added 3 new tome pages
- Added triceratops

- Fixed issues with uploading new mods
- Fixed cloud sync between different OS
- Moved Linux save game path from ~/ to ~/.config/
- Fixed some dice showing wrong number of faces
- Fixed some typos
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Changelog for Patch (added 20 April 2018):

- Forsaken villages spawn Abominations
- Adjusted cultist coca stash
- Adjusted Jungle Rot icon
- The New Game gallery now can have multiple pages of explorers if more than 20 are unlocked
- Can now have multiple custom explorers unlocked at once
- The random character option is now the first one

- Tile Border Sprites can now be modded, just add a borderSprites section to your tile (full documentation coming soon)
- Improved warnings that are printed to the log when mod content contains errors
- Fixed issues with the replace operator not always working
- Game now longer creates a mods/mods folder
- Fixed issues with mod localisation files
- Loading mod data when starting a new game only happens if necessary, so there's not a large hitch by default
- The small portrait image id will only have a file extension appended if necessary

Debug Bar
- Expedition maps are now generated with using a seed.
- While hovering over the "Test Game" button in the debug bar with your mouse, type to enter the string that will be used to generate the Test Game
- A map generated with the same seed and parameters (Pocket, Difficulty, Expedition number etc) will always generate the same map layout
- When starting a game, the seed will be printed to the log. This can help with reporting bugs.
- Added a "God" toggle to fights: when active, your party cannot be harmed
- Added a "Win" button to fights: when clicked, you kill all enemies
- When spawning a tile, if that can't be spawned at the player location it will be spawned one tile north (instead of nothing happening)
- Reloading mods now properly reloads images
- Can now start a Test Game using a pocket that doesn't contain a goal (a goal will be spawned)

- Fix for game not respecting the OS scaling setting
- Fixed scaling changes not taking effect immediately
- Fixed debug bar not rendering correctly at some scaling settings
- Fixed issue where small white dots would sometimes appear on the landscape
- Fixed issues with tiles missing borders along the region borders
- Fixed issues with tile borders still rendering even when tiles have been consumed by the void
- Fixed Bug where forsaken Villages sometimes fire non-forsaken events
- Fixed superstitious animals
- Mission now checks if trek is full before offering to recruit cultist after cultist takeover
- Fixed crash when entering item screen with mods that add items enabled
- Fix for being stuck in a location if a mod has set the leave event to be invalid
- Fix for the game not loading if an image is referenced by multiple sprites
- Fix for compass not displaying correctly after loading a saved expedition
- Compass is no longer 100% in the first expedition (unless playing on Easy)
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Changelog for Patch (added 18 June 2018):

- Added Polish translation

Performance and Rendering
- Added Low Graphics setting that reduced particles
- If the game detects that it has no GPU, Low Graphics will default to on
- Added support for 4K UHD Resolution (3840 x 2160): 1:6 pixel ratio
- Can now toggle Stretching setting independently of Scaling
- Improved rendering performance
- Improved loading times

- Achievements are now given when mods are enabled (but the debug bar must be disabled)
- Mods now support spritesheets
- Range syntax is now supported for replaceTile and removeZones; Radius is deprecated
- replaceLocations range property supports bonus syntax
- Runtime Mod event errors are correctly tagged with the mod
- Localisation Mod errors are correctly tagged with the mod
- Missing sound files are now correctly detected

- Fixed issues with mod language loading and improved logging
- Fix for Forsaken shrine aftermaths not removing angry natives
- Fixed village funeral event not allowing extra options when you have a missionary in the party
- Fix for mousewheel not working on mac
- Fix for treasure maps not being rendered correctly after loading a savegame
- Left-clicking on an item while an item is currently being moved no longer attempts to use the clicked-on item, but will instead drop the currently held item if possible
- When switching an item with one in a different slot while overburdened, the empty spot will no longer be removed
- Ghost Quest and Giant Spider caves don't become other cave types when interacted with
- Item and Character achievements work correctly
- Explosion Expert perk removes locations in all effected tiles
- Fixed villages always saying you were welcome even when you had a low standing
- Fixed some unlocalised gameover texts
- Reset Profile correctly resets Highscores and Achievements
- Fixed seeing multiple notifications for the same achievement
- Fixed character unlock notifications not being displayed when the character is actually unlocked
- Fixed Trippy Trip achievement
- Fixed Special Visit achievement
- Fixed stats not being correctly incremented after switching difficulty levels
- Fixed ranking display in Italian
- Fixed some rest events not actually including a rest
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Changelog for Patch (added 17 July 2018):

