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Hey everyone.

As of yesterday I passed updated builds for *all 3 platforms* to GoG, so you should be fully up to date now, including on Mac. If that's not the case please let me know here or on twitter (@HughSJ) asap and I'll check in with our handler at GoG to make sure there aren't any issues.

Regarding how the last month has been with Brigador for you guys, all I can say is mea culpa, particularly on my part. We're distributing 3 different builds on five different services which all use their own systems for uploading, and since we're independent it means we have to handle all of it ourselves. Doesn't excuse that you got stuck with an old build though.

I took some time away to be with family and get my wits back while Karl (orikae) continued working on our persisting issues with the build pipeline. The last month isn't representative of how we try to do things, and I hope to prove that to you going forward.

In the pipe for now are some gameplay tweaks and finishing some gameplay implementations like vehicle horns that are basically done but which were scuppered by some latent code issues (which had nothing to do with Karl-- none of the original programmers work on the game anymore).

Going forward I'll do my best to check in on a regular basis, and if are issues and we're not around please hit me up on twitter; it's the easiest thing for me to keep track of and is platform agnostic.

Thanks for your patience, and we should have some good updates for you soon.
Thanks for the heads-up HughSJ. It would be nice to give us these status updates and reasons for delays rather sooner than later, so we don't have to assume that you guys abandon this place (which unfortunately is the case with some other developers here).
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Cheers guys!

Personally I didn't mind the long wait - patience is a virtue after all - but yeah, a more informative heads up for those around here that aren't patient padawans might be a good idea.
Thankyou for checking in and supporting your baby. Time off is required, lest a Brigador become Armbrewster.
Time to fire up some more runs to the spaceport!