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Changelog until Update (added 02 June 2022)

Galaxy updated (02 June 2022)
Offline Installer updated (03 June 2022)
Update v1.30.0.64827 (31 March 2022)

- New Playable Character. Aurora from Child of Light joins the fight!
- Reload time after dying as Miriam reduced.
- Fixed instances where Miriam would take damage from spike walls while using Reflector Ray.
- Addressed issues where some text would clip or fall out of boxes in various languages.
- Engine changes
- General bug fixing

新しいプレイアブルキャラクター、チャイルド・オブ・ライトのオーロラが参戦! ―ミリアム死亡後のリロード時間短縮 ―リフレクション・レイを使っての移動時にミリアムがスパイク壁から受けるダメージ問題を改善 ―いくつかの言語でテキストがボックスに刺さったり、はみ出したりする問題を改善 ―エンジン更新 ―基本バグ修正
Patch 1.31

- Fixed an issue where Achievements were not unlocking for all PC platforms (Steam, Origin, GOG, Windows)
- Fixed an issue where players were unable to load their save data from before version 1.30
- Fixed an issue where Iga's Back Pack DLC was not recognized by the game
- Fixed issues in Randomizer mode that prevented shop items from being randomized
- Fixed issues with the Ambivalence (Whip) attack animation and hitbox
- Fixed an issue where the 8-bit Fireball projectile was firing in the wrong direction
- Removed unnecessary files
- General bug fixing