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Changelog for Patch 1.10 (07 May 2020):

- Zangetsu is now a playable character
- Randomizer game mode

Bug Fixes:
- Crash in Boss Rush mode after entering Craftwork’s room.
- Player floating after pausing the game while on moving objects.
- Force Feedback would remain active after defeating Bloodless or Vepar
- Left/Right controls would be active at the same time on rare occasions
- Camera going out of bounds while collecting some shards
- Issue with Bael when parrying attack
- Issue when casting shards while jumping
- UI window visible during room transitions
- Loss of functionality while at the shop

Standalone installer not updated yet.
I don't see the new patch (both installer and newest patch show 1.09). Tried refreshing account, but without luck.
Same here it is unavailable to me in either installer or patch versions. I see you can install it via the galaxy client but in both the website and on the galaxy backup section there are no patches or install files for v1.10 to download.

Edit: The patch and installer files are there now. :)
Post edited May 08, 2020 by LurkerLito