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Story and events
[FR] Lots of rewrites, typos corrections and overall text improvements in both interface and events
[EN] A few typos fixes and Breeder drones were renamed Krafter
From me: there are some changes in [RU] as well

Interface, Graphics and Sounds
- Added a video option to control the framerate in the option menu, players should now be able to choose among 30, 60, 120 and uncapped FPS
- Added hover information for units with absorb shields or on asteroid cells
- Added a few new npc pictures for pirates and civilian children
- Improved the health bar colors for squadrons to hint at health state
- Improved the quality of some graphic assets (NPC)

BugFix Major
- Fixed an issue where some players were stuck without any interface after loading their game
- Fixed an issue where in some "undeploying" situation the dock would get "stuck" and unable to deploy anything for the remaining of the fight
- Fixed an issue where players who did some shenanigans with their save files could face the wrong boss for the current chapter
- Fixed an issue where the Okonkwo achievement was not triggered. Will be retroactively awarded to player who missed it
- Removed the "Jeef Merkk" achievement as for now it was a bit tedious to unlock without being able to replay the chapter

BugFix Minor
- Fixed an issue where the regen indicator on squadrons was still displayed while in command center
- Fixed an issue where units that were in the pushed back zone after hull bar explosion were engaging adjacent units and slowing them down
- Fixed an issue where the electromagnetic storm duration was not properly translated
- Fixed an issue where the quantity of reinforcement in mother "call to arms" ability was wrong in easy
- Fixed an issue where some ambushed enemies were not deploying weapons in all their available docks
- Fixed an issue where buying the pirate transponder while on a shop was not updating local shop pricesing local shop prices
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The offline downloader for macOS still lists 1.01. Are there plans to update it?

I do not use GoG galaxy, so I have not checked if 1.02 is available there.
chriseagleston: The offline downloader for macOS still lists 1.01. Are there plans to update it?

I do not use GoG galaxy, so I have not checked if 1.02 is available there.
Thank you for the report. The 1.0.2 version has been deployed last thursday and appears correctly through Galaxy. However, it does not show on the GoG website and we are investigating why.
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GoG's developer support team told us they have a QA phase on offline installers. So they have to test the game go through this phase and it will be available after that.
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Patch 1.1.0 (23 October 2019)

Greetings Crying Suns fans,

Crying Suns was launched almost a month ago and thanks to your valuable feedbacks since the release, we were able to define our next priorities to improve our game.

Following your comments and reviews, we mainly worked on 3 big subjects :

Make the game replayable

Lower the repetitiveness of some events

Refine some gameplay parameters to provide a better experience


We developed a new “chapter selection” feature. After completing the story, you are now able to replay any of the 6 story chapters (with or without the story events, as you can reset the story on each chapter) and of course, with any of the battleships and officers you unlocked until then.
Thanks to this new feature, you will be able to finally unlock story achievements you may have missed in your first runs! In addition, new Achievements have been added for completing all chapters with every battleship, although only your future runs will count for these achievements (unfortunately, save files from previous versions don’t contain the information about which chapter was achieved with which battleship).

Events repetitiveness corrected:

Following multiple players reports that a small group of events appeared very frequently, we conducted a complete audit of the event procedural generation. We found several blocking issues that were provoking statistical aberrations. We also found that we had too much constraints on events generations (related to graphical environments, gamedesign constraints or POI types) which made 20 to 30 events to be mostly picked against the few hundreds of them (!) We conducted a complete redesign of our approach and the repetitions of events should occur a lot less often now. A lot of events that were almost never picked before should now reappear and most of the time there shouldn't be much repetition between two consecutive full runs.

Gameplay adjustments:

We reworked some game parameters to improve the global game experience, including a rebalancing of Neo-N distribution (making it fairer mostly), adjustments on some weapons effects and some squadrons abilities. We also heard your feedbacks about the lack of difference between the unlockable battleships so we started to adjust their characteristics to foster diversity among them and encourage various game strategies. We will continue these improvements in the next versions of course.

