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Tominion: CtW 1.8.002 [11 Aug]
GOG still says 1.7 what are you posting ?
Tominion: CtW 1.8.002 [11 Aug]
41nd: GOG still says 1.7 what are you posting ?
It would be foolish to argue with GOG for a refund for a game you bought x years ago and make enemies everywhere. Maybe these posts will cause some traffic from the store so that they can acquire some rights to these updates?
UPDATE 1.8.003, 12 oct.
Attention! To view all changes and improvements you may need to restart the game world.

The game received an updated engine which significantly increased its performance.
Added display of notification about the beginning of a tornado in a desert world.
By replacing the land under the main stockpile with wall blocks they could be completely removed.
Fixed: the Come here spell icon was displayed above the dead dwarves.
Fixed: warriors did not want to use the training dummy when sending them to train.
Fixed: small Zombies thrown by the Big Zombie could get stuck in blocks and in the air.
Some fixes in text formatting and localization.
Fixed some crash cases.

Changes in DLCs
New hero notifications are also hidden if you enter the store without clicking on them.
Magic spells near the pirate ship stops blocking after the death of the captain.
Fixed: statistics on killed monsters were not kept for heroes.
Fixed: a werewolf hero would kill a sheep when trying to catch it and sometimes could not die.
Fixed: after removing the drill machine dwarves sometimes tried to load rails into it.
Fixed: when monsters die from ticks from the staff they did not drop loot.
Fixed: deposits found using the hermit elf table were not marked with resource labels.
Fixed: farming quest was not completed while growing rice.
high rated
Attention! To view all changes and improvements you may need to restart the game world.

Update 1.9.000 (with new DLC support), 5th Feb. 2001
(.002 in bottom of this post)

Added support for the new DLC Heart of Evil which adds a new world to the game with opposing fortresses of dwarves and dark elves. The player appears in the midst of the battle and joins the last defenders of the dwarven citadel.
Optimized game performance.
Replaced the beholder model with new animations. He has become more ferocious and less stuck in narrow passages between blocks.
Improved AI dwarves. E.g. dwarves do not get stuck on elevators if a portal is open nearby.
Added a new underground creature that lives in caves made from new blocks.
A flamethrower turret has been added which deals significant damage to several monsters at once but does not have very high durability.
Blocks now retain their breaking state for some time which is reflected by cracks on their surface.
Added a stonemasson's tool to increase his skill.
A selection button has been added to the workshop window to filter resources available in the warehouse.
If you select a dwarf and do not move the screen the camera starts to follow the dwarf.
Added tornado event icon.
Fixed some bugs when playing in biomes.
Fixed some crash cases.
Many other minor fixes and improvements.

DLC Heroes
Statistics on killed monsters were not kept.
Ulvards killed the sheep while trying to catch it. Some of the monsters ignored him.
Anu Ran's frogs were dying under water.
Barry Tinkerton sometimes got stuck under the ceiling.
The heroes lost their skills when using the oblivion elixir.
Notifications about new heroes disappear every time you enter the store. Now you don't have to click all of them to hide.

DLC Lonely Mountain
Roots did not appear in earth blocks.
The gargoyle disappeared turning from stone to living.
Fixed animations of some creatures.

DLC Bosses and Monsters
If the drilling machine was removed the dwarves sometimes had the task of bringing the rails for it. Fixed some cases of drilling machine getting stuck.
Dwarves with wyvern sometimes get stuck in place.
Magic spells near the ship are unlocked after the death of the captain.
Drop from monsters did not appear when killing them with ticks from the Staff of the Living Forest.

DLC Grottoes
The deposits found with the help of the hermit elf were not marked with marks.

Update 1.9.002, 20th may 2001

Added Large Carnivorous Bush. He appears in place of overgrown 3x3 blocks of common predatory bushes, has a large number of hp and spits at the dwarves caught in the radius of destruction.
Added a bandage as an inexpensive alternative to the Health Elixir which is available at the initial stage of technology tree. The "Use to the maximum" option has been added to the context menu for using the elixir and bandage to restore the dwarves' health as much as possible.
Balance Tuning: Leather and Silver Armor have been made lighter to motivate their use on ranged units (archers and mages). Increased the durability of the turret with a flamethrower by 3 times.
Added option to customize your game "all researched" to start a world with a fully open tech tree.
The dwarf death icon was displayed 2 times which gave the impression that 2 dwarves died instead of 1.
Fixed: the existing minecarts were blocking the installation of additional minecars.
Fixed: some training dummies could not be demolished.
Fixed: dwarves massively did not want to go to train when pressing the CTRL + T keyboard shortcut.
Pressing the SHIFT combination with the left mouse button on the dwarf immediately takes it under direct control.
Fixed: the main warehouse could be demolished in direct control mode.
Fixed: it was impossible to gather water from a block with a stone or other object at the bottom.
Fixed missing fireworks in gifts during the Chinese New Year event.
Fixed being able to search for deposits in unexplored territory by trying to replace with a block of dirt.
Many other small changes and fixes.

DLC Heart of Evil
Added a new kind of elves who fight with melee weapons. The rooms of the dark fortress are reinforced with additional guards from new and old elves.
Many new blocks have been added: rubble of earth and debris, new sets of blocks for fortress rooms, shelves for boxes, heaps of various ores mixed with earth, elements of disassembled zombie factories, bookcases and shelves, pennants and banners of different sizes, stacks of ingots, boards and stones, fortified arches of mines, treasury rooms and other objects and structures.
Rooms of the dwarves' fortress modified and filled with new items.
Elves stop repairing factories after defeating the Dark Lord. The mutual shelling of the fortresses stops.
Dwarf-farmers recaptured from the gargoyles also seek to leave the dark fortress through portals just like the freed captives.
Drawn a new background for underground sinkholes.
Improved the AI ​​of the NPC dwarves. Now they do not stop waiting in blocks filled with water. When attacking a player's dwarves nearby NPC dwarves come to the rescue.
Added more lighting for different objects, fixed some cases of incorrect lighting.
Fixed animations for zombie factories.
Fixed cases of spawning translucent mobs.
Fixed: dwarves' NPC posts could be demolished in direct control mode.

Other DLC
When rats are destroyed by pets the corresponding drop will now appear.
Fixed: sometimes the back layer of earth blocks in Lonely Mountain disappeared. Borders of the earth blocks with ore were missing.
Fixed: dwarves werewolves start breaking their own doors and hatches.
Fixed drop from a pirate ship.

Added the ability to set parameter for elements of armor and weapons to increase health of dwarves.
Added the ability to set a drop for blocks of the Entity type and set a link to another item which will replace the original one during demolition (closed safe / hacked). Added the ability to specify the time of construction and demolition.
A parameter has been added to the player's profile to disable camera tracking of the selected dwarf during prolonged inactivity.
Fixed: some installed objects were not displayed in the room editor: elevators, secret passages.
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