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Changelog for Patch 1.3.003 / GOG-5 (Windows) / GOG-8 (Mac) (added 25 August 2016):

- Fixed bug when new skins of pets were changing after every restart of the game.
- Fixed fonts of Japanese localization.
- Fixed memory leak after the construction of the wooden towers or catapults.
- Fixed bug when wave of monsters didn’t go to the stockpile and stood still.
- Fixed bug when rats nest appears under water.
- Fixed bug when chickens arrives at wrong position outside the level.
- Fixed: when chickens on farm reached up to maximum population, they began to hatch outside the farm.
- Fixed: wooden tower inflicted damage to the player's catapults.
- Fixed: monsters didn't bring loot and experience after death from catapults.
- Fixed bug when dwarf cut the tree endlessly, if he already did it at the time of starting the game.
- Fixed animation of dwarf riding a trolley.
- Fixed: quick ladder is no longer blocking the construction of objects behind it.
- Other minor fixes and improvements.

Patch 1.3.000

- Models of dwarves were significantly improved, were modified old animations and added new.
- Increased base speed of dwarves. For various armor added parameter – agility, which affect on dwarf’s movement speed.
- Improved dwarves AI. Idle dwarves can take tasks by themselves inside the shelter: patrolling the perimeter, eating food, have a rest, removing bushes, preparing dishes, improving furniture, hunting pests.
- Added dialog with common statistic for each dwarf – how much monsters he destroyed, how many blocks dig etc.
- Added additional slot to the dwarf’s equipment.
- If player sends a dwarf for sleep but shelter’s boundaries have been broken then dwarf notify about this.
- Released ability of mass building/replacing the several blocks. You should select block, then move cursor through the level while holding down the right mouse button.
- Spiders now can create colonies by increasing their population. The more older spider the more dangerously it becomes.
- Inside the shelter with insufficient comfort may arrive the rat’s nest. Rats fill the shelter, eat food from tables, destroy wheat fields and could become dangerous.
- Temporary portals opened with spell can be closed now by player.
- Added lightning and sound of thunder during the heavy rain.
- Dwarves improve mage skill when preparing elixirs. Swimmer skill improves when dwarf get into the water, climber skill improves when dwarf climbs at the wall 5 blocks high.
- Archer’s skill increases speed of shooting.
- Wooden stuff now available earlier in the tech tree.
- Added new equipment item – parachute which helps dwarves to jump from any height without damage.
- Added popup dialog with major parameters for weapon, armor and tools.
- Hens on farm lay eggs even if their population reached the maximum level.
- Fixed bug when goblin drops the steeled loot after every kick.
- Fixed bug with direct control of dwarf when he was waiting for elevator.
- Fixed bug with using portal and illumination spells near the unexplored area.
- Fixed boss went in cycles at the beetles’ biome.
- Dozens of minor bugs fixes.

Changelog for Patch 1.2.010 (added 25 April 2016):

- Improved dwarves pathfinding.
- Added brand new biome filled by disgusting bugs for cooperative walkthrough and PvP. You gain an unique loot in case of victory.
- Improved dwarves AI regarding to pathfinding and probability to fall down while climbing and walking on bridges.
- Now you can send resources to another player at the biome. You should select particular cell with resource in the craft dialog and press button to the right several times depending to the number of transferring resources.
- Added chat for multiplayer. Now you can press Enter and send messages to another player at the biome.
- Improved interface of the craft dialog. Craft button icon now show current action: placing a recipe, crafting an item or disassembling an item.
- Resources gained by dwarves become temporarily unavailable for another player to steal them.
- The items made by one player are inaccessible for some time for collecting by another player.
- Restart level button now unavailable at the biomes.
- Fixed cases of discrepancy of a Tech Tree with the current world.
- Fixed some cases at which dwarves passed through the Beware Sign.
- Fixed incorrect displaying of waiting multiplayer icon over the main stockpile.
- Fixed: if the monsters attack block and one of the dwarves attack the same block (but don’t destroy it) the block ceases to break.
- Fixed generation of the biomes chests in the air.
- Fixed several bugs with opening chests at the boost rooms and magic forest spell at the biomes.
- Mithril ingots replaced with mithril ore in the soul keeper recipe.
- Dark lord at the forest biome now can call up zombies. Added colonies of giant ants.
- Other minor fixes and improvements.
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Changelog for Patch 1.3.004 / GOG-6 (Windows) / GOG-9 (Mac) (added 28 October 2016):