As planned in the roadmap, we also started to integrate the cloud save feature although this one will only be available from the next version as we need players to update first their data files with this version.

At the end of this post, you will find the whole detailed list of corrections we made thanks to your feedbacks.

Don't hesitate to use the GOG forum or our Discord channel ( to report any problem you might encounter in the game. Your feedbacks are crucial for us to improve the game experience.


The Crying Suns development team


New achievements for completing all chapters with each battleship. Earning those Achievements in Hard difficulty will automatically grant easy or normal version of the same achievement. Unfortunately, as mentioned before, those data were not available in the save file, so all progression on those achievements will start from scratch.


- [NEW FEATURE] Chapter selection is now available after completing the story. New achievements have been added for completing all chapters with a battleship. It's also now possible (after completing the story) to reset a single chapter story, allowing to try again to unlock a missed achievement.
- The space bender weapons were improved. All MK versions have now the same teleport long distance, 7 cells, instead of 2, 5 and 7 (for MK I, II and III respectively). Their cooldown and area of effect have been rebalanced too.
- Neo-N refueling random generation has been slightly rebalanced to avoid extreme situations and provide a fairer experience.
- Fixed an exploit allowing Flak weapons to reset their current pattern by undocking/redeploying them during tactical pause
- Rebalanced some battleships maximum upgrade levels
- Kaos class battleship has been improved (4 more hangar slots for squadrons)
- Boomer squadrons ability (Exploding) has been rebalanced (from 6/12/18 damage per MK level to 10/14/18)
- Jericho Class Battleship has been nerfed a bit, losing 1 level of hull bar upgrade at start (all difficulties)

Story, events and texts

- [MAJOR] Complete redesign and correction of our events distribution approach.
- [RU] Fixed a mistranslation for the Instant loader description.
- [EN] Multiple typos fixes and improvements on interface and dialogs

Interface, Graphics and Sounds

- The remaining quantity of repair available in shops was misleading, it has been improved to be more obvious.
- Improved the reinforcement feedback to make it more visible.
- Changed the display order of the mission dashboard summary during the expedition to match the order of the item in the dashboard pre-expedition

BugFix Major

- Fixed an issue where there was a weird visual "jump" appearing sometime when returning from an expedition to the command center.
- Fixed an issue where the visual displaying a weapon target was not cleaned after shooting
- Fixed an issue where a lot of people were skipping dialog by mistake, the delay before being able to skip the next dialog has been extended to avoid this.
- Fixed an issue where sometimes some objects on the battlefield were not teleported as planned
- Fixed an issue where in the battleship selection menu, the battleships starting hull bars and health points were not displayed properly according to the difficulty (in easy mode starting battleships have more level in hull upgrades).
- Fixed an issue where the "lose 1 hull bar" condition appearing in some events was marked as "not available" if you had only 2 available hull bars.
- Fixed an issue where in some cases, just after selecting a new battleship in the run customization screen and clicking on “start”, nothing happened and the players were stuck with no interface.
- Fixed an issue where the expedition dashboard was displaying wrong information (by 1) in some case

BugFix Minor

- Fixed an issue where an expedition sound was not stopped and stayed in the background when the officer died.
- Fixed an issue where hovering skills in the "resolution" part of the expedition was returning a "missing translation message"
- Fixed an issue where final boss (chapter 6) officers were not displayed "properly".
as_csauveur: GoG's developer support team told us they have a QA phase on offline installers. So they have to test the game go through this phase and it will be available after that.
Thank you. I was able to get the 1.0.2, and 1.1.0 offline installers.
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Changelog for Patch 1.1.1 (added 30 October 2019):

Greetings fellow space explorers!

Here is a new update to correct some bugs and improve some features following your valuable feedbacks:

- We started to improve the special officers "growing" feature. Previously, there was a 50% chance to have 1 special officer randomly selected among those available. Now the chances start at 50% with 1 officer and each unlocked officer adds 4% more chance. With all 13 officers unlocked, the chances are 100% (meaning one special officer available for each new run). We are still working on a bigger redesign of this feature but for the time being it should make it a bit smoother and more interesting.

