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Changelog for Patch 1.1.54 (added 09 November 2018):

* Fix incorrect Scorpion Turret Accuracy Bonus
* Fix for garbled audio in the Video Browser
* Fix for fleets worth exactly 8000 always getting a score of zero in Anabasis
* Fix for incorrect weapons listed on the Blueprint screen for the Minotaur, Ranger and Phobos
* Fix for issue in multiplayer whereby discharging an EMP Generator could cause squadrons to never re-activate and all ships to freeze
* Fix for civilian ships not appearing in the ship list when completing Anabasis
* Fix for campaign intro/outro movie not displaying in some cases

Changelog for Patch 1.1.58 (added 03 December 2018):

* Anabasis now has an option to set difficulty when starting a new operation.

* Fix : Unable to load save game due to DLC locks in some cases
* Fix : Cannot equip PCM munitions in campaign
* Fix : Incorrect label for Front sector in Deploy Plating UI
* Fix : Comets go through ships in replay mode
* Fix : "Moving to Location" appears in the ShipInfoPanel while a Scorpion is in sentry mode
* Fix : AI Assault raptor missiles fire when out of range
* Fix : Assault raptors cannot cancel missiles properly while in squadron groups
* Fix : Empty newsfeed can be cycled through on gamepad
* Fix : Replay auto cam looks at non-moving ships
* Fix : Loss of input focus when exiting Video Browser using gamepad
* Fix : Argos resupply slot issues after reloading a mid battle save
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Changelog for Patch 1.2.70 (added 19 March 2019):

DLC Support
* Support for the 'Sin & Sacrifice' campaign.
--> This campaign features 11 exciting new missions set after Anabasis, and brings Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Season One to a thrilling conclusion! The new campaign includes the ability to import fleets and officers from any Deadlock or Broken Alliance campaign save game file
* Colonial Fleet Chatter Pack. Over 1000 new voice recordings of additional barks that provide more atmosphere to battles
* Two brand new combat ships
--> Colonial Heracles. A large heavy-duty gunship lined with point defense turret, and defended by a flak screen.
--> Cylon Gorgon. A support vessel that features a number of new Cylon squadron support innovations: ++ An advanced Machine Learning Matrix to improve fighter evasion as a battle progress; ++ Fast Turnaround Fighter Repairbay that can repair any ally fighter squadron in the fleet

New Features & Changes
* New Crew Veterancy System
--> A new campaign system that provides passive bonuses to ships the longer they survive in a campaign (including Cylons!)
* Soundtrack selector. Play any music you have encountered in the game from the main menu, and change the music in any non-story mission
* Ship Inspector. Overhaul of the Blueprints screen that allows players to view details about unlocked ships and enemies encountered in the campiagn. It also features a new model viewer
* Save File Management. Delete unwanted save files from within the game.
* New non-combat ship - Colonial Shuttle
* Squadron movement improvements, including Flak evasion - fighter squadrons will now attempt to stay out of friendly flak fields - and made squadrons choose the opposite side to the mothership's active flak field to dock when recalled
* Standardised how officer and ship bonuses are calculated and fixed a number of issues of consistency and bonuses not being applied properly.
--> Changes to Squadron Accuracy officer bonus, Damage Reduction officer bonus, DRADIS range (displayed value changes from percentage to units), Munition Salvo Size officer ability, Marine Strength officer bonus, and Firewall Regen officer bonus.
* Adjustments to level of some sound effects to increase the overall level of the soundscape during battles
* Environment generator changes:
--> Decreased number of hazards on generated maps Increased the subsystem bonus for captured satellites to +6 Increased the opacity of Dust Nebula for improved visibilty
* Added more variety to Cylon fleets in resource missions and roaming encounters
* Changed the Focus Fire UI target sorting logic. Capitals now bias towards enemy capitals over fighters, and fighters bias toward other fighters.
* Made ship engines turn off for any ship that have Navigation disabled
* New layout for the Options panel to facilite new settings, such as which music to play during battles
* In the War Room, the environmental hazard risk (Low, Medium or High) is now displayed as part of the planet info UI
* Added 90 second turn timer option for multiplayer matches
* Various improvements to the post battle replay system to make replays more interesting to watch
* A warning is now displayed when ending a turn if a collision is expected to occur
* Replaced the system used to capture video when recording battle replays to improve system compatibility
* Replaced the video playback engine for the intro/endgame sequences to improve system compatibilty
* Added a warning dialogue in the main menu if the system is using an Intel integrated graphics chipset (which the game doesn't officially support)
* Added ducking filter to Mine pings when character dialog is playing
* Added a Mouse over tooltip for FTL countdown
* Improvements to enemy AI
* Numerous performance improvements