Halloween update

- Dear friends, we are happy to introduce our festive update in honor of Halloween! Special content will be available during the holiday, a part of which will remain afterwards. All evil beings will behave far more aggressively than usual. But when you become a zombie hunter, you are eligible for special gifts: holiday attire and armor, unusual interior design items, and holiday treats for dwarves. On Halloween, monsters and plants will take on an unusual appearance, and the rest of the environment will look more terrifying.

Aside from the modifications related to the holiday, several additions and corrections have been introduced to the regular game:

- Many new sounds have been added, including dwarf conversations and laughter, sounds of creatures in the biomes, and sounds for DLC. Sisters in Arms (conversations and laughter of female dwarves, sounds of their pets), etc.
- At the start of a new level in campaign mode, a huge part of the tech tree now becomes initially available to the player with each new planet.
- The rats have become less troublesome, their maximum population size has been reduced, and the interval between their appearances increased. Several errors in their behavior have been fixed.
- When the select game dialog box is opened, the slot with your last game is automatically highlighted.
- Alchemical recipes for collecting coal, iron, silver, gold, and mithril have been simplified.
- Fixed: the main menu language was not changed until the game was relaunched.
- Other small changes and corrections.
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Awesome =)
@GOG: please add the changelog to GOG Galaxy and the website, had to look in the forum as I was wodnerign why there is an update and what it fixes / adds.
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Craft The World & DLC: Sisters in Arms

Changelog for patch 1.3.005 / GOG-10 (Mac) (added 13 March 2017):

- Fixed an issue with the Mac version of Craft The World where the game would start in debug mode.
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With me still version 1.3.004 is displayed.
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Changelog for Patch 1.4005 (added 07 April 2017):

- The tech tree becomes partially open more and more from the very beginning of each level in campaign. Deleted some links limiting access to weapon technologies by interior technologies.
- Blocks of secret rooms were completely replaced – now rooms consist from stone blocks of the ancient disappeared race instead of the constructions of dwarves and contain the locked doors to dungeons with crowds of monsters. Graphics of the ancient portal was replaced according to new style of secret rooms.
- New monsters were added to monsters’ waves: a Skeleton Archer, a Zombie Armor-Breaker and a Giant Thrower which can throws small zombies.
- Added many-tier beds which allow you to save space significantly when constructing a shelter on the initial stages of the level.
- Added marks on the mini map for displaying the opening portals with waves of monsters.
- Now displays a cost of a spell near the cursor if it is growing in process of removal from the stockpile (for biomes).
- Now when removing blocks under the archer towers they turn into resources.
- Corrected work of a lighting spell – sometimes it didn't open unexplored area.
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
- Support of a new DLC - Dig with Friends!
Does that mean we'll be seeing the Dig With Friends DLC here soon?
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Changelog for patch 1.4006 (added 10 April 2017):

- Added fires in DLC Dig with Friends!
- Added Polish language.
- In creative mode, when you select infinite resources, the mana becomes infinite too (Dig with Friends).
- Added: the bed after demolition is reserved now on that player to whom it belongs (Dig with Friends).
- Fixed: on the minimap, dwarves that flew in tornado were not displayed.
- Fixed: the animals couldn’t jump on the block or jump over it.
- Fixed: Mad Rider and Giant Thrower now don’t go through the door (Dig with Friends).
- Fixed: in creative mode new dwarves won’t come after their deaths (Dig with Friends).
- Fixed: after death and disappearance the Terrible Beholder revived again and shoot one more fireball (Dig with Friends).
- Fixed: cost of spells was calculated not from the chest, but from the main stockpile (Dig with Friends).
- Fixed: from the Zombie Spawner in the Winter world came out Yetis (Dig with Friends).
- Fixed: dwarves could grab someone else's stuff in multiplayer on their way to the stockpile (Dig with Friends).
- Fixed: in the Winter World instead of zombies, in the secret rooms spawned the Yetis (Dig with Friends).
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Changelog for patch 1.4009 / (Windows) / (Mac) (added 10 May 2017):

- The mechanics of the elevator was completely changed. Now elevator consists of several cabins moving continuously.
- Added 3 pennants which become available to the player for decoration if he has received the corresponding achievements.
- Corrected the arrangement and the size of the text in a diary window for Asian languages.
- Corrected lack of localization files for Polish.
- Fixed positioning of marks of monsters’ portals when changing resolution.
- Remembered the last open page in workshop dialogue.