Story, events and texts
- We made small adjustments to the final dialog, clarified a few loose ends that were not intended.
- We rewrote some lines that were insensitive and hurtful about cancer or tumor.
- Interface, Graphics and Sounds
- We improved the visibility of special officers in shops.
- Auxiliary systems that can't be stacked now cannot be bought twice in the shops.

BugFix Major
- Fixed a bug where the Shredder and Basilisk units stopped applying their ability after being re-deployed during a fight.
- Fixed a bug where people having finished the demo could not use the "reset chapter" feature.
- Fixed a bug where the Church Battleship was not able to scavenge any Neo-N while at level 0 upgrade.

BugFix Minor
- Fixed a bug where the docks were not updated after selling the brutal deployer.
- Fixed a bug a unit that had chasing target at the moment of its death, re-deployed with the same chasing target.
- Thanks again for your feedbacks and for helping us making this game everyday better and better!

Standalone installers updated:
- Windows: 1.1.0 Normal WIN32.100 win64.103 GOG ⇒ 1.1.1 Normal WIN32.104 win64.107 GOG.
- Mac: 1.1.0 Normal MAC.105 GOG ⇒ 1.1.1 Normal MAC.109 GOG.
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Hotfix update 1.1.1b (31 Oct 2019):

- We just fixed a breaking error introduced in this last update. When loading the game with a current run with a battleship equipped with the brutal deployer auxiliary system, it caused the run save to crash and be discarded into a backup folder. It's now fully corrected.
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1.2.0 CHANGELOG 12/17/2019

[MAJOR] Complete redesign of the special officer availability and selection feature. It's now possible to choose a special officer among unlocked ones if the special officer is ready. Each special officer has a "growth gauge" indicating when they are ready, the gauge advances each time the player goes beyond sector 1 in a run. Losing (or discarding) a run with the selected special officer put the growth gauge back to 0.
[NEW] New auxiliary system: Cinetic converter. Converts damaged received by your battleship into reduced cooldown for your weapons.
[NEW] New auxiliary system: Tactical log Neurosphere. The more total victory you achieve, the more you can sell it.
[NEW] New auxiliary system: Nemesis core. All you units gain the "Exploding" ability (also improve those which already have it)
[NEW] New officer ability: Battlefield auto-Krafter. Spawns "Krafted" units when one of your units dies.
[NEW] New officer ability: Guerilla tactics. Improve patched squadron damage efficiency vs non-patched.
Added the possibility to chase or choose a target when using the waypoint mode (ctrl).
The last boss of chapter 6 has been buffed in hard mode (1 additional hull bar).
Takeshi Sung (the special officer with 4 skills) has been nerfed and his health points reduced from 6 to 4.
Makk and Weezz (Scrapper special officers) had their special ability changed to the 2 new ones that matched much more scrapper flavour/synergies.

Story, events and texts
[NEW] Added 8 new events, including 2 new quest events, focused on risky choices and providing skill choices for underrepresented skills in events.
Added a tutorial to explain the "undocking" feature.
Added a tutorial to explain the officer growth and selection feature.
Changed the Alpha krafter ability description to be clearer about the fact the unit spawned has the "Krafted" attribute and is "Patched".
Changed the narrator translation for "babymaker" into "Enslaved civilian" as it was weird for them to refer as "babymaker".

Interface, Graphics and Sounds
[NEW] Added 6 new Gaseous planet visuals.
[NEW] Added 3 New stations visuals.
[NEW] Added a new visual of a "destroyed" civilian ship.
Added visual cues on damaged cells when "Exploding" units are doing damages.

BugFix Major
Fixed a major issue where 4 sun related events were not picked anymore.
Fixed a major issue where the game crash log were expanding in size endlessly, sometimes saturating the hard drive and crashing the game saving.
Fixed an issue where story events could replace previously earned quests and negating them.

