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ArthurMarino: My notebook specs:
Intel Core 2 Duo T5750 @ 2.00Ghz
4,00GB RAM
Mobile Intel® GM45 Express (pretty crappy)

The DosBox version is absolutely unplayable. I think I might get something around 10fps.

With this Win95 patch, things change a lot. It's playable; I guess it comes to 30-40fps. Still, isn't smooth and the fps isn't consistent sometimes.

Is there anything that I've missed or simply hardware limitation?
Try changing renderer to 'gdi' in ddraw.ini. OpenGL renderer tends to be slower on older systems.
falster: ini edits dont seem to be working for me to change resolution,
still stays same. it basically appears to be a low res, software version, whatever i put in
3dfx accel runs,but, for me at anything more than 1024x768, poor performance.
sndwv: If you check the actual resolution your monitor is displaying, I expect it will in fact be the resolution you set in the ini file. I suspected it didn't work at first as well, but I think the ddraw patch just upscales the max. resolution Carma puts out (640x480) by pixel doubling (ie 1x1 px square turns into 2x2 px square at a 1:2 scale factor), effectively 'zooming in' the image to match the set resolution.
yeah that goes some way to eplaining it i think. shame.
anarchypt: I tried this win95 patch but it crashes as soon as the game loads

Did you guys changed anything regarding compability and such?
Thiev: If it crashes with direct draw error, please see my earlier post.
tried that still doesnt work it crashes as soon as the game launches
Got it working by adding an exception for DEP for the carma95 executables.
Thanks for this, that explains a lot.
Flyby: Got it working by adding an exception for DEP for the carma95 executables.
that worked now it runs thank you
Flyby: Got it working by adding an exception for DEP for the carma95 executables.
Haha fucking DEP. Recently I was toying around with my PC and had DEP turned off completely. When I turned it on again I set it to always on instead of optin. My fault. Fixed the 0x000005 exception I got when launching the win95 exe.
Has anybody gotten a USB joystick to work with the95 Version since apparently the DOS version does not recognize USB devices?
All versions work perfectly for me.

Win7 64-bit
Radeon HD7970 (Catalyst 12.8)
Intel i7 3770
I have a problem:

The game starts, great FPS no problems at all. But when racing I have like a little small box in middle of the screen where I see the actually racing, the rest of the screen has the info bars and just black. Basically it looks like 6xx / 4 xx pixels are dedicated to the graphics while the rest is just black borders where the prat cam, damage etc etc is.

Any ideas?

Edit: Hiting + and - on the keyboard works!
PS NOT THE NUMLOCK keys, it got to be the normal number keys to get it working :D
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I have a problem with the Win 95 version. The game looks and plays well, but I'm suffering from very annoying stuttering when it comes to driving. It looks like it's visual stutter, but at the same time I noticed its affecting the way my car handles... as if the stuttering is happening to the vehicle itself and not to my visuals.

It sounds silly but I remember a higher version of Windows with Interstate '76 causes the wheels on cars to go into a spinning overdrive. I was thinking maybe there's a relatively similar issue when it comes to this game on the Win 95 patch.
Oh my god... I started game and in first level I decided to kill all the pedestrians. I had played for hour and I had killed already 516/527 of the pedestrians.... then the game crashes with no reason. I had almost done it and had got 200,000 cash! :( Now I would have to start all over.
I'm getting the error
"Installed version is not compatible with the package"


WinXP SP2, nvidia Geforce 6800 card.
Firek: Our release contains the DOS version by default, complete with both software and 3Dfx/Glide rendering modes. As you may know, however, Carmageddon also came with a Windows 95 patch.

Because this version has got problems with some ATI/AMD cards, as well as not-so-stellar multiplayer support, we do not want to make it available as an actual part of the release itself. This version will allow for higher resolutions, most likely better framerate, but may also be unstable on some PCs, or not work at all.

Basically, we only support the actual DOS release available in the installer and, if you want to try the Windows version, you do it at your own peril. ;) Just to clarify, the patch does not replace the DOS version, so it's safe to use - there's just no guarantee that it will work better than the default version, or at all.

You can download the patch here. We strongly recommend installing it by right-clicking the file and selecting "Run as Administrator".

Also, let us know in case you encounter problems with it, or if it works perfectly for you. :)
RiffRaff1138: Just a heads-up, there's an issue with playing the Splat Pack in the Windows version. (Not just the GOG release, it was in the original as well.) It seems that for some reason that apparently nobody has been able to determine, the Bugutti and the Sled may crash the game.
Fix no.2 appears to have worked perfectly for me, thanks so much for point this out!

Do you also happen to know what this does? I imagine disable a specific property these cars' wheels are supposed to have?
The Win95 worked almost perfectly for me, but I have the same issue as some others have, my mouse left click stops working after i quit the game. I'm forced to reboot the computer to get it back to normal.

I ran the patch as Admin. This mouse issue was not present in the DOS version, but I rather play through this Win95 because it works better for me.

(other than that, fantastic game, love it! But really want a fix for this mouse issue!)

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
i7 CPU 2.67GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275
DirectX 11
Mouse: Roccat Kone