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Guide is for for Windows 10 Users

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Why do you have to change your monitors refresh rate and set the game settings to 60 Hz?
The game is just designed to play at a refresh rate of 60 Hz. If you are trying to play it at a higher refresh rate it will cause audio and cutscene de-sync issues.

Why am I installing it to a new folder on the desktop vs just having it be in the default GOG games folder?
It just works this way. I can't tell you why but it just does.

Why am I changing my sound settings?
It just works this way. You can change the sound settings back when you are not playing the game.

Follow the guide below

- Install the game to a new folder on your desktop and name the folder what ever you want.

- Open the game and the settings menu will pop up.

- Set the game resolution to YOUR monitors resolution and set the refresh rate to 60 hz (make absolutely sure it's set to 60hz or the fix will not work)

- Go to Advanced Settings and set everything to max and check every box under manual compatibility settings

- Change your monitors refresh rate to 60 Hz.
Display settings > Advanced display settings > Display adapter properties for Display 1 > Click monitor tab > Set screen refresh rate to 60 Hz > click apply and hit OK.

- Change your sound settings default format to " 2 channel, 16 bit, 48000Hz (DVD Quality).
Go to Sound Settings > Click Device properties > Additional Device properties (upper right corner) > Click the advanced tab > change default format to the channel I suggested > click apply and OK (You can change it back when you're not playing the game)

- Launch the game and you should be all set.
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