BugFix Minor
Fixed a bug that changed the space background color between the chapter 6 boss fights.
Fixed a bug where the "low life" sound effect during fight was still on after starting a new run.
Fixed a bug where it was possible to deploy a unit on a big asteroid.
Fixed a bug that allowed units to keep their earned shield after being redeployed.
Fixed a blinking glitch on squadrons affected by stasis or freeze effects.
Fixed a small visual glitch on EMP tower being destroyed.
Fixed a visual bug that made the lens flare appearing even if objects were hiding the sun.
Fixed a visual bug that made part of the turrets being visible even behind explosion fx.
Fixed a few wrong colored lights on stations or battleships.
Fixed a material bug on the Chapter 5 boss battleship.
Fixed a visual bug where the planets backlight was "popping" too suddenly.
Fixed a visual bug where some space objects remain on hostile system.
Fixed a bug on the last fight that made some cells impossible to target.

Changed the Expedition sandworm and kosh mech achievements that were too random. Now you only need to get to the end of and expedition involving those without retreating (or dying)
Added a small "something" for players who get "The art of war" achievement :)
We migrated the whole game engine from Unity 2017.4 to 2018.4 to make the game futureproof and easier to maintain.
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Lepuroid: BugFix Major
- Fixed an issue where some players were stuck without any interface after loading their game
Previously never had this issue.

Now that there's been an update, I do. And it's happening on fresh runs too, not just loading a game. Any word on when that's going to be getting fixed?
Lepuroid: BugFix Major
- Fixed an issue where some players were stuck without any interface after loading their game
obliviondoll: Previously never had this issue.

Now that there's been an update, I do. And it's happening on fresh runs too, not just loading a game. Any word on when that's going to be getting fixed?
Sad to hear that. Are you currently in this situation? Can you send me your save files next time it happens?
obliviondoll: Previously never had this issue.

Now that there's been an update, I do. And it's happening on fresh runs too, not just loading a game. Any word on when that's going to be getting fixed?
as_csauveur: Sad to hear that. Are you currently in this situation? Can you send me your save files next time it happens?
It started with the update yesterday. I tried to continue my existing run and couldn't progress. So I created a new game and couldn't get anywhere from the first jump. I reinstalled the game but didn't have a chance to try it out after doing so. As of now, though, the issue doesn't seem to be recurring, so I think it was just that the update glitched the first time.
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2.0 - Advanced Tactics

Gameplay / MAJOR

Battleship Core System

Each Player Battleship has now a specific unsellable modifier called a "core system" that greatly impacts the strategies and builds:

- Excelsior: The Empire takes good care of its ships and has its squadrons regenerating twice as fast while in the hangar. A sturdy and balanced Battleship, good for mastering the game basics.
- Kaos: The scrappers always tinker and make the most out of what they have, they cannot have any "mint" (full life) squadrons as they always disassemble/reuse/sell anything not vital, all the squadrons they get are therefore patched. In exchange, they gain a small amount of scrap each time (represented as a price discount in shops)
- Jericho: Lots of weapons! They also are debuff specialists: when firing on a debuffed enemy, they gain a squadron and weapon damage bonus, but if the unit is not debuffed, they have a damage malus.
- Geno: Who needs life when they have stealth? All their squadrons have a life malus. But those with the stealth ability are directly deployed with stealth and, in addition, all stealthed squadrons gain a bonus sneack attack when getting out of stealth.
- Hammer: The definition of implacable. They sure do have a speed malus but, first, they are immune to their own weapons, witch makes the use of zone weapons a lot less troublesome but second, when one of their squadrons are hit by their own weapon they gain a tremendous damage bonus, making their slow advance sounds like a sure countdown to victory. Oh, and also, it starts with a "juggernaut", I'm sure you'll love this new unit.
- Void: Jack of all trade, shape it to your playstyle. Their access to the black market price and capturable pirating skills will surely help you to get the edge, and this new shiny weapon you'd like to try.

