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Seducer: The "BuildGDX.jar" file is missing from both of the latest versions available for download.

Can someone please upload the file for me to download?

Korell: I just downloaded it and BuildGDX.jar is present inside the archive. Are you sure you don't just have a corrupted download or that your anti-virus software has blocked that file in error?
Strange. I just tried again and the file was present this time. I guess I'll chock it up to a corrupted download.

Megacyclo: It might be a massively stupid question, but I don't understand how to get the music to play in Blood or Redneck Rampage in BuildGDX. Also the TekWar CD tracks.
MIDI plays fine in Duke or Witchaven.

I tried putting the music in OGG format naming the files Track_02 onward choose external or CD audio and it doesn't play anything. Do I have to ass a CUE file?
Also thinking of changing this to Track02 or something.

If you guys have tips, since the documentation on M210 is scarce on his site or in the BuildGDX package (the TXT files included in the downloadable archive).
phredreeke: For me the OGG files that comes with BloodFS work with BloodGDX, they should be named blood02.ogg, blood03.ogg and so on.

Redneck Rampage is different as the music is included in the CD image file (REDNECK.GOG). You will have to extract the music tracks from that and encode it to OGG to play in game. Alternatively fgsfds made a preconverted pack for Steam users (as their version of the game lacks the soundtrack...) which should work here as well

You should choose CD Audio as music setting. External is for loading replacements for the MIDI tracks.
What about TekWar?

What do the file names have to be? Can they just be placed inside the game folder?
Post edited May 30, 2019 by Seducer