Multiplayer game

- Reduced durability of the main stockpile.
- Fixed: the camp of goblins could appear directly over a chest of the inactive player.
- Fixed: the portal didn't open near a chest if chest stood on the bridge.
- Added spawn cubes for the creative mode with zombie-armorbreakers and skeletons archers.
- Fixed: on the sleeping women dwarves of other player hairstyles weren't displayed.
- Changed: ghosts now throw out the resources which are available only in the common stockpile.
- Fixed: in the creative mode dwarves mages beat with staffs instead of use the lightnings.
- Fixed: in the creative mode for the players who have joined the server was displayed multiple effect of the portal from spawn cubes.
- Fixed: imps didn't continue the movement after release from a trap.
- Fixed some crashes.
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Changelog for patch 1.4.011 / (Windows) / (Mac) (added 1 Nov. 2017):

+ Dwarves can now sleep without beds, but their health is restored much more slowly.
+ Added displaying of icon of current work and path arrows for the selected dwarf.
+ Added additional animations for dwarves.
+ Furniture and workbenches can now be broken by monsters at the dwarves’ shelter.
+ Improved AI of monsters, now large monsters can also break blocks to clear a passage.
+ A progress indicator was added to the mining blocks, which allows you to better track the completion time.
+ In the Grunt’s shop you can buy additional mechanisms that simplify the full conquering of the world: the mana generator - accelerating mana regeneration, mana storage - increasing maximum reserve of mana and portal gates - allowing to maintain a constant web of active portals.
+ In the 4th world “The land of dangerous caves” secret rooms have also been added.
+ Added new backgrounds for the biomes of forest and cave worlds.
+ Improved the interface of the game: the settings dialog, the appearance of text labels and time.
+ Optimized performance.
+ Added many other minor fixes and improvements in the balance of the game, recipes, sounds, controlling of dwarves, tutorial.
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Ulf2016: Changelog for patch 1.4.011 / (Windows) / (Mac) (added 1 Nov. 2017):
Why are you posting steam related changelog when it has nothing to do with gog version of the game ?

This game on gog is abandoned by developer and has not been updated since may.
Post edited November 18, 2017 by zielonymlotek
zielonymlotek: This game on gog is abandoned by developer and has not been updated since may.
Where does it say that the GOG version is no longer supported by the developer? I will ask the developer again. At that time, after my first request the DLC was offered at GOG and the main version was updated.

Translated with Google.
zielonymlotek: This game on gog is abandoned by developer and has not been updated since may.
Ulf2016: Where does it say that the GOG version is no longer supported by the developer? I will ask the developer again. At that time, after my first request the DLC was offered at GOG and the main version was updated.

Translated with Google.
It's obvious. The developer has stopped updating the game on GOG.
Do you even own this game on gog ?
Then go to your library and check the changelog and latest version - it is from may 2017, while steam had like 5 more updates already.

There is something wrong if you have to contact the developer personally and beg for updates.
Because they treat gog customers as second class citizens.
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zielonymlotek: [...] Then go to your library and check the changelog and latest version - it is from may 2017, [...]
Are you sure about this? The game was reported to have been updated on Nov 16 (scroll down to the middle of that post), and the update comes with a changelog identical to the one posted by Ulf2016.
zielonymlotek: [...] Then go to your library and check the changelog and latest version - it is from may 2017, [...]
HypersomniacLive: Are you sure about this? The game was reported to have been updated on Nov 16 (scroll down to the middle of that post), and the update comes with a changelog identical to the one posted by Ulf2016.
This is MAC OS X installer . Windows installers and galaxy for windows were not updated.