Battleship Starting setups

We reworked all enemy battleship setups to use a variant of the player core tech modifier and a larger array of weapons/officers/squadrons/auxiliary systems and offer more variety and challenges. Some particularities of each enemy faction:

- Empire battleships have the most mint troops, fighter/drone/frigates but a small quantity of total squadrons. In addition, their Core tech differs slightly from the player one, when they hit with a single target weapon they heal the adjacent units.
- Scrappers battleships have fighters and kamikaze drones with the brutal deployer auxiliary system. Endless quarter life kamikazes are their go to.
- Church battleships have one less squadron dock, but more weapons and always a hull breaker to break shamelessly your hull. They also have a defensive stance and will wait for you while raining metal and fire on your battleship.
- Akibara-Sung battleships use stealth and heat weapons, they will light your ship on fire if you're not vigilant, be careful of your heat gauge and those invisible (yet surely somewhere) stealthed squadrons.
- Kosh-Buendia battleships will sometime get their favorite unit out: The juggernaut! Be cautious of their extensive use of zone weapon, it can hurt.
- Pirate battleships have one less squadron dock but a lot of squadron reinforcements. The good news is that they are getting weaker one after the other, it's all about surviving the first waves.

New units

3 new categories of neutral units on the battlefield that can be "activated" during the fight:
- Anti-battleship Battery: Capture it and it will fire on the enemy battleship while you play with your squadrons
- Anti-Squadron Defense Battery: Do you feel a bit overwhelmed on the battlefield? This might give you the extra damage you need to take over.
- Nano-Bot Repair Field: Heal zone for your squadrons, pretty useful.

5 new types of squadrons
- Isolated Systems Prototype: No dock cooldown after death!
- Atemporal engine Prototype: Cannot be quickened or slowed down in any way.
- Decaying Field Prototype: Add some poison to their classic damages. Efficient against squadrons with lot of life.
- Parasite drone: See an enemy unit you like? Take control of it!
- Juggernaut: Blows the enemy battleship hull with an exploding drill the size of a building.

New weapons

8 new types of weapons with brand new effects
- High energy beam: Creates additionnal heat on the targeted system
- Debris catapult: Creates asteroids on the battlefield, quite nice to hide your units
- Repair Bot Injector: Heal + regen over time
- Engine Disruptor: Creates a big slow zone when you need more time to prepare for the party
- Matter Destabilizer: Inflict Damages Over Time, the frigates best friend (not)
- Core blaster: This one is peculiar, it litteraly makes one of your unit explode and inflict damages to everything next to it. Better be careful with this one.
- Force field Generator: Invincibility at the tip of your gun.
- Invisible field projector: Gives stealth to a unit, like magic but with less rabbit in a hat and more bullets in your enemies.

New Auxiliary Systems

4 new auxiliary systems for your battleship:
- Opportunist: Bonus on all timed squadron abilities when the enemy has critics
- Poisoned weapons: Add a DOT effect to all direct damage weapons
- Asteroid-field Holo-Mapper: Gives stealth to all your squadrons entering an asteroid field
- Gyges Field Generator: Gives a chance to avoid or sneak on enemies attacks, your choice

New Officers Abilities

5 new officers abilities
- Officer assist: No personnality. He does exactly what his friend next to him does. (Ex: if you have a 25% squadrons speed boost from the first officer, the assist officer doubles it to make a 50% boost).
- Weapon sabotage: When you dislike the enemy weapons, and you want it to stop firing.
- Advanced maneuvers: Boosts further the speed of your stealthed squadrons
- Battlefield auto-Krafter: When you're sad to lose a unit, but happy because it will be almost instantly replaced by a cute drone fleet mk1.
- Guerilla tactics: Choose it if mint squadrons are your nightmare.