Bug fixes
* Fixed issue in some skirmish maps where ships, missiles or bullets could pass through some asteroids.
* Fixed Ranger firing more torpedoes than it has
* Fixed Pressing "back" in Anabasis setup advances you to fleet selection
* Fixed an issue that prevents playback of Mission 12 replay in some cases
* Fixed Mid battle save removes armor from ships that FTL in later
* Fixed During the Tutorial, saving and loading on the first turn causes voice asset errors
* Fixed Mission 12, Cylon ships are targeting Galactica before it switches teams (seems to only occur if a mid battle save is loaded)
* Fixed Exception occurs when Canceran Diplomatic Station is destroyed
* Fixed In mission 12, fighters briefly show an unidentified symbol when launched from Galactica
* Fixed In mission 12, "Hostile unit identified" bark plays when Galactica is detected
* Fixed Replay auto cam looks at non moving ships
* Fixed Assault raptors cannot cancel missiles properly while in squadron groups
* Fixed Argos resupply slot errors after reloading a mid battle save
* Fixed front turret positioning on the Jupiter
* Fixed "Moving to Location" appears in the ShipInfoPanel while a scorpion is in sentry mode
* Fixed FTL sound effect plays on the first round of multiplayer
* Fixed an issues that caused the framerate to be capped at 30fps when using Ultra graphics settings
* Fixed Loss of input focus when exiting Video Browser using gamepad
* Fixed an issue in The Broken Alliance mission 5 that causes the mission to succeed if the player boards the freighter on turn five.
* Fixed missing progress bars on some mines
* Fixed an issue that made it possible to win a story mission with only NPCs surviving
* Fixed the last autosave is used even if it has nothing to do with the current campaign when restoring after mission failure
* Fixed Latest News panel appearring over video browser
* Fixed unlimited characters allowed when renaming ships & officers. Ships are now limited to 20 characters, officers to 25 characters.
* Fixed an issue that caused the Build Ships tutorial to get "stuck" if using a gamepad and an additional Manticore is purchased
* Fixed an issue with the Strategy Index not opening correctly during the turorial is the control device is a gamepad
* Fixed an issue whereby mission markers sometime didn't appear on the War Table
* Fixed Cannot use ESC to skip briefing VOs during parts of war room tutorial
* Fixed Jump location from previous jump displayed by default
* Fixed Yaw doesn't recalculate when changing a ship's posture
* Fixed A recall command can be used on a squadron when their mothership has retreated
* Fixed Galactica is targettable in Story Mission 12
* Fixed Fighters timing of fighters disappearring when destroyed
* Fixed Subsystem offline SFX plays for enemies
* Fixed Celestra plating UI overlaps Multiplayer turn timer UI panel
* Fixed FTL sounds are deafening in at start of full battle replay
* Fixed Names of ships renamed in the Build Ships Panel do not apply to built ship
* Fixed Daidalos rings don't rotate during replay
* Fixed Planet rings for Ophion glow to brightly
* Fixed Exploit whereby jump costs can be avoided by detaching and reattaching ships
* Fixed Subsystem repaired SFX plays for enemies
* Fixed Incorrect Bark in Chapter 10 when Basestar is hacked
* Fixed [BUG] Compromised Janus ships throw errors in Broken Alliance mission 3
* Fixed Bug: Broken Alliance Mission 2 Fails if raptor squadrons destroyed after board objective complete
* Fixed issue that prevented ships from casting shadows
* Fixed Bug: Anabasis support squadrons don't always remember their squadron groups
* Fixed Bug: Missing fighters after recall, repair and launch
* Fixed : PDC guns can't hit anything at extreme up or down.
* Fixed Atlas broadside turret positions
* Fixed Bug: Other ships can be selected while turning on flak
* Fixed Bug: Vipers chasing munitions off the map
* Fixed [BUG] You can make a fire missile command for a scorpion and then move its location
* Fixed Bug: Grouped Scorpions drain ammo when not deployed and unable to fire
* Fixed issue where Phobos and Argos couldn't jump out of the way of missiles, because they detected a collision with themselves
* Fixed Bug: Mine disarm working post-squadron-death
* Fixed Bug: Retreating a unit from a battle in campaign cancels out persistent damage
* Numerous other minor bugs
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Changelog for Patch 1.2.73 (added 02 April 2019):

