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Official Kickstarter article:

Those who had those versions selected can change to another version via E-mail.
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For that I will blackball this game from my wish list and point out the dishonesty to everyone around me both physical and through all networks I'm connected to.

I'm glad that I didn't back this game.
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I did back it, and I'm glad I did. They dropped Mac and Linux, and Vita and Wii U as well, and it was delayed by a lot, AND it still has bugs. But the game is everything that I hoped it would be, and they've stuck with the much more important commitment to publish a DRM-free version (I've been burned on this before by other projects), even the physical discs are available DRM-free (I've been burned by this too). Curse of the Moon is not DRM-free, but that was done by a different company.

They made a commitment to publish on Mac and Linux, and took people's money based on that promise, and then broke it. And they should be criticized for that, to be sure, but they delivered on everything else: this game is great, they clearly put a lot of heart into it. You can't just ignore that part.

Granted, I'm being fairly forgiving here because it works more-or-less perfectly in WINE. If I wasn't able to play the game at all I'd probably be less enthusiastic. (Requires DXVK, see the thread here if you have any problems:
low rated
This game sucks anyway.

This is good: