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Changelog for Patch 1.071p (added 04 October 2019):

- adjusted area sizes and improved generation by moving a couple rooms (new games only)
- fixed glitchy archer sprites when killed during spawning in Trell battle
- fixed tiling errors in several rooms
- fixed walljumping up mines elevator shaft
- fixed escape key on PC builds
- fixed player being able to attack if gooped by hanging spider while attacking
- fixed button labels glitching on some menus
- fixed save icon not displaying correctly when saving after credits
- fixed frozen familiars during ending
- fixed rumble on certain controllers on PC
- fixed CRT shader on non-16:9 aspect displays
- fixed king trell spawning archers behind gates
- fixed some dark rooms missing doorway light
- fixed bug in unique drop bonus stat picking
- fixed dark catacombs entrance sawblade damage
- fixed various map errors
- merged latest console optimizations
- increased drop rates slightly
- increased mana orb acceleration
- increased mines crushers speed
- increased controller rumbling intensity
- reduced max spawns for spawner enemies
- improved late game basden encounter scripting
- improved fullscreen behavior for setups with multiple monitors
- Arcade: increased lantern light radius
- Arcade: misc tweaks to drop rates, area lengths, etc
- Arcade: doubled time bonus multiplier
- Arcade: fixed possible crash on map screen
- Arcade: status effects reset at end of level
- updated game controller database
- updated to FNA 19.09

- Mac standalone installers were updated from 1.071b to 1.071c, and not 1.071p (perhaps just a typo).
- Linux not updated yet (still 1.071a).
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- fixed unintended achievement unlocking when playing Arcade then Story mode
- fixed secret detector beeping for elixirs already picked up
- fixed dire rat aggro when on platform above or below
- fixed input buffer size growing every room change
- fixed Misc category notes allowing paging for translated languages
- fixed executioner walking into oil
- fixed rare glitch with explosion FX
- increased mana particle acceleration
- increased enemy mana drop rate
- updated game controller database
- updated to FNA 19.12
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- added safeguard for flour drops in innkeepers sidequest
- fixed flambard special move on thumbstick
- fixed eyebat getting stuck in ground
- fixed equipment items stacking when purchasing multiple of a type
- fixed throwing sword not throwing when holding down on d-pad
- fixed bird hat icon positions
- improved keyboard remapping logic
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- fixed animation pooling bug in Bestiary
- linux: removed deprecated 32-bit support
- mac osx: updated packaging to adhere to new apple guidelines
- updated game controller database
- updated to FNA 20.01
The GOG wrapper in 1.074 hasn't been updated - it still tries to start "Chasm.bin.x86_64", although the Linux binary is called simply "Chasm".

The game works fine if you ignore and just run game/Chasm directly.
Thanks for the heads up! I will contact GOG and see if we can get that fixed.

Edit: Just got word back from GOG that it's been fixed. Please let me know if you have any further trouble!
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- custom player map markers now pulse to differentiate from others
- fixed buying multiple potions at a time not counting towards gold spent achievement
- fixed bird hat not appearing on map
- updated game controller database
- updated to FNA 20.02

- increased enemy gold drop chance
- fixed backdash and jump button buffers not being checked when landing on ground in walking state
- fixed tiling and collision errors in a few rooms
- Arcade: fixed consumable chest items being incorrectly added to drop blacklist
- Arcade: fixed crash if all items of a category have already been dropped by chests
- updated game controller database
- updated to FNA 20.03