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Hi all,

Broken Sword 5 Season Pass is live and on your shelf by the time you read this :) You may have noticed a slight change in the files and whatnot and so I am here to let you know what's what so that you can enjoy the game :)

1. The installer is changed? What's up?

Both episodes are now in one unified installer :)

2. The Mac version only contains only the first episode of the game!

We will be updating the Mac version to contain both episodes tomorrow morning (approx. 12: 00 in the afternoon CEST Warsaw, Poland time)

Please feel free to ask any questions here and I'll do the best I can to answer them as fast as possible :)
Guys, we got EVERYTHING at the last minute and we barely made it with the PC version. I know it's a pain in the neck to wait a little extra but please bear with us. We'll have the Mac version out and ready to go tomorrow as early as humanely possible.
Tellur: The installation folder is still called just "broken_sword_5_the_serpents_curse_episode_1". I undersand that this is not an issue and that the file inside, "setup_broken_sword_5_2.0.0.2-1", is the full thing?
You probably started downloading the game just as we were changing the installers from Episode 1 to the full game. In order to ensure you have the right files please check that you have the following files:


That's the latest and greatest installer for both episodes :)
Lempa: Always the second class citizen, should be used to it by now I guess...
JudasIscariot: We'll have the Mac version out and ready to go tomorrow as early as humanely possible.
Lempa: So not mid day then, as claimed earlier?
We'll shoot for earlier but that's about the best estimate I can give you right now.
jonahwriter: I've tried to download it (I already have Part 1 downloaded and installed).

I keep getting this error

"Checksum error on chunk 32, please contact support!" ... So what do I do now?

Also, will you be getting just "Part 2" to download ?
Try downloading it via the browser and see if that works for you. If it doesn't,please contact Support :)
Tellur: So do we install over the old version or do we perform a clean install and then paste our save file into the new version?
acetrouble: I'd like to know that as well, BEFORE I f*** up my entire installation. ;-)
Please back up your saves and install the new version :)
Tellur: But should I uninstall the old one first and do a clean install? I will back up the saves regardless, just in case.
That's always a good idea in the case of a new version of a game :)
JudasIscariot: Please back up your saves and install the new version :)
acetrouble: Thank you!

They can be found under "My Documents >> Broken Sword 5", right?
I believe so, yes :) Sorry, I don't have the game installed on my home PC at the moment so I can't confirm this for 100% :/
Tellur: Mods, I am posting just the save files:
Save files are OK to post :)
brentlivesey: I have downloaded bs5 where is episode 2?
It's all in one installer now :)