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Although i'm gutted y'all haven't managed to add save & quit yet (by far the most glaring missing feature), i'm overjoyed you're still tweaking and adding, and keeping GoG updated.

Time to fire it up again! Thank you so much for even more of this amazing game!
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Thanks for the update. But the new random lighting doesn't look very good, because it often lacks shadows (no directional light). There is already a discussion about it on the steam forum:
Fortunately one can edit lighting easily in the debug menu. Though I hope the devs add an option for classic lighting.
I've been waiting for some lighting variation ever since I first bought the game. I recall seeing early promo vids and screens with all the varied lighting, and was quite disappointed when I got the game and there was no lighting variation at all: every single map was just generic nighttime. Honestly; it made longer runs start to feel very same-y very quickly.

I personally love the new lighting. It's what I wanted from the start. Some daytime for goodness' sake. I agree with many who are saying it's quite garish at times, and it is, but i'll take that and a general improvement in variation over every single map being nighttime.
I just got a notification that the update is ready to play. I bought it on GOG a week or so ago, when I saw 1.4 had been released and didn't realize all this time I didn't have the newest one! Downloading now :)
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The v1.45 'Witamy Brigador' is now live on GOG—we've added Polish localization and revised existing localizations for Chinese, Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, and Russian.
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