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Hi Guys,

so I've tried to play good old Commandos on my Surface 3, Windows 10 Machine. I've grabbed a Widescreen Patch for the external Monitor which kind of works, but the game has a small pause every few seconds and does not run smoothly.

Has anyone got the game to work on such a configuration?
Thanks in advance!

Same issue. Followed the instructions with the download at ""

Game works, with resolution (windows 10) but there is a micro freeze every 10 or so seconds. Game unplayable due to inputs during freeze being ignored.
Hi there!
I used to had a freezing stuttering issue every now and then and I've tried almost every possible solution, with graphics wrappers like DJaVoodoo and such.
What I noticed however is that a freeze occurs during map scroll. Try to set the resolution to lower one like - 800x600 or even 640x480 - it's still quite playable that way. Also try to lower down the sensitivity of your mouse.
Somehow fiddling with those got me the decent performance.