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high rated - Just Add Blood!

--- There used to be a lot of links and more images here - check the upper link for reasons why I had to scrub them. I'm leaving the bottom text as it was though. ---

Some bonuses for using this:
- a central place for all things OUWB (well, mostly, you still have to go through setup.exe for multiplayer hosting, but you can launch that from it), you can easily add it to Steam or a Dock software of your choice (like RocketDock for example) - running Blood with Plasma or Cryptic Passage is easy as pie,

- lets you jump straight to any episode and map via the interface (includes pictures of the levels to jog your memory in case you don't exactly remember which level is which anymore),

- includes over 700 custom levels, pre-configured map editor through dosbox, zBlood (Blood in gzDoom), YANG (you will however need to configure this yourself, but it allows online multiplayer) and includes a switch for overlay settings and fullscreen options,

- fixes some of the release music tracks by providing an alternative file set and includes the "Mark McWane" re-orchestration of the original midi music,

- is configured to a "modern" control scheme (WSAD, space is jump, e is open, mouseclicks are primary and secondary fire, has mouselook turned on at all times via the excellent bMouse),

- has a ton of modifications pre-configured so you don't have to worry about using .bat files to install mods, and you can just launch them via the launcher - all use bMouse as well,

If you get any problems, or have troubles installing this (essentially it boils down to "copy a clean install of's OUWBlood game without overwriting any files" into all the folders in /Games/ EXCEPT /Games/CDMount (move game.gog and game.inst there if you want videos, otherwise music works just fine) , /Games/GZDoom-Blood (is a gzDoom-to-Blood game) and /Games/zmbv (a folder DosBox uses), post here.


1) The videos play at only a quarter of the resolution!
A: Open /Games/dosboxBlood.conf, change scaler=none to scaler=normal2x - that fixes the stretch.
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Jesus fuck this is amazing.
I love you man.
wow. just wow. this is purely amazing!! thanks a lot, I'll try it right away!!
Thank you so much, I still can't quite get yang to work but your loader is awesome.
Definitely nice to have everything packaged like this.
Other than having to tweak the screen size (I like 800x600 instead of 640x480), in all of the Blood.cfg files (which is obviously no fault of yours) it appears to work flawlessly.
Wow! haven't tried it yet. Downloading as we speak, looks awsome...
I just have to say that this launcher work perfectly! All the mods launch just fine, including the single maps, and if its possible somehow the game seems to run faster than the regular gog version. But maybe I'm just imagining that haha! Bravo!
Thanks man. I'll download and try it, soon.
Wow, thank you McTecman this is substantial awesome. Alone to get all this together in one install. Now I have something for decades to play. :)
So, it seems that everything works fine and the Mods are pretty awesome to. Only by launching the maps (very nice that to every map the readme is shown) I'm trying to load different maps but result every time in the same map although I'm trying to launch another map since the map I like to load has no effect to it at all. Everything else works just fine and is amazingly enough. But to launch every single map would give it the crown.
If I'm alone with this, so please help me out to get the single maps running too.
Thanks for catching that, I have no idea when this broke - it used to work perfectly.
Anyways, patch time:
Thank you very much. Now it works perfectly. ;)
Now all I need is a Redneck Rampage launcher >.> Or is it sacrilege to mention a different Build game in this forum? Haha
Also - I hope we can share our opinions on which mods included with this launcher are the best! I'm trying them out a few at a time (some of the level design is amazing!) and a few are bone crushingly hard! I usually play on Well Done but I had to go back to Lightly Broiled for most of them! Please post on which are your favorite mods once you've had a chance to play them!
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morhlis: Please post on which are your favorite mods once you've had a chance to play them!

Hmm, SEALAB isn't bad, Crysisp too.
I think that which mods included with this launcher are the best is asking for a new thread.
IMHO let this place open for the launcher's improvement.
I like your idea and beg you to open a new thread for checking the best maps and mods in this very nice Launcher. To be honest without this Launcher I would not even know about this maps and the beautiful mods included.
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Good stuff here, I vote for sticky.
Patch / Update time again, this time it updates zBlood:
Please note that if you're installing this package (the original 0.9.3 version) and are just getting started, you need both patches - 0.9.4 updates the launcher, while 0.9.5 updates zBlood and does not contain the updated launcher! I'll probably release another packaged version with all the updates so it doesn't confuse new people soon-ish after some more fixes are applied.