Bug fixes
* Fixed Bug: Text overlap in languages other than English
* Fixed Bug: Russian subtitles not displaying correctly
* Fixed issue whereby Mission 9 would not complete in some rare circumstances
* Fixed minor issue with DRM for Sin & Sacrifice campaign
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Release notes 1.2.77

Changes since 1.2.73

- Updated ionized nebula visuals

Bug fixes

Fixed Bug: Duplicate commander (Silas Nash) in Sin & Sacrifice when importing a save game
Fixed Bug: S & S Mission 11 - Hangar subsystem issue
Fixed Bug: Unable to progress past post-mission breifing in some rare cases
Fixed Bug: Ships rotate 360 degrees in some rare cases
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Changelog for Patch 1.3.85a (added 29 August 2019):



- Support for Resurrection campaign. A 10-mission campaign, set 3 years after the events of Sin & Sacrifice.
> The legendary Battlestar Galactica - badly damaged during the battle to save Caprica after the betrayal of the Kobol Alliance - has been upgraded.
> The war against the Cylons continues to escalate, and BSG-75 is at the vanguard.

- A new command centre. Command Colonial Fleet from the CIC of the Battlestar Galactica.
- 13 New Resource missions.

New Ships:
- Jupiter MkII-class battlestar. An upgrade to the Jupiter-class battlestar, with more firepower then ever.
- Cratus Basestar. The Colonials aren't the only ones bolstering their firepower. The Cratus basestar is a new evolution in Cylon ship design.

- Taipan Fighter. A fighter deployed by the Colonials, with a powerful anti-capital cannon and a mysterious origin.
- Cylon Vespid Bomber. A deadly Cylon squadron with the ability to launch devastating bombing runs.


- User interface improvements. Numerous improvements and enhancements to make giving your fleet orders faster and easier:
> Multi-select support. Select multiple ships at once and give them orders simultaneously.
> Right-click context menus for hostiles. Right clicking on an enemy will show a context menu of actions available to the selected ship(s) in the players fleet
> Faster squadron grouping. Select multiple squadrons and press CTRL+number to assign them to a squadron group.
> All select. Pressing CTL+A selects all ships in your fleet.
- Revamp of the projectiles (bullet) systems, so bullets can now be paused between rounds. The 2-second pause of firing at the end of a round has been eliminated.
- Upgraded post-processing effects. A new full-screen effects system that refreshes the look of the game in battles.
- Support for a choice of character (Helena or Alex) for barks in Skirmish and multiplayer if a Season Two DLC has been activated
- Adjustments to AI targeting bias in escort missions to reduce targeting of ships under escort
- Added a new squadron command "Defend At Location". Squadrons will move to a location and attack squadrons and munitions that come within range.
- Added the ability to zoom in the fleet loadout UI (prior to battles, or when building Skirmish/Multiplayer fleets)
- Added a search bar to the ship name selector
- Added a search bar to the fleet selector (in Skirmish/Multiplayer)
- Improved performance of Ionized nebula
- Various balance adjustments
- Various other performance enhancements and bug fixes
- Mouse and Keyboard support for Xbox One and PlayStation 4


- Fixed Bug: Proximity mine placement UI visible in single-round replay
- Fixed Bug: Crew veterancy not set if Daidalos is at starlane
- Fixed Bug: PCMs aren't behaving as expected
- FIX: Prevented exiting to the main menu or doing anything in the options panel while the game was saving (to avoid save file corruption)
- Fixed Bug: If a mid battle save is loaded before the Cerastes is boarded, then a boarding attack will start on the Cerastes when it is converted
- Fixed various rare issue restoring save games
- Fixed Bug: Explosions do not reset if a single replay round is cancelled

- Fixed [BUG] When less than 1 tylium's worth of damage is done to a ship, the Repair Fleet button doesn't appear
- Fixed [BUG] Replay fighter cam offsets on pause
- Fixed Bug: Berzerk show munition reload rate in build screen
- Fixed bug that displayed two front firing arcs on Gorgon
- Fixed Bug: Officer screen the line above "Promote' scrolls off screen.
- Fixed Bug: Some war room post processing profiles don't have color grading
- Fixed Bug: Fleet re-targets phobos before it jumps