The OMNI Forge

- A new type of POI where you can upgrade your squadrons Marks

Gameplay / Other

- Some difficulty settings have changed.
- Proximity defense officer no longer attacks lone asteroids and asteroids now protect squadrons from it
- Magneto Frigate now forbids neighbours to move away
- Squadron prototype with "Health Regen" now gains a regen over time
- Officer ability "Proximity Repair" now gives a regen over time to all allied squadrons in the deployment zone
- Resale prices change from 75% of original price to 50% of original price
- IA church now has a defensive stance
- Undeploying an unit with the Auxiliary system "Emergency retreat thrusters" is now impossible to cancel and unit is immune to all movements effects.
- Fights when the menace catches you up on the sector map are now harder
- Famous officer has now a resale price of x3.5 (x1.75 more than the previous version since resale price is now 50% instead of 75%)
- Enemy life has been decreased
- Hull breaker and Piercer Laser have been nerfed to match enemy life decrease
- Chapter 4 / Kosh-Buendia Boss: Improved special power
- Cruiser Basilisk has now a range of 3 and a decreased dps
- Squadron ability "Stealth" now applies a fixed "sneak attack" bonus: Damage against squadrons and heat against battleship
- Squadron Krafter will keep loading its ability while moving (it was reset prior to this version)
- Plasma reload time has been reduced (33s -> 28s)
- Akibara-Sung boss has been rerfed (less full life units)
- Easy mode is easier
- Improved tactical log auxiliary system: 80 scraps per total victory (previously 30), max 350 (previously none)
- Empire enemy bosses have less frigates
- Okwonko has now a healing gun instead of an invincible gun
- Squadron prototype with "Health Regen" now gains a regen over time
- Prototype squadron ability Regen Buff: 5s (previously 10s) cooldown when standing still and not fighting, instant +10% life and 10s (previously 5s) health regen
- Officer ability "Proximity Repair" now gives a regen over time to all allied squadrons in the deployment zone
- Auxiliary System "Armored Hull" makes your battleship resist 50% of the weapon damage instead of 100%, but applies now to the first hull bar instead of your last
- Empire enemy has less full life units, and lower mark
- Critic Repair Officer Buffed: No longer takes damage and can now repair when its support dock is recovering from critic
- Fire critic takes now longer to propagate
- Heat resistance (enemy and upgrades) and weapon heat amount rebalanced
- The weapon "Cannon" is buffed and is not the worst weapon anymore
- Tesla XL has been buffed (7dps x 8s -> 10dps x 8s)
- For the Church, at the start of a run, all possible weapon will be deployed (instead of only the first)
- Player Squadrons will not stop their movement if they are intercepted right after a user command

Interface, Graphics and Sounds

- New Tutorial in run custo for the new "core system" feature and the first new battleship
- New tutorial for the "core system" feature during fight
- A few slight redesigns in some screens
- Local ruler Events now have a negative text highlight


- Special officers could drop repetitively in some case on the first run in sector 3 leading sometime to a duplicate officer drop
- Fixed an issue that were causing the player to be Stuck in the story introduction
- Fixed a Bug that was blocking the player on a splashscreen
- Fixed some lighting problems on the Kosh-Buendia battleship
- Fixed a lag on some conditions during the fight
- In some conditions, the battleship was able to be left with 0 pv displayed but still being alive
- In some conditions, a squadron could be left with 0pv but not dead
- In some locale (ex: turkey) the upper case "i" was not displayed
- Fix a refuel exploit
- Various translation fixes
- Expedition will not spawn on gazeous or magma planets
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Story and events

- Healing station event ("magic healing") has been redesigned as a risky event to make it more understandable and compliant with other events templates

Interface, Graphics and Sounds

- Translations fixes and typos
- A dozen of contents have be rewritten to be more understandable ("Famous" ability, Church mutator, etc...)


- LOTS of optimizations to improve MAX and average framerate and lower ram consumption

BugFix Major

- Fixed an issue where some weapons FX were missing (most of the "laser" effects)
- Fixed an issue where some tutorials were not triggered at the right time, but a bit later in the game

BugFix Minor

- Fixed an issue where the mutator hover zone wasn't properly set and didn't trigger the information display
- Fixed an issue where a few characters from the Russian font were not displayed
- Fixed a bug where the wrecked status of a squadron wasn't properly displayed in the Omniforge list
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- Fixed a bug preventing the Escape key to open the pause menu
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