- Added Spanish translation
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Changelog for Patch (added 08 October 2018):

UI Changes
- Added smooth zooming
- Improvements to infection/death system
- Infobox now shows the death chance for infected characters
- A diary alert is shown before opening the diary when somebody is dying
- Tin can items will only be shown as usable when they can actually be used (sanity less than 30)
- Added quick scroll to credits; added new entries for fan edition

Tuning changes
- Increased chance of catastrophic outcoume when sending claustrophobic person into cave without torch
- Waiting now costs the base trip cost in sanity
- Only one item per item category is now cooled down per turn, instead of all of them
- Changed jungle rot sickness to be potentially deadly
- Tweaked how often some events could appear on one expedition

- Toughness can't be reduced below zero when contracting a disease
- The shop-specific item value bonuses are only displayed when at the shop screen
- Indicator for item usage in combat now matches the reality
- Various German typos fixed

- Added support for Character flags +noMirror, +noHealth and +noLoyalty
- Party buttons are refreshed when stats change
- Vehicles can't get infected
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Bug Fixes
- Fixed Healing Springs not having follow-up events
- Fixed particles not being correctly rendered during zoom changes
- Fixed some missing Chinese texts (but not all yet)
- Fixed wrong status being shown when you haven an Abomination in your party

- Fixed Combat particles not being displayed

- Fixed broken Chinese text
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Changelog for Patch (added 29 October 2018):

- fixed a bug in the Region infobox display that was missing vital information about undiscovered Locations.
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Changelog for Patch (added 26 November 2018):

- Added Russian translation
- Added new Explorer character Rasputin

Tuning Changes
- Tuned Slaver trading
- Reduced the chance of starting a fire after resting

- Fix for item 'addStatus' keyword not working
- Fix for 'sprawlEvents' keyword not working
- Barter and Loot events can now specify a 'invName' that will be used to determine which inventory in the location is used to contain the items

Bug Fixes
- Fixed maps sometimes having blocking mountains that prevent exploration
- Fixed Pack Ice sinking when it shouldn't have
- Fixed some English and German language issues
- Fixed Chinese language wrapping issues
- Playing the tutorial no longer removes your savegame
- Fix for tiles not correctly animating when replaced
- Fixed cave giant spider event not triggering correct event after combat
- Fixed unwanted camera panning when interacting with items
- Fixed issue where cultist mission takeover would conflict with stash inventory
- Haggle skill is now correctly evaluated when entering barter screen
- Fixed victory screen chat position
- Fixed combat dice shaking sometimes not behaving correctly
- Fixed action buttons not always being visible
- Fix for diary image going back when it's changed
- Fix for game closing when quitting credits
- Fixed corrupted sound issues on some machines
- Fixed missing effect when uploading mods
- Fixed graphical issues on Ranking screen when scaling mode is 3
- Fixed party members not chatting
- Party members now animate when chatting
- Fixed wrong world start position
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Changelog for Patch (added 08 May 2019):

- Added Brazilian Portuguese & Ukrainian languages
- New Main Menu background: Remastered London Skyline
- Renamed 'Bipolar' to 'Mercurial'
- Fixed some English and German text
- Fix for damage particles being in wrong location when hitting mounted character
- Mounted characters that have zero health are dismounted when entering combat
- Fix for Expedition not being marked as aborted when using balloon
- Fix for portals being placed always on grasslands
- Minor Barter UI improvements
- Fixed some missing status Notifications
- Fixed bad Scottish names
- Fixed various scripting/event errors
- Updated Credits
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Patch (added 07.10.2019):

- Added Japanese and Turkish languages
- Returning empty-handed from idol harbor quest no longer shows text implying that you kept the idol
- Fix for loading very old savegames
- Fixed some cases where the wrong gender would be displayed
- Fix for being able to perform attacks or click the roll button during the enemy turn
- Updated translations and fixed some typos
- Fix for sprawl events happening while resting
- Fix for red mushrooms usage event saying nobody requires treatment when they do
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Changelog for Patch 1.4 (added 27 November 2019):

- Added new game mode: Curious Expedition: RIVALS
- Bug Fixes
- Fix for arctic claim positions not working if the tile they were on changed
- Fix for status days remaining not updating while resting
- Fix for Rasputin's "Wound treatment" status having the wrong description
- Fix for pendulum shaking while in the harbor
- Fix for zone borders not being properly shown when revealed sometimes
- Many changes to French translation by Damn3D

Standalone installers updated (Windows & Mac: ⇒ 1.4.0; Linux: ⇒
27 and 28 November 2019, respectively.