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high rated

- Performance optimizations in combat
- Fixed a bug preventing the S key to accelerate time in combat
Nice batch of updates.
high rated

BugFix Major

- Fixed a crash when entering a red system

BugFix Minor

- Fixed a bug with inconsistent numeric keyboard shortcuts of the battleship docks

Gameplay MAJOR
Pragmah faction
- New strong enemy, visible on the map with Navigation scanner lvl 1 (min) (Only appears after chapter 3)
- New Unlockable battleship: Horus Class
- 2 new Pragmah special officers
- 15 New events
Phalanx faction
- New strong enemy, whole system, better reward, visible on the map (Only appears after chapter 4)
- New Unlockable battleship: Kronos Class
- 2 new Phalanx special officers
- 15 New events
Other items
- 1 new Weapon : Rewinder
- 2 new Squadron : Bomber, Aurora
- 1 New prototype squadron ability : Vanguard
- 3 new officer abilities : Multi-core drive, Operations and Tactics, Lone Wolf
- 5 new Auxiliary systems : Shield instability amplifier, Polyphasic shields, Retreat path, algorithm optimizer, UBI coating, Energy meta converter
New feature for expedition: Intel Broker
- Available with level 2 or 3 expedition upgrade
- Allows to buy some intels about the expedition, effectively adding an officer skill for this specific expedition to the team.

Gameplay Updates/Balancing and others
- New achievements have been added (related to new factions and special officers)
- Shield on battleship part now pop all at once when damage is done to one of them
- Buff Squadron poison prototype ability
- Boss church power now pop all shields too
- Autoshield always deploy with shield on + lower shield regen time
- Non damage hits do not cancel abilities anymore
- Improve Opportunist ability speed factor
- Slow weapons also slow down the ability charge time
- Ability charge of protector cruisers have been greatly sped up + delay improve with mark + now charge even without any valid receiver
- Parasite drones have been improved: +10 life point and ability delay changed from 5s to tier dependent: [4s, 3.5s, 3s, 2.5s]
- Some complex officers will no longer show on chapter1 sector1 in order to help new players

Interface, Graphics and Sounds
- Improvements to expedition evaluation/projection
- It's now possible to cycle through units modifiers to see exactly the effects applied and their source
- There is now static tutorials that you can check anytime if you need a refresher (It was already available on SWITCH)
- Added Highlight of compatible officers with system on selection
- Clarified the higher cost for first level upgrades on some battleships
- Clarified some effect description to make them more coherent and understandable
- Added a popup to clearly identify when an officer died during combat
- Added a small hint on officer cards to identify skill overlap/completion for the entire roster
- Updated Main menu logo

Story and events
- Fixed the game flow to avoid having Kaliban talking to the player like if they were dead when they weren't (and clarified the message when abandoning a run)
- New random events of Q&A between Idaho and kaliban
- Fixed A LOT of typos and dialog inconsistencies. A few events had their rewards or conditions changed. (Thanks to all the players feedbacks for this!)

BugFix Major
- A unit fired on with a Stealth gun that has a neighbour enemy is not unstealthed by this enemy (only seen on non attacking units)
- Some buff/debuff where not removed upon squadron removal
- Fix when upgrading your hull bar after losing one
- Zone weapons where ignoring asteroid protection of negative effects.
- Fixed a bug where a core melted unit with Exploding ability wasn't triggering their "on death" damages
- Armoured hull auxiliary system can now correctly halve the heat of heat guns
- Gyges field was only working for 1 event, it is now fixed
- End game boss on hard mode had a balancing issue, they are now tougher to beat
- A LOT of other Bugfix

BugFix Minor
- Enemy squadron hover popup had ability info displayed on a panel that was sometimes not of the right team color
- Patched unit life was sometimes displaying 1 more than what it should
- A LOT of small Bugfix
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Please note this is the first of two updates to fix the most important issues found following the release of the "Last Orders" update (3.0.0).


- Fixed having two Vanguard units at start
- Fixed Vanguard units that took space in a dock when they shouldn't have

Story and events

- Fixed a sentence appearing in English in the French version of the game
- Fixed a Prag Mah event during which not all outcomes were applied
- Fixed typos and translation issues

Interface, Graphics and Sounds

- Changed a negative Phalanx event to make it less punishing
- Fixed a Phalanx event that may end up in a blocking situation
- Fixed a regression where the surrender popup would be dismissed with a press the space bar
- Fixed an inconsistency in the ending event

BugFix Major

- Fixed Kronos Rule and Horus Rule achievements not being granted to the player - Achievements will be granted automatically on the next launch of the game based on the save file of the player

BugFix Minor

- Fixed inconsistent upgrade highlights in the OMNI forge
Thank you for your continued hard work! <3