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Yeah same problem here, that's pretty awkward but as it looks somebody created a Mantis bug report already so I suppose gog will work this issue out. :)
flaviossa: Just did that! Thanks!
Noticed something in the log after your message:

"2016-04-21 12:54:02 [galaxy_client][Information][tid:10]: Loading minimanifest H:\Jogos\GOG\Games\Crusader No Regret\
2016-04-21 12:54:02 [galaxy_client][Error][tid:10]: MiniManifest Contents for product '1207658982' at path 'H:\Jogos\GOG\Games\Crusader No Regret' is invalid: Primary Play Task is invalid;
2016-04-21 12:54:02 [galaxy_client][Error][tid:10]: UpdateProductTask cannot read mini-manifest for product 1207658982. Product is corrupt
2016-04-21 12:54:02 [galaxy_client][Information][tid:10]: Changing state of product 1207658982 from Updating unplayable to Broken "
Should be fixed now, try verifying & repairing the game when you have a moment, please :)
It *is* fixed for me now. Thank you!
It´s fixed for me too. I suggest that this verification can be done as a step in future releases/updates. As the same problem occurred before (Day of Tentacle Remastered)

Thanks for the support JudasIscariot!
Great! It works!
Now we need Crusaders: Remorse in german.
Gerdison: Great! It works!
Now we need Crusaders: Remorse in german.
Hmmmm maybe..... :P We'll see :)