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Miraculous that you still patronize GoG then. Are you always so critical of the services you alone choose to use?
Sculpy: Miraculous that you still patronize GoG then. Are you always so critical of the services you alone choose to use?
I think his statement's a bit harsh, but the principle still stands. Why spend the time and effort to put a game on a distribution platform if you're not going to effectively support it on that platform? If you look at earlier footage or patch notes, you'd see how much Brigador's a game that's evolved and improved over time. I don't think it's absurd to assume that through purchasing Bridgador I'd have access to both the game and it's future improvements at a reasonable date. And on a level of principle, if you care enough about freedom from DRM enough to choose to purchase from GoG, you should also believe that the DRM free version should not be an inferior version.
So let me first say, I want to buy this game!

I also want to express some points to you, if you will listen. Kind of rambly, but heartfelt.

This is for all devs of all games, not just these guys.

Anyway I love buying and collecting all my 'old school' games through GOG, as they have packaged those games with love.

I have also bought games from GOG because of their affiliation with The Witcher series/franchise, which is synonymous with high quality.

I have purchased newer games on GOG (when they branched out) in the past because of those positive experiences, but one day I noticed that some of the patches for a couple of games on steam were not also showing up in the GOG store.

I felt kind of burned by the developers. Not angry, just disappointed, really. At the same time I do not blame GOG for this.

I understand that developers may be getting a higher profit margin on other distribution platforms. Money is ultimately king and keeps you alive.

The long term view though is, GOG is also king because they have a very loyal following of people. Being on GOG is good PR for you and that means more sales.

So back to my story: Unfortunately, if there is now a sale on GOG for a newish game I've been getting interested in for awile, I have to also look at Steam/UbiSoft/Origin and see if there are patch update disparities. Many times I end up letting the sale go by and don't make the purchase because of this.

Developers, this is a negative experience. I tend not to purchase on either platform when this happens. I'm not doing it out of spite, I'm doing it because I really want the game on GOG if it has that retro style or sometimes when the sale kicks in.

I'm not trying to be mean, I'm trying to explain my purchasing process.

Also when this happens, it means I have now lost some faith in buying products on GOG, even though I know it is not their fault. That's not fair to GOG, to lose that brand loyalty.

Developers, by not pushing updates though all distribution channels at nearly the same time you indirectly cost yourself a sale and a potential fan of your game.

My opinion: I'd say you probably have a 4-5 day window before sales are lost because of this practice.
My advice: Show the love to GOG as much as you love other distribution platforms and you will reap the rewards of your work!

FYI: I bought the game... :)
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I read on the Steam forums in a post from back in 2015 that there may be a map editor, but coming "soon". If there is going to be mods (maps?) released will they be a Steam Workshop exclusive or will you be able to get the user created content for GOG as well?
Did not buy the Deluxe Edition Upgrade,but the whole Deluxe Edition. This game freaking rocks, fucks your mother and burns down your house, without the latter two.
I did change to mouse & keyboard at the half-point into the campaign because it was too hard with an xbox controller.
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Already my GOTY for 2017, well done gentlemen.

However now that I purchased everything in-game and completed both the campaign w/ all available loadouts and all the freelance missions incl. the Closed Casket Special it would be a good time for those new vehicles to finally show up here on gog as well.

What's the holdup anyway?
Or are you just aiming for a concurrent release of the new content + the Linux / Mac builds?
Repoz: What's the holdup anyway?
As far as I know, it's currently a solo act for the game programming-wise, across several platforms, and the guy was handed the reins from previous programmers (usually needs some getting used to). In these conditions, I think delays are to be expected.
I see, fair enough.
Not like you're not used to wait that little bit longer when it comes to updates/patches arriving on gog anyway.

Mmmh... I guess it couldn't hurt trying my luck with the Closed Casket Special again, but this time w/ something a lot squishier like the Mongoose or the Varlet.
Read the various articles about the development teams struggles with this game. First off, hugely impressed with their effort behind it , truly poured their heart and souls, and time and money, into this thing. Hated to read it didnt deliver much back on that investment.

Second, i was curious if there's any chance of it breaking out more? Has this updated version given it a significant burst of life? And on a sidenote, what does it take for an Indy dev to get their shit on on of the downloadable stores for a next gen console? How does that process even work? Seems that's where a lot of the fanfare and publicity lies, not sure about moolah as well. Any chance Brigador could someday show up there?
Close to 1 month later, and the latest update still hasn't shown up here? Come on, guys.
Can't possibly be that difficult, can it?
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Devs not here. :*(
Maybe poke the devs on twitter a bit?


Not partaking in any of the insta-google-tweet-face-stuff or I'd do it myself.

Brilliant game, by the way.
The Monahans both responded on Twitter yesterday. They said they haven't forgotten about the GoG build but they're still working on mac/linux builds, server issues and achievement dependencies too.
Tengant: Close to 1 month later, and the latest update still hasn't shown up here? Come on, guys.
Can't possibly be that difficult, can it?
Yes, turned out it did. Fortunately that's all done now.